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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spread the Word

Hey all. I didn't mean to disappear for so long but I've been sort of busy. I've mentioned this before, but my mother works for a local councilwoman and she signed me up to table at a health fair they were hosting today.
The fair was at a senior center in a pretty traditional old part of Queens, so I wasn't sure what to expect but I drew up some literature - the vegan food pyramid, some mini recipe zines, and a flyer with recommended vegan nutrition and lifestyle books and websites (including this ole here blog - totally a reputable source.) Ha, I also snagged some extra copies of PETA's 25 Reasons to Try Vegetarian from a local food store. Obviously I'm not affiliated with them and I don't agree with everything they do but I thought it would be good to include some animal rights info along with the more nutrition and food-geared stuff I already had. And if that didn't win 'em over, hell, I'd bake some brownies.

This is actually from a couple days ago baking something else. G was apparently in a "steal into the kitchen and take photos of maud in her sleepwear, covered in flour" mood. But anyway, I'm sure this is how focused I looked while baking the brownies too.
Fueled by this (banana, spinach, protein powder, frozen cranberry) smoothie, I headed out with my materials.

The cookbooks were a mix of ones that had good nutritional information along with pretty pictures. "Healthy and tasty!" was kind of the motto of the spread, including the brownies with no oil (from The Joy of Vegan Baking.) The sourcebook has some really good information about health issues and dietary needs for vegans. And while the brownies disappeared, not much literature did. Very few people actually showed up, although one woman who did was already a vegan so we talked for a while. Other than that, I was mostly approached by student volunteers and other tablers. But either way, it was a cool experience and maybe somebody will walk away a little bit more knowledgeable about veganism.
And more vegan food of late:

                     collard wrap with chickpea/cashew cheeze mash, sprouts, tomato, carrot

                                              brown rice with kimchee, avocado, sprouts

                          raw nori roll with raw no-tuna, spinach, carrot, and tons of sriracha

                            kale salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hemp seeds, and nooch

                           carrot, parsley, romaine, celery, lemon juice fresh from the juicer

marinated collard salad with carrot, tomato, onion, hemp seeds, nooch, and black pepper. This was really good. Better than the last collard salad I made.

Itty Bitty Carrot Cake cookies from Oh She Glows. I was going to bake these to bring in along with the brownies but I didn't have enough time. Therefore, all for me. These are awesome, if a bit heavy on the raisins. I'm not a raisin hater like some people are but I'm kind of picky about them, especially in baked goods.
Tomorrow G and I are going out to Long Island for his cousin's engagement brunch. I wonder if there will be anything we can eat. I wonder if I will be able to walk in the shoes I found.


  1. That's so awesome that you did an info table! It's always great to hear about vegan's who get out and "spread the word". I wish I had more time to do that, myself. I used to do it a lot in high school when I was just a vegetarian.

    Your food looks SO beautiful. I'm incredibly impressed with the wraps. I have seen nori sheets around, but I'm a little apprehensive about them. Are they salty?

    Oh, and I love the photo of you making the brownies. You do indeed look very determined. Wham Bam! Gotta get those vegan brownies made!
    I also bake in my sleepwear. Best way to do it :) (and I'm already a messy person, but I get into trouble a lot for the messes I make in the kitchen - haha, I guess it bugs people or something..)

  2. Have you talked to a therapist about your need to gain Mommy's approval, cuz a lot of issues are jumping out at me here. My assvice would've been to tell her to take her health fair table and cat and go visit your sister in Spain. But then again, you have 100 followers, so people liking you is obviously extremely important.

  3. Isotope's comment is much better than mine. What she said.

  4. Isobelle, that's great that you used to do it! I enjoyed talking to the students; they were high schoolers and knew a couple vegans, which I think is awesome. I've never actually done anything like that before. I'm kind of nervous about it. Nori sheets aren't salty unless you get a flavored one. They're mostly just kind of sea-y.

    Shen, aren't you glad at least that I posted something that didn't require you potentially winning a box of snacks? This way you can vent your grump safely.

  5. That is so great that you helped out with the table! I really love that you handmade a lot of the literature and that you brought treats so they could taste the vegan yums! I also like the photo of you in your pjs baking away :) I always bake in pjs or sweats, hair all up and messy and covered in flour.

    Your food looks so amazing! The wraps and salads all look bright and fresh as usual and those carrot cookies!! I need to make those!! They look so good. I wonder if they tasted extra raisiny because of the soaking? I'm glad you posted the photo of the chocolate almond milk, I've never thought of it before but it could be a great snack for a chocolate craving!

    Where on Long Island are you going to be tomorrow? Have fun and good luck with the shoes! ;)

  6. I like the candid shot of you. It's so tempting to cut my hair short. Yours looks really cute!

    That's awesome that you tabled and I'm sure you had at least some influence on those who stopped by. Very cool!

  7. "Old part of Queens" as in its history or geriatric residents? I've only been to NYC once, and did not get to explore the neighboring boroughs (read: please educate me!).

    Impressive work on creating the majority of the literature! Will there be another opportunity for you to educate the masses?

    Oh, that G - sneaky guy! :)

  8. That's so cool Maud. Getting out there - education folk! Did you like it? Something you want to do more of? It always help to have a few sweet treats along with you to get people to actually stop and listen too :)) Good job!

  9. Everything looks so yummy, especially that cashew cheese mash.

  10. Good on you for getting the word out! I would love to have a closer look at those little pamphlets you made...would you send one out with a zine order? I need to order the latest edition, me thinks.

    Your food is inspirational, as usual. I'm upping my raw veggie and salad intake this spring, mainly because I'm always craving veggies after I look at your blog, and because it will be really yummy and good for me too. Your collard wraps are some of the best looking ones in the blogosphere.

  11. VaVa, thanks :) The carrot cookies are so good. I imagine they'd do well de-glutenized since there's so little flour anyway and the coconut flakes make them almost macaroon-y. Yeah, the raisins swelled up a lot from soaking but I worry they'd dry out if I didn't? Haha, like I said - I'm picky. And the chocolate milk definitely works wonders for a sweet or a chocolate craving. We were out in Stonybrook today! We took the train to Huntington and G's folks drove us out. It's pretty out by the water there.

    Thanks Leslie!

    molly, I think every time anyone brings up deciding on cutting their hair, I'm like DO IT! Haha, I'm biased obviously but I've had mine short for most of my life so who knows. Yours is so pretty though.

    Ingrid, "Old part of Queens" is both, really, but also a bad term. That historic neighborhood is peopled mostly by 50+ folks (and their families) of very traditional, proud stock. It's interesting if a bit sheltered. If you make it back to NYC, I highly suggest the boroughs (Well, QNZ and BKLYN anyway).
    I'd love to do more education stuff like this! It was sort of like the food pantry work, and I really enjoy it.

    malin, it was low-key but I did enjoy the interaction talking about my health and veg passions. And yes, I've found that sweets definitely help! :)

    Luminous, thanks! It was a gamble but delicious.

    Rose, thank you! I can definitely do soon as I finish the next zine. I'm really taking my sweet time. Or I can just mail one out to you now, ha. It's probably mostly information, recipes, and sources you already know but send me yr address again and I'll get it out to you.

  12. That's right, I vented my grump here so as not to risk losing another one of your not-so-random giveaways.

  13. I'm not used to a world that doesn't involve wearing sleepwear all of the time. I've got yellow and red plain flannel pants on, and it's 1:57 p.m. And you're so cute you should post pics of yourself frantically baking all of the time.

  14. I said all of the time twice. Darn it.


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