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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Day

Haha, did anyone else used to listen to Green Day? Ho boy. I have a lot of memories having lyric-reciting contests on the bus home from high school. But it wasn't that kind of green day...
Breakfast: Rising Sun Smoothie. Have you made this yet, Shen?? What if I've been way off all this time?

Lunch was originally intended to be a snack but they were so delicious I made more:
nori rolls with brown rice, kimchee, and spinach.

The second round was rice, kimchee, avocado, and sprouts.

So tasty! The kimchee has ginger in it (and cabbage, carrots, and leeks among the usual spices) so it was a nice stand-in since I don't have pickled ginger.
Then I made these gorgeous, raw coconut lime pies from Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack.

It's funny because when I posted the mint chocolate pudding yesterday, Rachel mentioned avocados being used as a raw pudding and here they are! I halved the recipe and used spinach instead of kale, which may have resulted in them a little less creamy than intended but they're still really nice - light and bright with the lime/vanilla flavor.
And dinner, which is much more than what it looks.

steamed broccoli and bok choy, mushrooms, rice noodles, wakame, and scallion in a tamari/sriracha sauce.
Happy St. Patrick's day to you, and the luck of the Irish.


  1. Where do you buy your kimchee? Those rolls look really fantastic. I anticipate make avocado rolls sometime this week, so they won't be nearly as fancy and beautiful as these!

    The raw coconut lime pies look divine!

    Also, your noodle-veggie-salad bowl is really inspiring. I think during spring break I'll experiment with something similar!

  2. Haha yeah I totally listened to Green Day! They were all the rage back in 6th grade! ;)

    Your meals looks really lovely. Those rolls look so great. I wish I wasn't so lazy I'd make some unfortunately it just never happens. The coconut lime pies look so delicious! I was planning on making something similar this weekend from Ani's dessert cookbook but I may have to look into this recipe! Dinner looks great, I haven't had bok choy in forever! I think I need to get on that too.

  3. I love that so many people ate green food all day. Everything you had looks great, especially the rolls!

  4. So it looks like it was the eatin' of the green round yours as well as the wearing of it! I think you've mentioned that you are of Irish extraction, so a very Happy (though Belated) St. Paddy's Day to you!

    Those nori rolls look so fun and full of texture...I like the look of those sprouts! And the mini lime pies are adorable! Much more fun than making one big one; great idea!

  5. I'm so glad that you tried out the mini pies! I've been getting a lot of good feedback on them. :)

  6. As long as your recipe tastes like the most rich and decadent Shake known to mankind, it will be spot on! Just gotta dust off the old $19 Smoothie Maker to verify. Any day now.

    Vegan Gack Attack is more like it! Too funny.

    Still haven't bought that bamboo sushi roller yet either, eh?

    Excellent post.

  7. Dinner is much more than what it looks? I hope so! Because that looks like less than half a coffee cup full of greens. May that be the biggest coffee mug in all the land.

  8. The rolls look great and so do those mini pies. I'm telling you, avocados are magical!


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