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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raw Cleanse Follow-Up

To be honest, I was in a weird mood this morning and rather unceremoniously refused to acknowledge the previous week, post-cleanse. It's been a rough time. The cleanse ended with these meals:

                            Spirulina, banana, spinach, nooch, ginger, cacao nib smoothie

      Chopped collard salad with broccoli, hemp seeds, nooch, red pepper, sundried tomato

When I got home, before eating dinner, something happened, I got upset, and pretty much shut down. So the cleanse really ended with no dinner but far too much gin. Since then I have had no appetite so it's not like you were missing anything this last week. (However, thanks to those of you who still commented and checked in ((Ingrid!)): that really brightened an otherwise shitty time.) What I did manage to eat was light and still all raw. I only write this so as not to sound like my previous post intended, "Thank God that raw cleanse is over - I need some chili and cornbread!"
Just the opposite: the cleanse reset my eating habits and further focused me past "eating clean" to "eating better and more mindfully." If you are following Kristen's Raw blog at all, she is on an all-raw 90-day "reboot" and one of her reasons is for portion control. I may eat well but I often eat too much, without even thinking about it. Although I was upset this week, I think the raw cleanse helped clear my cravings and reset my priorities (foodwise), also contributing to my eating less. I still had plenty of energy and even felt giddy at times. My only regret is that I couldn't help G more. He wants me to report, "Although Greg had a few lapses over the week and didn't keep entirely raw, he ate, in fact, very much like a lion: RAWER."
So. I firmly standby a high raw food diet. It is exhilarating, nourishing, and fun. I will continue to eat high-rawer but not stress out about the occasional chili and cornbread. I will work through my problems with a clear head and, ah, not rely so much on alcohol. I will exercise to destress and I will try to be a happier person. I'm never going to be an "Ethereal Goddess" like Kristen desires to achieve but I will try to breathe more deeply. In the meantime, I will eat tasty high-raw meals like this:

 Raw cashew cheese, roasted beet slices with dill, Two Moms in the Raw Tomato-Basil Sea Crackers with Hannah Kaminsky's Crave-Worthy Kale Salad (well, without the edamame.)
I guess we'll have to find out if the chili got better overnight another time. Oooh, cliffhanger!!


  1. Beets and Gin. Beets and Gin. That's the FF we all know and love. How about some soaked Chia for breakfast tomorrow so all will be right with the world once again.

  2. Sweet Maud, I'm sorry things have been stressful! Instead of raising a glass (i.e. martini) to toast to a better week, I will raise a green smoothie. :)

    The outcome of your raw cleanse sounds fantastic! A true "reset" of the system. I should aim for a little more RAWER in my life. Ha, ha! You two are too much!

  3. I'm so glad that you are back and I"m so sorry that you had such a crappy week. I'm glad that the cleanse was a positive experience for you and from what you have written you really seem to have gained a sense of clarity and some really amazing goals that I know you'll achieve!

    I can't wait to see your "rawer" meals, you've always been an inspiration in my raw "cooking" and I can't wait to see the gorgeous meals you come up with.

  4. Totally agree about cleansing helping to reset your bad eating habits.

    Good for you for sticking to it for so long!

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling your best, but I do hope things look better for you.

    I'm also really glad to hear that the raw cleanse is sticking for you, too! Your food is always mostly raw and fresh though anyway, so I'm sure it isn't much of a difference.
    Even though I eat high raw, I always make sure to enjoy at least one big hearty meal at the end of the week. Sometimes that's all I need to pick up my mood. I guess exercise helps too, but I prefer the big bowl of hot food.

    Oh and I was happy to see that my dash had a post from you tonight, by the way :)
    Best wishes to you, Maud.

  6. No one ever says a cleanse is easy — though most don't admit they ended one with gin. :) It sounds like the cleanse did what you wanted it to, eating-habit-wise, and gave focus to your dietary goals. Now maybe do a little research into what foods (besides chocolate) are mood lifters and what missing dietary items could lead to feeling grouchy. You can get raw chocolate, can't you?

  7. Oh, sorry I did n't check it! I've just been buried at work, hence the lack of anything on my own blog. Oh, booze: it's both the cause and solution to all of life's problems. Glad you are feeling better.
    I like your wrap-up. I've actually been trying to include way more raw foods myself lately to keep strong for all the stupid work I have to do.

  8. Hey Maud, I haven't received an email from you - I needed your info by Saturday morning, but I gave it an extra 2 days to see if I'd hear from you...please email me ASAP or I will have to choose another winner tomorrow!

  9. I too was wondering how you were. Someone told me that there is an emotional detox too which makes sense, you can be quite raw in emotion during the cleansing, then if someone else comes at you, well, it can be rough. I hope you find a good balance between raw and cooked that works for you.

  10. Shen, can do. Do you drink beer? There's a summer beer that magic Hat puts out, Wacko, that's colored with beet juice! Still working on a gin-beet cocktail.

    Ingrid, I could learn a thing or two from you. Thanks again.

    VAVA, thanks.

    S&S, it really proves how certain foods can totally be an addiction!

    Thanks a lot, Isobelle. I'd usually take a big bowl of something too :)

    Thanks Leslie! They should. I stress out so much and make things way worse than they are.

    Andrea, that's a really good idea. A friend of mine is getting into tonics and teas for anti-anxiety too, so that and plenty of raw chocolate (they have it; it's pretty expensive though) should fix things hopefully.

    Stacy! You obviously should have dropped everything you had to do at work and started sleuthing for clues about my life and contacting the authorities as to my whereabouts. Obviously. I hope work eases up for you.

    Amber, thanks for the reminder!

    Bitt, that does make a lot of sense. Hopefully a good balance and a more even keel will keep me from reacting irrationally in the future.

  11. Yea!! Glad you made it! I, too, ended my cleanse with booze. Had a glass on Saturday and Sunday night to "celebrate." Oh well. It's hard restricting yourself for so long! But glad the healthy habits are sticking around. RAWER!! :-)

  12. Your raw food meals always inspire me. They always seem simple but delicious. I'd like to to start eating more of those kinds of meals. Thanks for the inspiration!


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