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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great, Weird, Good, Great

In that order.
After another one of Malin's gorgeous breakfast chia posts, I figured it was time to do it right. Usually I mix my morning chia with oats and use water rather than a mylk but this morning I used a typical chia pudding preparation recipe.

This is 2 TBS chia seeds, about 1/2 cup rice milk, a couple chopped cranberries (formerly frozen), chopped raw almonds, cinnamon, and a bit of vanilla extract soaked overnight. This morning I added half of a chopped apple. Really good stuff.
Lunch was weird because it was more weekend leftover stuff thrown into a container.

Red beans, rice, onion, red bell pepper, steamed broccoli and green beans. In a tamarind-date chutney with a little sriracha. IDK, don't ask. It wasn't bad. It kept me full. It was like a bizarre chili that I slightly regretted eating afterwards. Can't win 'em all.
Dinner was good but frustrating. Still perfecting the art of the sushi roll.
One roll with brown rice, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot.

T'other roll with hummus, spinach, cuke, bell pepper, carrot.

Dippping sauces of sriracha and some sesame-ginger marinade/dressing G's mother brought over once.

Joe, you can laugh at this one. I won't blame you. They're hard to slice.

Emmy's Organic raw mint chip macaroon. Bomb. And tea.
As for the cats, they are not friends but G and I went to work and came home to a fairly normal scene. They have their designated areas and when forced to be in the same room with each other, they avert their eyes. But it's okay. I'm mostly worried because my mother's cat is taking medicine - which is why he's with us and he HATES it. I can get him to swallow the pill sometimes (coating it in olive oil and nooch worked well last night) but usually it takes a couple tries and he still chokes it back out. He has also not eaten or drank anything that I know of! I'm hoping that will pass.

                                             Here he is hiding behind the shower curtain...


  1. I still have yet to make a proper chia pudding, even though I've wanted to for a while. Yours looks great! Your lunch sounds good in theory, I wonder what made it taste weird? You know I'm a sucker for rice and beans. The wrap looks amazing and I love those raw macaroons! I have only tried the chai flavored ones but have wanted to try the mint chocolate for a while. Aww I hope the kitties get more acquainted and more comfortable!

  2. I love chia soaked in almond milk. So ooey gooey!

  3. Still scared of chia. Might I recommend a bamboo sushi mat? Steam it for a second, then wrap it in plastic wrap. Helps create the perfect roll! I had no idea prior to taking a sushi class (obviously, I did not partake in the fish - but everything else was really informative).

  4. Those sushi rolls look like molting mogwais when billy fed them chicken after midnight. But seriously, reading and looking and reading, I second Ingrid totally: get a bamboo sushi mat. You will be the sushi roll queen.

  5. I'm definitely going to have to try that chia pudding!

  6. Poor little cat dude. :( Sushi is hard to slice, but I found it useful to keep it rolled as tightly as possible and to use a serrated knife. I love chia pudding, it is The Ultimate, but I'm broke-ass and flax is about a million times cheaper, so sigh and alas. Plus here in Saskatchewan flax grows EVERYWHERE, fields upon fields of the stuff. Which is pretty cool, it tints the fields a blue-ish color in mid-summer so it almost looks like water. Purdy.

  7. Poor cats! Adjusting is rough, especially when it's only for such a short time.

    I've really got to get some chia seeds and play around with them. Still haven't ever done anything with them yet, but your breakfast pudding is so tempting!

  8. Your amazing sushi rolls more than made up for your "chili"! Learning to roll sushi is one of my long-term, culinary goals...along with buying a dehydrator. Until then I'll keep Soy & Sake and Brad's in business.

    Thanks for reminding me how good those Emmy's macaroons are. I've seen their granola in HomeGoods, but I'm hoping to hit upon a bargain case of macaroons!

  9. I always eat weird lunch combos...they can be hit n' miss. Yours sounds pretty good though. Love the wraps as usual.

    Poor Sammy, sounds like he's stressed. Glad to hear there's no major scrapping though. He can relax and start eating soon.

  10. So your parents can afford a trip to Spain but can't afford a pet sitter to come into their own home so Samson wouldn't be traumatized? Just askin.

    The Macaroon looks good.

  11. Aw, poor kitty. He's probably so confused that he's lost his appetite. I'd keep an eye on him just to be sure.

    There you are again doing one of my famous one-bowl lunches. Throw three or four leftovers in a bowl, heat and add rooster sauce. Lunch is served! I betcha you and I would work out just fine together, if we had nothing but a few days old leftovers in the fridge. :-)

  12. Aww, bloglovin'! Hope you enjoyed your straight bowl of chia. Loos good! And sushi IS tricky! But I kind of like the weird looking ones...they're like "EAAT MEE!" even more. Or something.. I don't know! :))

  13. I'm with Malin. Weird looking sushi does say "eat me." Eat me, I'm imperfect, hence calorie-free. Like the ends and corners of dessert bars. Good luck with the cat situation. I'm like a cat-pilling goddess because my cat needs pills twice a day. A cat won't eat a pill if he can help it, but if you sit on the floor, put him in your lap, gently grab his head and upper jaw and pull back, drop the thing right down his throat, then gently close his little jaws together and hold tight until he swallows, then lots of pats, kisses, and praise, generally it works out okay. Does take practice, though. My kitty actually enjoys taking pills now because we make kind of a game out of it...

    Very nice kitty photo, by the way!

  14. VAVA, I think it was the green was like one of those sesame street "One of these things just doesn't belong" things, ha. I love all the flavors of those macaroons!

    S&S, Yes! I will def being enjoying them again.

    Ingrid, that does sound like a good investment. Thanks!

    Joe, whatever you're referencing, I don't get it. No, really, I want to see photos of you making sushi. Well, the finished product.

    Jesse, it was really great! Just the right amount of crunch and goo, tart and sweet.

    Allysia, thank you! I was wondering if a serrated knife would be easier. After you commented about the flaxen oceans, I had to look for a picture - it's gorgeous! Lucky you to see that in person.

    Jes, chia pudding is probably the easiest introduction to chia seeds if not the most...tempting. I'm sure you can make something delicious with them once you start to play around.

    Thanks, Abby! I'm going to keep practicing...if only because I will never let myself afford Soy &Sake. Though I hear they are great. Let me know if you find any discount macaroons! I love em.

    Rose, Sam ate something last night! Yayy

    Shen, I think they were hoping he'd be more comfortable with me since he already knows me... I wondered the same thing but at least here it's a closed environment.

    Blessed mama, we'd have a grand old time eating pickles and cheese and random everything! We can talk about our respective Gs.

    malin, it was really delicious! thanks for the inspiration.

    Zoa, however they looked, the rolls were tasty! Thanks so much for the tip on closing the cat's mouth after tossing the pill in. Why didn't I think of that?? It worked just fine :) Well, except Haxan get jealous when she hears me patting and praising him!

    1. I had that situation too, with my other cat. So after I pilled Cheeta, I'd grab Isabeau, who would be sulking nearby, put her in my lap, and pat and kiss her too, sans pill. Cats are so easily duped...

  15. My sushi rolls look like, to quote george brett, perfect double tapered shits!

  16. The sushi mat would be a good investment! I went to friend's for a vegan sushi making party, and she had those, and our rolls came out really nice.

    The cat is adorable. I love tabby cats, and I used to have one in the same "color scheme" as your visitor.

  17. I love the title of this post! Your breakfast does look great. I've always wanted to try some of Emmy's macaroons.

    Giving pills to cats is so hard. I wish I had some advice to make it easier. Don't worry about the not eating or drinking. That's pretty normal and will pass. Reading about them averting their eyes when in the same room made me smile. Kitties have such strong personalities. :)

  18. Thanks Joe.

    miss R, a sushi party sounds like fun. Tabbys are very pretty though I am partial too my fuzzy black bebbe.

    molly, he is getting better about letting me give him pills and you're right - he's eating now too, so that's good!

  19. TIME OUT. It's THAT easy to make sushi? Why have I been spending $10 at least 3 times a week on sushi from Whole Foods? Oh my god. I am kicking myself in the face.

  20. The "weird" lunch combo looks really good to me. I'd love to have that many choices of things to put in my salad bowl. I have a question about the chia pudding. I've stopped making it for a while because I don't enjoy the crunch. Are the seeds supposed to still be crunchy? I tried grinding them and that seemed to make a creamier pudding, but no one says to do that.

  21. Ashlae, I expect to see three sushi roll recipes on yr blog within the next three days. :)

    Andrea, I wouldn't say that my chia pudding is ever "crunchy" but I have seen (one) recipe that calls for soaking the seeds and then pureeing them in a food processor or blender. It certainly made for a delicious pudding, but I thought it was mostly to incorportate the date sweetener. It's probably a personal taste issue more than anything else. Blend away!


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