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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Breakfast from yesterday:

3 kale leaves (successfully blended!), a banana, 1 date (not so successfully incorporated), frozen raspberries, ground flax seed, water
Unfortunately, I had run out to a doctor's appointment and left the raspberries out. When I got home there was a big, bloody, juicy mess on the floor. Fun.
Also from yesterday, Choosing Raw nori cigars with ginger-sunflower pate as a snack.

I stuffed some alfalfa sprouts in there as well. Not pretty w/e.
This morning was pretty crappy. Less said, whatever. Anyway, G and I both ended up taking a personal day for mental health. We went out to lunch and I forgot my camera. We went to Champs again and took advantage of their "Breakfast All Day!" menu. G got Patty Cakes - 2 pancakes, soysage, tofu scramble, home fries, and a side salad. I ordered the "Awesome Bowl" (and it was) - seasoned quinoa, tofu scramble, sauteed greens, peppers, and potatoes.
We also picked up a dessert to share and take home.

Cheesecake brownie! Very dense. Very good but, you know, sugary. We couldn't even finish it between the two of us but more for later.
I'm not feeling so well so miso soup was my dinner. Heavy on the mushrooms, with rice thrown in, plus the usual (minus spinach cuz we out).

G's dinner was an off the cuff sandwich but morphed into something that looked (and smelled) really good. He found an old freezer burned veggie burger (Dr. Praeger's) in the freezer, got a roll from the bodega, and used odds and ends we had around - some tomatoes, an avocado, cucumber, mushrooms, hummus, and kale from a kale salad I made yesterday.

Alongside Lolita, which he every so often looks up from and exclaims, "This is a really good book!"


  1. The Cheesecake and Soup look fantastic. Champs is really sounding good. Could this become your favorite restaurant?

    We also have a warehouse club box of freezer burned Dr. Praeger's burgers. Must be at least six or seven years old. Saving them in case of apocalypse.

  2. Wow everything looks so good! I love the sound of your smoothie. That cheesecake looks unbelievable and your lunch sounds so good! That soup looks like yet hearty and G's sandwich looks so delicious! What a great day of eats!

    I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and I hope you get better soon!

  3. Well, I think your nori thing looks pretty good... all your food does. That freezer-burned sandwich...Lolita...that you couldn't fully appreciate them yourself says volumes...I hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. you had me at cheesecake. i have to check out champs next time we're in the city. the menu never wowed me enough to go, but I'll have to go. we're spending a week there in june, so that may be my time to finally go!

    i hope your mental health day worked. i sure do need one.

  5. I want the miso soup and the cheesecake brownie. I believe they balance each other well, don't you? Hope the day off helped.

  6. Man, we're all falling apart, Maud! We need to start feeling better, ASAP. You especially - we need you around!

    I really like that you're posting G's meals alongside yours on the posts, too. You've probably always done that and I've only just noticed, but I'm just say'n. I like that.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you how scary all of those mushrooms look. (I think I've mentioned that I don't like those type of food mushrooms). And also, that your pictures always make me want to try some miso. Just minus any mushrooms.

    Feel better!

  7. You are helping me find all the best recipes over at Choosing Raw--thank you!
    I too could use a mental health day. Hope yours worked.
    You asked where I lived in NY--not in the city, but out on Long Island (for grad school). I miss it. Yes, I said it, I miss LI.

  8. I love that book! The trick is not to read the prologue until the end.

  9. Oh, mental health days are essential! I hope it helped. I think the nori rolls look pretty good, and sound super tasty too. I love the mushrooms in your soup too.

  10. I can never get dates to blend up in my smoothies, but then again we don't have a high speed blender.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. Mental health days can sometimes make all the difference and I hope that yours did! The lunch you had sounds good even without that super delicious sounding brownie. Yum!!!

  11. These are some good looking eats. I might choose to rename the cigars. :) I heart mental health days. I will most like be taking two before the end of the school. Our snow day last week was a freebie. Love the miso soup!! And brownie!!

  12. Get well get well soon we wish you to get weeeell! *sings the get well song from seinfeld*

  13. I've been wanting to try the cheesecake brownies from Vegan Cookies Invade forever. I haven't had cheesecake brownies since I went vegan...this picture makes me want to! Also, I've been eating so much soup lately, a sandwich sounds really good for a change.

  14. Everyone needs a mental health day - glad you're taking some time for yourself. The cheesecake brownie looked incredible - and I've always wanted to read Lolita. How are you liking it?

  15. Shen, it's a pretty great place. I'll give it one more shot before saying it's top spot (though there aren't really many other candidates.)

    VAVA, thanks. It was a pretty good smoothie if ramshackle.

    Thanks, Zoa. The rolls were good.

    S&S, apparently they're constantly updating the menu so I'd definitely say check it out.

    Andrea, if by balance each other out, you mean are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, then yes!

    Isobelle, G and I often eat the same thing but he also makes himself some fun stuff that's more original than my same old food all the time.

    Stacy, I like to think of myself as a CLIFnotes version of better websites.

    Abby, I'll keep that in mind for when I read it.

    Rose, they were good! A bit much on the seaweed taste but, duh. I don't know what I was expecting. The sprouts brought a bit of freshness to it though.

    molly, oh yes but the brownie was the icing on the cake.

    Ingrid, haha - good point! The name is a bit off-putting but they were a fun snack.

    malin, seinfeld references always make me happier, so thank you!

    VB, I would probably never make those myself cuz I'm just too lazy haha but I'd love to see how yours come out! The swirl on top looks like fun.

    Jesse, I'm not reading it but I'm hearing very good things.

  16. I have yet to try kale in a smoothie (WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!). I really need to get with it. I also need to read Lolita.


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