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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Miso

This is about the extent of my effort towards meals lately.

Miso soup is one of the easiest things to put together but I have figured out a way to spice the broth that I really like, so if yr looking for a bit of a twist on a traditional broth, try this on:

(serves 1 generously)
1 heaping T miso paste blended in 3 T water (I use unpasteurized, organic MisoMaster)
1/4 tsp anise seeds
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
thick slice of ginger
1 thin slice of onion, diced (or 1 scallion)
1/2 grated carrot
1 shiitake mushroom, sliced thinly
large handful of greens (I used spinach here), roughly chopped
large pinch wakame seaweed
tofu (optional)

Boil water. Pour it over raw veg. Cover and let sit 3 minutes to wilt veg a bit. Pour in blended miso, stir. Eat. Yep, hot soup and raw (if you leave out the tofu.) It's really filling but still very light. The anise seeds and ginger lend a slight sweetness and the red pepper flakes make the broth very invigorating.


  1. This sounds like the perfect bowl of miso. Very beautiful meal, it looks fresh and filling, but you are right, miso soup tends to be very light. It looks so delicious I should stop being a lazy bum and start making some soup.

    Hope you are doing better!

  2. Agreed! So yummy! This recipe definitely rivals the one I learned last summer (I took cooking lessons on sushi, et al). Bookmarked for future use!

  3. I'm totally trying this one! I love miso soup and tend to chuck things in randomly which always tastes good but this one sounds like a winner- thanks for sharing :)

  4. look sooooo delicious!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Sasha from Kale With Love

  5. Hmm......yes, I would definitely eat this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, that's an interesting take on miso soup! I love that it's full of veggies. And the anise seed and ginger sound like great additions. Yum.

  7. Looks gooood! I had something similar last week but with buckwheat noodles in it as well.

  8. This sounds great! I love that miso soup is so quick to put together and so healthy and tasty too.

  9. This is just what I need. I was just thinking today that I need to do something more interesting with the miso lurking in my fridge besides just making tofu ricotta with it. Perfect!

  10. Thanks for this recipe. I'm always looking for new miso recipes. I'm also nearly out, so I'll look for your brand at Whole Foods when I go. The last brand I bought I didn't like.

  11. Oooh, I've never tried miso soup with anise before, bet it would smell like heaven. Out of curiosity, what kind of miso paste do you use when you make soup - light, dark?

  12. I'd have to leave out the anise but the rest sounds good to me.

  13. VAVA, soooooup it.

    Ingrid, whoa, you're a pro! Do you make sushi much?

    Claire, I hope you like it.

    Sasha, thanks.

    Stacy, you had to deliberate?!

    Blessedmama, I almost couldn't fit all the vegetables in the bowl, haha.

    malin, I love those buckwheat noodles too but I'm trying to lay off recently. They are super good though.

    Rose, thanks.

    Kris, you add miso to your tofu ricotta?? That sounds really interesting. I read a recipe that called for pressed miso marinated tofu to make a cheese once but I figured it was more like sliceable cheese.

    Shen, hardly. But thanks.

    VB, miso is great in everything! What was the last brand you used?

    Allysia, actually I usually get white miso but this red miso was on sale and I can't taste a big flavor difference in the soup at least. It might be different for a different recipe.

    Andrea, not a fan of anise? It was a weird choice but I like the addition.

  14. Miso is really looking so yummy. Thanks for sharing its recipe with us rather than just sharing your thoughts. I will surely try this.

    Henry from Store Hours


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