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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snacky Day, Cats

Apparently being on vacation and having a ton of free time makes me less productive - not more. I have not made anything fun yet.

Pumpernickel bagel with Toftuti cream cheese, coffee.
Snacking later, an apple with raw almond butter and a green Vega bar. This means no proper lunch.

Spirulina snack:

Orange juice, powdered ginger, lemon juice, spirulina.
Then I met G for dinner (how lazy can I get?) at, where else - Champs.

He ordered the Reuben (seitan on rye bread with sauerkraut, cheese, dressing) but wasn't too pleased, mostly due to different expectations. I didn't taste his but I thought it was a little funny that his Reuben included melted cheese (Daiya most likely). I'd still like to order it sometime, though. It sounds good and now I know what to look for.
We shared a side of oven fries, which were delicious as always. I had been snacking all day, so I went light and got a garden salad. Even that simple dish was good. Spring mix, sunflower seeds, sprouts, cucumber and tomato in a ginger-sesame dressing.
And two mini chocolate chip cookies to go.
I promise, tomorrow I will make something. Or at least eat something fun.
Here are some cat photos until then.

The cats have found some common ground in realizing they both love our bed. They are bonding and not really fighting. Actually, Samson doesn't get off the bed all day. It's kind of cute.


  1. Hooray on co-habitating the felines! They'll be besties just in time for your visitor to go home. Too cute!

    Talk to me about the afternoon spirulina - was it a smoothie or stirred (or shaken, or with two olives)?

    Your salad sounds really delicious!

  2. That's always been my experience: The more time I have, the less I get done.

    So relieved the cats are getting along and that Reuben looks fantastic. Marble Rye! Yes, please!

  3. That's great that the cats are warming up to each other! They're so adorable. <3

    I can be really lazy on my vacation days. I think that sometimes we just need to chill. :)

  4. You're as productive as the cats! HAHA kidding. I had that spirulina-bar yesterday. Goood. Loved the buckwheat-crunch!

  5. ps. you're supposed to be lazy on your vacation. it's OOOK! :)))

  6. That's great that the kitties are getting along! They are both beautiful cats :)

    I agree, you are supposed to take it easy on vacation! I love snacky type days so this is all looking great to me. You know how I feel about pumpernickel bagels and tofutti. We have very similar tastes I have come to find out :)

    How is the Vega green bar? I've only tried the Chocolate Coconut protein bar. Your salad sounds like a great combo! Gotta love oven fries.

  7. Ingird, haha, totally. Now I just have to worry about whether Haxan will have cat-friend withdrawl. ...I think not, though.
    The afternoon spirulina pick-me-up was the easiest it could be. Store-bought orange juice shaken up with fresh squeezed lemon juice, a dash or three of powdered ginger and a tsp. of spirulina powder. You can kind of see that the spirulina doesn't incorporate too well - it floats to the top of anything not very thick so I just try to shake it up well and drink it as quickly as I can. It was still very spirulina-y but I'm getting used to the taste and ginger masks it well.

    Shen, yeah, I'm a big fan of marbled rye too. I almost asked for a bite but the fries were more than enough.

    molly, agreed. I don't feel super guilty about slacking off, haha.

    malin - they learned from the best! Yeah - I think the buckwheat crisps are my favorite part of those Vega bars! Nice texture.

    Elisabeth, they thank you :)

  8. Aw, glad to hear the kittles are tolerating each other. Sharing bed space is usually a very good sign. Our cats all love to sleep on our bed too, between 3 cats and two humans, it's a well-used space.

    I had a vegan reuben the other day, and like G, wasn't very pleased with it. Not enough dimensions, not enough texture, and the seitan was grody. Anyway, your sprout salad sounds delish!

  9. I've not been to Champ's since the transition from bakery to diner, but I find it ironic that all of the healthiest eaters I know have been eating there and enjoying it!

  10. Hey, looky there! The cats are getting well as cats can. Yay!

  11. It's weird how the vacation thing works. Those morning tasks that you get through in half an hour on a work day take four times that on vacation. Sometimes it's nice just to sleep late, lie draped over the couch reading thrillers for whole afternoons, and wear the same clothes three days in a row. Wait, that's my vacation, but you get the picture, I'm sure.

    Echoes about the joy of the two cats being able to tolerate each other. However, somehow I doubt either of them will be heartbroken when Samson goes home.

  12. VAVA, I like the Vega bar a lot. I originally picked it up because it's high in protein and has almost half the amount of sugar most bars have. Also, like malin said - I love the crunch of the buckwheat in them too. You'd probably like it!

    Rose, G's complaints were similar; it got too soggy with all the kraut and dressing and cheese and the seitan wasn't great. I'm glad I stuck with a salad!

    Abby, I'd like to hear what you think of the new menu if you do end up going back. I find it pretty ironic that I enjoy it so much too - it being diner food, really, but they have a great breakfast menu and a couple good salads! (Also cookies :))

    Blessed mama, I have photographic evidence of their love!

    Zoa, I do not anticipate changing my clothes very often either. maybe the accumulation of food and cat hair will persuade me eventually, though.


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