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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Leftovers are Easy, Poetry is Hard

Breakfast, green smoothie: 3 leaves of kale, 1 frozen banana, a handful of cranberries, a satsuma, coconut flakes, flax meal, ginger, and lemon juice. Kept me full for a pretty long time!

Snacks at work were an apple and a satsuma.
Lunch was a lazy version of seitan piccata:

Cooked white rice and shiitake mushrooms topped with leftover homemade seitan chunks, lemon juice, lotsa chopped parsley, capers, and even a splash of vermouth (woo drinkin' at work wooo.) This meal might sound weird to some people but I obviously make my lunch at home beforehand and bring it to work. I refuse to microwave anything, so I'm just used to eating usually-warmed meals cold. Sometimes I let things sit out to warm to room temperature, but this was like a cold rice salad, kind of. Coulda used some pepper, otherwise it was fine.

Dinner was leftover kale salad from yesterday with tempeh and hot sauce added:

Half a mini-loaf for dessert, and some crackers. Yeeup.
Oh! And I wanted to mention - Jae Steele is doing a super cool give a gift, get a gift thing on her blog. Check it out! I have Get it Ripe and love it; I may buy Ripe from Around here for myself or a friend. She also has some awesome meals on her website, you may remember the Dragon Bowl from MoFo!
Okay! To the editing board.


  1. Lookin' good! I agree w/ you about the merits of Jae Steele and think she is pretty underrated as a cookbook author. I really like her locavore-vegan philosophy. Ripe From Around Here is good--you should get it.
    BTW, if you end up doing that juice cleanse, I bet I'll end up getting a juicer--not that that should motivate you one way or t'other, I'm just mentioning it.

  2. I remember the Dragon Bowl! The kale salad is so pretty, especially on the red plate.

  3. Satsuma -> Citrus Mutant. What would happen if the Citrus Mutant went in the microwave? Would make a kewl short story for the zine. Speaking of the zine, I think it see lurking behind the smoothie.

    I refuse to use microwaves as well. Guess I have to go to your next post to find out what a 'mini-loaf' is.

  4. The smoothie looks really good! I feel you on the microwave. I wish we had a stove at work! Will definitely check out Jae Steele's page.

  5. The smoothie sounds great! I eat my leftovers cold too...I like food fresh off the stove or out of the oven piping hot or cold. I will rarely microwave anything. Beautiful salad and thanks for reminding me about the dragon bowl!

  6. I used to refuse to use a microwave, but I've slipped. I still think it's evil, but I use it anyway. Not for actual cooking except for an occasional potato, but for reheating. I can still remember arguing with a kitchen remodeler because I wouldn't let him put a microwave into the design. I'm doomed.

  7. I just tried real satsumas for the first time after smelling the scent at The Body Shop for years. They are amazing.

    PS- Read the rest of The Hunger Games.

  8. Stacy, the pressure! G is really into it, I'm kinda concerned about the logistics of it. But you'll be the first to know.

    Molly, thanks! Kale on a red plate is all the Christmas decorating I have around here yet :)

    Shen, don't say that! I can't eat mutants! I'll get to work on yr personalized zine with the Inside Scoop on PB & Co and...killer citrus aliens. Yeah, get to work on that reaalll soon.

    Ingrid, a stove at work would be awesome! I would stay in the break room all day making cookies for people. They should change my job description.

    VAVA, exactly! How it's meant to be or not at all, kind of.

    Andrea, I just read the other day that someone only uses their microwave to heat water for tea which is the most absurd thing I've read in a long time. I can see the allure of the appliance but I don't want to turn radioactive. Not to mention even if I wasn't scared, the microwave at work is the most disgusting thing ever.

    Lauren, haha! I wonder if anyone else has ever been prompted to eat a food after smelling a perfume. And I plan to read them - did you see there is a Hunger Games cookbook out? I think that's a great idea.

  9. ff- I personally wouldn't mind being radioactive, but agreed; the microwave at ALL jobs are pretty much hazard zones. The thought of it alone makes me gag. Actually, the fridge at my job is also so disgusting that I've gotten used to eating food and drinking water that is room temperature; it's not so bad! Satsumas FTW!

  10. The rice and mushrooms look so earthy and yummy!

  11. Ahh, microwaves...I definitely still use one, despite it all. One day I'll give it up. And there have definitely been points in my life where I've stooped to microwaving water for tea...I know, I know. I was desperate and too poor for a kettle! Dark days.

  12. Love your post title - so true! Your seitan piccata had me wishing lunch would come sooner...

  13. I'm totally the same way with microwaves; I always eat leftovers cold or at room temp. Seitan piccata rice salad is a v. cool idea.

  14. Never heard of a Satsuma, so I had to go see what it was. :o) That smoothie looks yummy!

    I don't like using microwaves either, but I do breakdown and use the one at work every once in a while. There are just some things that I can not eat veggie soup.

  15. I can see I'm becoming responsible for all the potentially interesting story ideas for the zine.

  16. Abby, they used to give 20 bucks to whoever was willing to tackle cleaning out the fridge but I wouldn't touch the damn thing.

    Get Skinny, thanks! The shiitakes do give a great flavor.

    Allysia, I don't mean to disparage! I guess I'm just a snob. Water tastes different to me after it's been microwaved. More molecular or something.

    Jesse, lunchtime is whenever you want it to be.

    Rose, room temp stuff seems to allow the flavors to come through a bit more anyway, no?

    Michelle, haha yeah that sounds kind of gross. I should invest in a thermos for coffee, maybe, but I only ever eat soup at home. Spill risk is too much, ya know?

    Shen, you'll get a portion of the proceeds.


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