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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two Dinners, Raw Dessert

G's dinner:

Spaghetti, artichokes, and meatbelles in sauce. Greg usually uses the Trader Joes frozen meatless meatballs but he felt that these were a satisfactory substitution. G ProTip: "If you've never tried spaghetti and artichokes together, try it. It's good but when you have a meatlessball in there it really takes it over the top. Also, stir that shit up so it's all coagulated. And let it marinate for a while. In the juices. [sic] In the context of traditional Italian cuisine, some would scoff at this method but you can't be, like, eating a......" [I stopped listening at this point. Something about forking a ball.]
my dinner:

Kale salad (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, nooch, onion, tomato, shredded carrot) topped with tempeh cubes and sriracha.

GoRaw Ginger Snap Super Cookies for dessert. I saw these a while back on Lauren's blog and G and I have had other flavors but I always wanted to try these (I love anything ginger flavored.) They're always sold out at my Whole Foods so I snagged them when I could. They're pretty tasty! You can pick up on the coconut texture but not the flavor, which make them slightly chewy but they have a great crunch. Even though I consider raw snacks like this treats for myself, they cost less than either the broccoli or the kale I also bought today, so I can justify that (they were on sale though.) Although I probably won't eat a whole crown of broccoli in one sitting.


  1. lol, I love Greg's tip! Artichokes are awesome with spaghetti. I've never had the TJ's meatballs, but I wonder if they're basically the same as Nate's brand?

    I'd probably love those cookies because anything ginger is my cup of tea. I'll have to keep an eye out for those.

  2. I second the artichokes and spaghetti combo. I haven't tried the go raw foods, but I'll look for them next time I'm at WF.

  3. Both dinners look really great. I'm in one of those starving,lazy moods where nothing sounds good, so I've been sitting on the couch drinking water and pouting. Ha. Maybe I'll make some pasta. Ask G if Trader Joe's falafels can be subbed for the meatbelles, if I let them marinate and coagulate and stuff... That's all I have in the meatless balls category around here.

    I've wanted to try those Ginger cookies too. Glad they got a good review.

  4. OMG those dinners both look delicious! I still need to get some artichokes, I've been meaning to for quite a while now! Your salad looks great, I really need to try tempeh. I don't know why I've been a little afraid of it!

    Those ginger snap cookies sound amazing. I'll have to watch out for them! That's the same brand as the pizza snack crackers I got I think. They seem to have great products!

  5. Anything with artichokes is good, especially pasta, or risotto!!!

  6. I'm glad Kale's back! Oh, I had the go raw carrot cake cookies as dessert yesterday! After a KALE SALAD! *great minds eat the same things*

  7. Interesting tip with the artichokes/spaghetti. Logan would eat a crown of broccoli in one sitting, but he's a weirdo. And I've been meaning to try vgnjar's recipe for meatballs...they look like yum, and so wholesome!

    1. Oh and when Greg has some of those songs done, you should point me in their direction! What's his band even called? Yay music!

  8. I'm assuming G is referring to non-marinated Artichokes in his Spaghetti? Also, whazzup with that fork?! It's like a foot long! Crazy! Can't you all eat with normal utensils?

  9. Molly, I don't know anything about Nate's but I hear good things about the TJ ones. Do you have a TJ near you?

    Andrea, they're kind of a pricey brand but they're good. And I've seen them on sale more than once.

    Nikki, drinking water, pouting, and making awesome juices from the likes of it! G says meatballs are a food unto themselves and felafel, while delicious, are not good with pasta. Haha, I hope you figured it out.

    VAVA, ooh yeah I heard their crackers are good. I'm having a cracker snack attack. Get the tempeh! It's good!

    Alessandra, oh artichoke risotto sounds amazing. G would like that.

    malin, carrot cake cookies sound awesome! I don't think I saw that flavor. Ugh! Too many kinds of everything.

    Allysia, not that there's anything wrong with broccoli! Oh, G's band is called The Marsh Hens! This is the website if you're interested - with their other two albums. G was playing their new stuff today and they are only getting better! Yay music, for real.

    Shen, yea - canned artichokes packed in water. It's how he do. Haha I know, I laughed at the fork photo too. We live in Alice in Wonderlandland- always shrinking and growing around here.


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