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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raw and Roasted, Toasted

Raw cranberry chia pudding from Kristen's Raw.

Finally finished the last of my (fresh) cranberries. I still have two bags of frozen.
Half raw/half roasted salad for lunch.

Spinach, tomatoes, roasted parsnips and broccoli, white beans with tahini sauce. Huge, filling, and delightful.
Dinner was Nikki's absolutely delicious tahini-maple roasted Brussels sprouts. I also took her sweet potato side idea, but made spicy sweet potato fries instead of stuffed sweet potatoes.

The tahini does melt all kinda cheezly onto the sprouts. It was very tasty. If you've ever had the store-made dehydrated kale chips, the crunchy loveliness comes from a cashew sauce and the tahini here works in much the same way. So good. Thanks, Nikki.
The "toasted" part of this post(ed) is the growler G and I bought yesterday! We are bona fide! Here he is showing off the smooth pour.

We bought a Goose Island brew. Good stuff.
Speaking of alcohol, I finished my drink project (posted and hinted about here and here)! It is all infused, strained, and ready to be bottled up. Here's one bottle I gave to my friend the other night.

Ya! Orange bitters! I used the recipe in Make the Bread, Buy the Butter and am pretty pleased with the outcome. I sipped some straight, and my friend did a shot of it. He's a bartender so I trust his opinion on such things. It's a bit strong and...bitter but I think it'll be good dashed into other drinks. I'm excited and I hope my other giftees will like it. If any of you have ever tasted Fernet (Rose?), the taste is similiar but less thick.
Anyway, that concludes the post. Don't drink and drive.


  1. WOW!!! I'm fascinated by your homemade hooch!!! I need to try that, and am sad that I am not a giftee but you might get in trouble shipping it to Canada.

  2. Yum!! I'm into raw and all but roasted veggies in the winter is just so comforting and delicious. I'm such a roasted veg freak and I love all your different combos. I got some baby kale leaves to try so I'm thinking I may have to go for a roasted veggie salad. Mmm. I'm also impressed with your homemade booze! :)

  3. That's quite a pudding! Your salad does look delicious and nutritious!

    What a neat gift idea! I recall you working on it some time ago, what was the total time invested?

  4. Hmm, I wonder why I'm the first who pops to mind in terms of alcohol experiences? :D Making bitters is so cool! What a great gift. I love the label! I have had digestive bitters (hair of the dog and all that), but I don't know if it was Fernet Branca or from a different distillery.

    Your salads are always full of delightful things, and those brussels sprouts sound so good too! Such healthy, yet holiday-ish eats!

  5. Those brussels sound good. I need to try that!

    Your giftee's are lucky...what a great gift!

  6. I bet your giftees will adore your hootch. That's so cool that you made that!

    Your salad looks fantastic. Such great combos you always have in them.

  7. Stacy, the recipe makes a LOT. If I can figure a way to mail liquid, you're on the list! But I'm quite sure you could do this yrself.

    VAVA, you are the queen of roasted veggies. I think you would like the Brussels a lot. Baby kale sounds great, just hardy enough for roasted veg salads.

    Ingrid, the bitters were super easy to make. I guess I cooked the orange peel for half an hour and that was all the hands-on time. Once you measure the other ingredients in, all that's left is to let the bottle sit for two weeks.

    Rose, haha I'm sorry! I didn't mean it that way! You're not such a booze hound; I thought maybe you'd have come across it in your travels. My sister said they love Fernet in Argentina; I thought Spain might be similar.

    Michelle, as long as your oven works, they're worth it!

    Molly, it was a fun project. Thanks; salads are easy but your dishes always look great too.

  8. Didn't realize it was a legitimate digestive you were brewing in that jug this past month. I take back my previously hostile stance to the dark fluid. Do hope you washed out the individual bottles before dispensing (looks a tad iffy in the pic).

    Still poo-pooing the poetry but probably wrong there as well.

  9. Shen, the alcohol probably killed any grime leftover in that jar anyway. I don't have time to wash things!


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