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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pumpkin Socca with Red Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper

This socca is another snacky little recipe that I haven't been able to get out of my head since MoFo. The desire to make it is not abated by the fact that Caitlin continues to make gorgeous socca recipe after socca recipe (most recently this one, which I ALSO plan on making... hopefully before the next MoFo.)
A couple years ago, my friend and I visited the South of France and so many people and guidebooks told us we had to try the socca there. We did, eventually, at some outdoor stand in a small town in Nice and I remember that neither of us were too excited about it. It was salty and greasy and I have no idea why I so badly wanted to make my own version! But Caitlin gets rid of the grease, baking her socca and adds pumpkin and red onion. I couldn't see how that would possibly be bad.
And it wasn't.

Um, yeah, not bad at all. I ate half the pan in a night. I think my favorite parts were the little bites of garlic.I added ground black pepper into the batter as well, but you can't really taste it. I think a bit of spice would be really good in this socca, mellow as the pumpkin makes it.

You can also see that it's kind of chewy and dense in the middle; less crispy than the socca we had in France. This is a ridiculously easy recipe to make, so do it! It's gluten-free to boot!
I feel like I've asked this before but what is YOUR favorite way to use chickpea flour? The bag gives a recipe for making hummus with chickpea flour but that just seems really bizarre to me.


  1. I love socca — ever since I tested it for Celebrate Vegan. If you make it thin, you can wrap up a sandwich in it. Or you can stuff it like an omelet. Now I want some!

  2. yay! i'm SO happy you enjoyed it! i love the bites of garlic, too ;) i can't wait until you try the hummus socca pizza!

  3. I've never tried socca before but I've seen a bunch of recipes and have always been curious. This one looks so amazing! I am so happy it is gluten free. I checked out the socca with hummus and olive recipe and that one looks awesome! Well minus the olives since I don't like olives, but those can always be substituted for sun-dried tomatoes ;)

    I definitely can't wait to try this! I think my life needs a little socca in it.

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  5. I've heard of people making hummus out of ground chickpeas, which is somehow different from chickpea flour. I don't know how though. Socca is awesome, though I've never had the greasy version. I can't envision myself hating that. :) And chickpea flour is pretty cheap too!

  6. I've been meaning to make socca for forever! The pumpkin version looks super good--love the garlic addition!

  7. I've never made either myself, but perhaps this coast can light a fire under my butt. Use your chickpea flour to make aloo tikki or chickpea fries (like at Peacefood Cafe)!

  8. Socca is a new one on me. Do we call it Footba in America?

  9. Not had socca, nor used chickpea flour. Apparently, I've been missing out!

  10. I've never even heard of a socca, even when in France - but I'd love to try it. Yours looks great!

  11. I've never heard of socca, either, but I think I'd love this!

  12. I never heard of socca until very recently (via some food blogs). Like Shen, the name makes me think of soccer, (but said with a Massachusetts accent). It seems like kind of weird thing, but weirdness has never turned me off before, and you certainly seemed to enjoy it.

  13. Chick pea flour really freaks me out. Probably ate too many pakoras in my life and chick-pea-floured myself out! ...but that does look delicious!

  14. Andrea, I just checked out the Celebrate Vegan recipe; I'll have to try it. And, yes! Thank you - I've seen omelet recipes with chickpea flour, that's what I wanted to try.

    Caitlin, I can see why you're hooked! Will definitely be trying the olive one soon.

    VAVA, I'm sure it'd be great with sundried tomatoes - what isn't?

    Allysia, it's especially cheap when you steal it from yr sister's flour stash :)

    Jes, garlic in everything 4ever!

    Abbybean, chickpea fries I am THERE. Perhaps that calls for a trip up to Peacefood, finally, for some pointers...

    Shen! Ha! I can't relay my LOL over the internet without actually saying "LOL" but I don't like to do that. Very clever. (Now I just sound sarcastic.)

    Ingrid, there are many flours out there that I am completely ignorant of how to use.

    Jesse, you were in Paris, right? I think this is really more of a Southern France thing. You'll just have to make yr own and see!

    molly, definitely worth a try :)

    ms Rachel, for some reason "weird foods" make me want to try them even more.

    S&S, ooohh pakora...

  15. I have some leftover pumpkin I know what to make of it! Brilliant recipe.


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