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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recipe: Carrot-Fennel-Rutabaga Mash

So, the gingered chocolate and pear loaves that I made for Christmas call for 1 cup of chopped pears. I had no idea how many pears to buy to yield enough (apparently only 1 1/2) and ended up with a lot of leftover pears that I've been adding to breakfasts lately:

 Chia pudding with vanilla extract and ginger, chopped pear, raw pepitas.
And this morning's:

Soy yogurt with chopped pear, blueberry preserves (a Christmas present), flaxmeal.
Last night I was in a horrible mood so I set to hacking at every vegetable in the crisper, ending up with a rather delicious dish of carrot-fennel-rutabaga mash and sauteed kale and mushrooms on the side. I added tempeh for today's lunch:

Carrot-Fennel-Rutabaga Mash
                          serves 4 as a side

2 large carrots, chopped
1 large rutabaga, chopped
1 bulb fennel, chopped
1 head garlic
2 TBS non-dairy milk
salt + pepper to taste

-Preheat oven to 400*. Wrap garlic in tin foil, place fennel on a baking sheet and cook both until soft.
-Meanwhile, boil rutabaga and carrot until fork-tender. Drain.
-Add 2 cloves of roasted garlic (or more) to boiled veg and use a fork or a potato masher to blend everything. This is another fun kitchen thing to do when angry.
-Add milk as needed, chopped fennel, salt and pepper to taste, and mash to desired consistency. Rutabaga is fairly fibrous and won't get super smooth; no need to get too crazy.
-Serve warm.

And dinner, a summertime throwback: raw chard wraps!

These have a Chili Garlic Pumpkin Hummus as a base, carrot, red pepper, tomato, mushroom, and a sprinkling of wakame seaweed. I was inspired because I found a copy of Ani's Raw Food Kitchen at work for a dollar (a couple photo pages were falling out but I can fix them)! Can't beat that.
Any treats you bought yourself lately? Any favorite gifts you got for someone else?
Another fun gift I got was a bird feeder from my folks. However, the squirrels have already knocked it over and ransacked it! But I can't be too mad. Lookit this cute bugger:


  1. Yum! Another post full of beautiful dishes! The mash sounds SO good and isn't Ani's cookbook amazing?! And only $1?! Great deal! My favorite gift I got for someone was actually a mug and an ornament I made on Shutterfly using some photos I took of her daughter. I had no clue before I made them that she had actually lost her ornaments because they broke so she really loved it! It made me so happy!

  2. Oddly, I was THIS CLOSE to buying that book just yesterday, but the line at the bookstore check out and the glut of cookbooks I already have put me off.

  3. Hi Maud! I'm getting caught up on your posts, and let me just say that I loved your poetry book (and the poem you read!), and your homemade gifts- really awesome!

    I look forward to trying out the recipe above, and also that kale salad you mentioned on Christmas day!

  4. I haven't had rutabaga in so long. Love it! Hacking veggies is always therapeutic, isn't it. :)

    I think that squirrels are one of my favorite things about having bird feeders. They're so fun to watch.

  5. Beautiful bowl of mash...and those chard wraps: inspiration for healthy eating as always!

    I love squirrels! They ransack our feeders too, sometimes they knock the feeder down, but I find if I put it way back in the tree among the branches, they're happy to sit in the tree and eat in civilised way rather than knocking it down and running off with it. :D

  6. I love pears. My sister gave us a bunch of fruit for Christmas and pears were among them. I've been putting one in my smoothie every morning.

    That mash sounds good, even though I've never had rutabaga. :o)

    Awe, I think squirrels are so cute. Most people around here consider them to be a pest, but I don't.

  7. Looks like the parents went all out this year on a Christmas gift...

  8. Shenandoah, you are a commenting genius. I just had to say that.

    That out of the way, I'm just going to say before the end of the year that I'm so glad I'm following your blog, Maud. I *love* your breakfast posts in particular, and they are working on me subliminally as I have started to soak different grains overnight to turn into porridge and become bolder and bolder with the additions. I love that you wrote a poetry book *for your dad*; that is so cool. And I hope that hacking the veggies did you some good and you're feeling better now ;-)

    The squirrel: too cute. If I didn't know it was a bird feeder, I would have thought it was a dumbbell...

  9. VAVA, those mugs are great! I'm glad she liked it and that you're happy with it too.

    Stacy, I definitely have way too many cookbooks too but...but... a dollar!!

    Thanks, Ingrid! The kale salad was awesome - I wanted to make the one Stacy mentioned but I couldn't find it either so I just took the nooch idea and it was great.

    molly, they're so tasty! They're just a bit spicy and sweet.

    Rose, my friend once told me he could communicate with squirrels. If only we all could learn and simply reason with them :)

    michelle, pears are really good; I should eat more of them. I recently found this post on Chocolate Covered Katie that you might be interested in if you need to use up the pears:

    Shen, ACTUALLY the feeder was a birthday present and for Christmas, they gave me seed, SO...there...

    Zoa, I'm so glad anyone can take anything from this blog! Your meals are gorgeous and quite inspirational as well. Breakfast is probably the meal I put the most thought into and depend on for the rest of the day, so I like them to be fun and varied. I'd love to see some of your versions! I'd also like to see a squirrel pick up a dumbbell with its little paws...

  10. I think a bird feeder especially WITH seed is a great gift! And I never get mad at my squirrels for eating the birdseed because why are the birds more important than them? But we do have some feeders the squirrels can't get to, as well.

  11. I love the gift! I think my mom bought a lot of our relatives feeders. I like squirrels too but the birds are certainly cheerier..and Haxan likes to watch them through the window!


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