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Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Raw on a Cold Day

I've been missing raw food lately. I miss the crunch and the energy and the vibrance. I miss getting to the core of a vegetable! So today I made it a point to eat high raw, and maybe this can act as a guide on how eating raw can be easy even in the colder months - it was 38* this morning! December sure is here. Nota bene, I do have a very warm apartment.

Soaked overnight oats with chia, (cooked) cranberry sauce, golden mulberries, raw pecans. This was really great, but the last of the pecans (leftover from Thanksgiving.) Bummer. Some people mind cold oats but I don't. Dried fruits and nuts are always easy additions to bulk up a bowl.

Lunch was a kale salad I made last night, so it had wilted a bit nicely. With grated carrot, chopped bell pepper, raw sunflower seeds, red pepper flakes, and apple cider vinegar. Kale is a hearty green that grows in through winter and again, raw seeds are available year round and a good source of protein.
I snacked on a blueberry raw Pure bar and two clementines at work as well. It's good to have portable snacks on a raw day.
Dinner was a big salad, as G and I often make. I wanted to show you a picture of the huge bowl before it was tossed. We used chiogga beets this time instead of usual red beets, just because that's what I found:

And my bowl:

There's a spring mix, red cabbage, tomatoes, bell pepper, beets, carrot, and cucumber in here. I added uncooked tempeh to my bowl and, after the photo was taken, a clump of this sauerkraut:

It's awesome and spicy! Again, a big salad is really easy to turn into a meal with a bit of protein and whatever toppings you feel like. I wish I could continue the raw trend into dessert (or better yet, skip it like some of you with way more willpower than I have) but I'm planning on one of the pumpkin-pecan scones. Balance, right?


  1. I just can't do full-on raw once it gets cold (before you laugh, it may not be obvious from my blog, but I do try to have a salad for lunch and often for breakfast, too).
    How's that kraut? I love the idea of adding jalapenos!

  2. I agree with Stacy - I've very seasonal with my eating! No soup in the summer, and not a lot of raw in the winter. However, maybe when it returns to the 40s-50s outside, I'll be out of excuses! :)

    Absolutely - all about balance!

  3. We still have some pecans left, which I'm trying to use sparingly. They're so good!

    I've never seen jalapeno kraut & I bet I'd love it. Smelling kraut makes Mike gag but he might be willing to try that kind.

    You make the best looking salads. So vibrant!

  4. Oooh yum! Your raw eats look great but judging by my shaking hands right now I'm probably going to have to stick with cooked for a bit. Your oat combination looks so yummy! And your salads are so vibrant and beautiful.

  5. I'm sure all those veggies get your blood flowing!

    Jalapeno sauerkraut...I have to get some of that asap!

  6. Wow! Where did you buy that sauerkraut? My husband would love it!

  7. I didn't know you don't have to cook tempeh. I like spicy kimchi so I'm sure I'd like the sauerkraut. I had to go very slow when typing that word to make sure I got it right. And you always pick health-ish (better than I do) desserts so no worries there.

  8. I have to admit that I have a hard time with raw foods when it's cold — not salads so much, but breakfast foods. Digging into a bowl of cold oatmeal just makes me sad after days of waking up to gloom and chill. But good for you for nourishing your body with raw foods! As for the scones, I saw that recipe, too, and am thinking of making it for a bake sale. Scones in the morning seems like a good idea — and I may drizzle chocolate over the top.

  9. Stacy, do you do a modified salad for breakfast or really still the same style you'd have for lunch? The kraut is great!

    Ingrid, well soup in the summertime is just plain crazy!

    Molly, I never thought I was a fan of pecans but I guess I am! It may have been the pecan pie that turned me off.

    VAVA, what are you going to do when it gets REALLY cold??

    Rose, that and the fact that I'm always late and running somewhere :)

    S&S, I got it at Whole Foods. It's a local brand but I know they have it in Jersey so I wonder if it made it to PA.

    Jenny, yeah it is a bit like kimchee but it's also really thinly shredded, which is fun to eat.

    Andrea, my tune may change after days of chill. Luckily it has been so temperate here recently. Chocolate sounds like a great addition to the scones! I hope the bake sale goes well!

  10. Usually I have a kale salad for breakfast (if I'm going the salad route) and a leafy lettuce one for lunch. I'm usually hungrier for breakfast than lunch, so I like something a little more filling.

  11. Mmm, giant salads are nice, especially with a good kraut! I'm not opposed to eating raw in the winter like desire for raw seems to come and go in completely random phases. That oat bowl looks especially awesomeness.

  12. Yum. Now I have a salad craving. I have been a monkey lately. Buying cases of bananas!

  13. The Oats looks good. The Beets remind me of Dwight Schrute.

    What does 'Lacto-Fermented' mean? Don't make me do an internet search like I had to do on your Serbian Eggplant Spread.

  14. I was craving a kale salad today and wouldn't you know it..... no kale at the grocery store today. I may have to go to a different Kroger tomorrow. I need to get back to eating more raw foods. I always feel better when I do.

  15. Warm apartments are seriously the jam. I've lived too many winters without much heat--I'm glad glad glad for the radiators this year :) And I need to make some jalapeno sauerkraut stat!

  16. That raw jalapeno sauerkraut looks intriguing. I wonder what else you could use it in? I may top it on a veg hot dog!

  17. Allysia, me too. Raw cravings seem pretty arbitrary since people mostly have heated housing and eat un-seasonally anyway.

    GS, bananas are da bomb.

    Shen, I think lacto-fermented refers to the fact that the kraut is raw and unpasteurized and relies on bacteria to break the cabbage down. Like kombucha.

    Michelle, I've been craving raw kale salads like crazy lately! It makes me feel a lot better too, mostly because I can't eat bags and bags of crackers.

    Jes, I'm happy your home is warm and new and finished!

    Jesse, it would probably be great on a hot dog. I ate some of it mixed in with mashed potatoes.


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