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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

G and I spent New Year's at home. It was a pretty quiet night, until midnight at least, when we went up to the roof and did some alcohol-fueled primal screaming.

                                                      G and the growler. Kelso IPA


The blurry skyline fro

And this is the, ah, Brooklyn Bridge. Just trust

Today's food. Breakfast s

                       Spinach, banana,

And I


  1. Man, you two partied it up!

    I wouldn't mind spending my new year's like that at all. Sure beats falling asleep around 10 while watching sappy movies. And I think that your cranberry and gin drink sounds pretty darn good. And I don't even like gin.

    I'm really digging the night shots. :)

  2. I love the image of you & G on the roof, doing your primal screams. Fun! The lights must be pretty cool to look at.

    Great looking chili! I like that you kept it so chunky. Mike prefers his more soupy, which is just plain wrong, IMO.

  3. What a beautiful view! I bet those shots are a pretty accurate view of what you would see after a few drinks ;) Your beverages sound really yummy! I love the alcohol and super clean, delicious foods you posted. It is actually quite balanced :) I'd love to hear some of the things you snacked on! I'm a snacker too, and I need to really get back on the 5 small meals plan to try and even out my appetite. It has been quite off lately so any snack insights would be super helpful! Looks like you had a great evening!!

  4. I love that big jug of growler!! I assume that's it's official moniker, or is it your pet name for it? Reminds me of the time I went to see The Third Policeman in Dublin, and to kick off the play, one of the characters went through the audience with a big jug of beer asking people if they wanted some of the "old wrastler"...I thought that was brilliant...equally brilliant was that they actually gave us some if we said yes!

    I love the pics of NYC from your Brooklyn cosmopolitain! It's excited to see the big city for those of us living in tamer and less glamorous outposts!

    Food looks healthfully luscious too!

    BTW: French 45? Is this a type of alcohol?

  5. Sounds a great evening! I only had two and a half drinks (ended up at a no-cover-required quiet wine bar) and still woke up with a headache. Guess I need to build up my tolerance, ha!

    The views look amazing, as do the eats! I am especially envious of the miso soup, yum!

  6. Now I have two drinks to try: the French 75 and molasses in my smoothie. Both sound AWESOME. As does your NYE.

  7. Green parties are the best parties. And I hope primal screaming on New Year's was cathartic and that you annoyed some old people in the process, and made them say "kids these days" while shaking their heads.

  8. Hey, your NYE sounds more exciting than mine... I cleaned the house and churned ice cream right up until midnight. In fact, one of the ice creams has the distinct honor of being a two-year project- Started it going in 2011, finished in 2012. ;)

  9. SOunds like your NYE was way more exciting than ours--in bed by 10:30 :). I really need to make some miso soup.

  10. Yay for green parties :-) Happy new year!

  11. A view of the Manhattan skyline from the rooftoop, eh? Big woop, we can see Old Rag Mountain.

    (Let me know when you get that Rising Sun Smoothie Recipe sorted out. It is heaven in a glass).

  12. Tt in nyc- ttrockwood@yahoo.comJanuary 3, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    So that was you screaming..... Hahahahaa!! I suspect we live quite close to each other! I see the empire state from my stoop- why is it still red and green if xmas is over btw???
    Your beverages of choice look delightful (especially now my mew years day hangover has faded)

  13. Isobelle, yeah - the party continued when we played Scrabble. Greg won due to the word "Disquss." I wasn't going to challenge in my state.

    molly, thanks! I guess I'm not sure what technically makes chili - maybe this is just cooked spiced beans? So yeah, I didn't cook them too long. most chilis go for at least 2 hours, no? maybe that's why it's chunkier, but I like it that way too.

    VAVA, snackage coming atcha.

    Rose, I've always heard the jugs referred to as growlers, maybe it's a northeast thing? But I love the term "Wrastler" too! Dublin would know, if anywhere! A French 75 is actually a type of drink. I don't usually do mixed drinks but this was pretty simple: 2 oz. gin, 1/4 oz syrup, 1/2 oz. lemon juice and topped with champagne. Pretty tasty :)

    Ingrid, keep yr tolerance low; that way you have to pay for fewer drinks! (Worst advice ever? maybe.)

    Nikki, one more virtuous than the other but equally pleasing.

    Allysia, ha! I hope so too! Then they turned up their radios to drown us out.

    Hannah, epic ice cream! I hope it tastes all the better for it.

    Stacy, the miso soup really hit the spot that night. So quick and warm.

    VB, likewise!

    Shen, actually I'm jealous. Well, the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular at night (maybe not in my photo) but I'd love some real nature. my cousin lives in Alaska and mt. mcKinley is visible from her yard! I don't know what your original smoothie tasted like but this version was really delicious. Yours looks lighter though!

    TT, it's possible though I feel like there was a fair amount of noise that night. From your stoop, though, that's great. I don't understand the coloration either, but I'll take it.


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