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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dilly Tofu and more DIY

Isobelle's Dill Baked Tofu and Zucchini, two ways. The originally intended way, over spinach and rice:

And the "I ate all the zucchini first" way, over spinach, rice, and raw red pepper, which was a nice, crunchy sub:

The rice was special because on Sunday I made use of the peels and odds and ends in the freezer to make homemade vegetable broth! I've always wanted to make my own broth but I've held off because I don't use it much to begin with and I didn't want a ton of leftover stock in the freezer forever and also because a while back (around Thanksgiving) I bought one of the Better than Bouillon concentrated pastes that I still have. But since I've always heard such raves about homemade stock and I hate wasting anything, from paper to fabric to celery nubs, I started bagging our vegetable scraps.

This is about two months worth, maybe? It's mostly carrot peels and celery cuttings but there are also a few kale stems (not too many, it makes the broth bitter), beet tops, red pepper insides, a couple cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, sweet potato peels....uh green beans, parsnip pieces, and lettuce. I think that's all.
I threw it all in a pot, added a few dashes of salt, red pepper flakes, fennel seeds, and two bay leaves, covered it with water and let it come to a boil:

After that, I lowered the heat and let it simmer for about an hour and a half, enjoying the aroma.
Strain into a bowl covered with cheesecloth. Remove and squeeze excess juice out (don't drop the cheesecloth, dumping half the scraps in like I did):

And let the broth cool. Pour into receptacles. Here it is, red from the beets!


Yay, you did it! Right? Yes! Now to find zillions of ways to use up all this broth.


  1. That broth looks awesome!! What a great way to use up your scraps. It is such a great, rich color and I bet it tastes amazing too! The dill tofu dishes look really great too. I bet that helped use up the dill ;)

  2. I really like the sound of dill with tofu. Your broth efforts are admirable...I even think the boiled scraps look yummy.

  3. Woo hoo! I recently saw another blogger make their own veggie broth, perhaps this is one of those collective consciousness moments, and we all will be going at it! I didn't realize that kale stems would be bitter - good to know.

  4. Oh you're such a DIY-woman! (I'm inspired in my latest post). Homemade broth is GOLD to have. Imagine all the good soups and stews you can make now!!

  5. Oh homemade broth! So much love for it, but I seldom ever make it. Which is weird because it's really easy. It's just one of those things, kind of like buying non-dairy milk instead of blending up my own.

  6. We should really do this. Packaged broth is expensive and this is much less wasteful. Very cool!

  7. The tofu dishes look so good — both ways.

    Homemade broth is great to have. You can freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop the cubes into plastic bags to store. The you can use as many as you need and not worry about waste. Though when you think about it, in a way you'd be wasting waste.

  8. Very impressive! Like going back in time to pioneer days!

    I've always wanted to make my own broth, but I also like to make compost, so all my veggie scraps go in the compost pile.

  9. VAVA, I was afraid the broth might be too sweet with the beets in there, but it was very good. Lightly flavorful.

    Rose, it kind of reminded me of that children's book, Stone Soup. You start with something inedible and just keep tossing anything in and end up with a tasty soup.

    Ingrid, we should all pick a day and time to make broth, smiling to ourselves and knowing that across the country, so many other people are doing the same. :)

    malin, yes I am excited about the prospects!

    Allysia, it is really easy, but it's definitely a planned project and at least a 4 hour long process. I guess it's good that it makes so much at once!

    molly, yeah, I love not having to rely on packaging more than any other aspect!

    Andrea, I did freeze some but now that I think about it, I should have done smaller batches. D'oh!

    Shen, thanks! Composting is a very admirable activity, I'd probably opt for that over broth if we had land.


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