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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Last of the Bunch

To use of the very last of the languishing dill, I resorted to blending it up to make a dressing. I based the recipe on this post, but changed it a bit to work with what I had on hand and my particular taste:

1 c silken aseptic tofu
4+ T chopped dill
3 T Dijon mustard
3 T lemon juice
1 chopped scallion
2 tsp agave syrup
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

-Blend everything up, chill until ready to use.
And use it I did:

On salad for lunch yesterday - spinach, romaine leaves, chopped onion, rice, chickpeas, and red bell pepper.
Tonight's dinner:

Spinach, roasted beet, avocado, chickpeas, chopped onion.
I don't usually make creamy salad dressings - just a splash of balsamic vinegar and mustard is my preferred option - so it's a nice contrast to top a crunchy salad with this fresh dressing.
However, I do hereby declare that all recipes forthwith calling for dill must use at least 1/4 of the bunch at once, lest we frantically search for ways to use it up before it goes bad. Oh, but now that I think about it, I wanted to make this Dill Crunch Salad. And these fries. Hmm. To dill or not to dill? Next time.


  1. Spring is a great time for herbs, so I say - to dill! What kind of mustard do you fancy with your balsamic most days?

    The dressing looks / sounds really tasty!

  2. That dressing really looks great! I'm with you, I prefer more of an oil/acid dressing over a creamy dressing but once in a while a dressing like this would definitely hit the spot! I bet the fresh herbs really cut the creaminess and made it taste really fresh and clean :)

    All of your salads look gorgeous as usual! Lovely meals!

  3. The dressing sounds like a nice change of pace...using up certain herbs is darn difficult! I like the idea of both the crunch salad and the dill fries too...reminds me that I've been meaning to make homemade dill pickle potato chip recipe from Meet the Shannons blog...I'm a bit picky about what I like dill with too, but anything reminiscent of a pickle works for me.

  4. To dill or not to dill?...Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of languishing dill in the fridge...ha ha ha. :) Like I mentioned a couple posts ago, I just throw the whole bunch in borscht! Easy peasy.

  5. I don't usually make creamy dressings either, or any dressings, for that matter, but whenever I do I'm surprised by how much I like them. Dill is a great addition to dressing — it just tastes so fresh. Lately I've been sprinkling my salad with sriracha and hemp seeds.

  6. Hang it upside down and dry it or clean, chop, and freeze is another option. The dried can be crushed over a salad and the frozen can go in soups and dressings with no flavor lost.

  7. I love your salads! And I do often make creamy dressings with tofu as well, and really enjoy them. They seem more substantial than vinaigrettes, but can be significantly lower-cal, and of course are higher in protein. Look how much oil you had to use in yours...oh, none. But I bet it tasted deliciously creamy! And I have a bunch of dill in my fridge as well--it seems to be all over these days, happily.

  8. Ingrid, we mostly only use Dijon mustard around here. Haha, that sounds so snooty. We fancy.

    VAVA, yeah the lemon and dill were great to freshen it up. Having a nice crunch in the salad is also important in not being overwhelmed by the creaminess.

    Rose, I'll have to check out that potato chip recipe. Have you seen there's a recipe floating about for dill pickle soup?! That might be a little much, though.

    S&S.....most of the time ;) Thanks! Enjoy your 'cation!

    Allysia, wherefore art my dillyo?

    Andrea, agreed, dressings just seem to be another step to a recipe I've considered finished haha but they really do add a lot when they're good. Sriracha on anything is great.

    malin, no yams!

    Susan, I never thought about freezing it! I actually do have dried dill in the spice box but most recipes I've been working with call for it fresh. Although I suppose there isn't too much of a difference in taste, just amounts.

    Kirsten, then I shall!

    Zoa, thanks, they were very tasty. I was definitely complimenting myself for sneaking protein into the meal without even trying :)


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