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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinner: White Bean Mash over Beet Greens

I want G to start posting his dinners (or any of his meals, really) because personally I find the behind the scenes stuff interesting in general, especially on other people's blogs. His lunches in particular are always something I enjoy hearing about, whereas I eat the same old salad after salad every day.
Tonight, however, I made a fairly quick dinner that I'm pretty proud of:

Last night I roasted a pan of parsnips, broccoli, and beets. I also threw a head of garlic in to roast, as well, because why not? I saved the beet greens for later. To think I ever used to throw those out! For shame. They may actually be one of my favorite greens lately. Unfortunately, they do tend to wilt fairly quickly so I cooked them up tonight with onions, garlic, and salt. I really love the beet flavor and add very little seasoning.
I boiled some white beans, and when they were done, I threw in two cloves of the roasted garlic, some salt, nooch, and chopped mushrooms and mashed them all together. Served on top of the greens with a liberal dousing of black pepper. This was very filling, super healthy, oil-free, really delicious, and fun to make. So happy to have leftovers of this simple, tasty dish.
Does anyone know if you can eat beet greens raw, though? How would you recommend them?


  1. I eat the baby beet leaves in salad so I don't see why you couldn't eat them raw? I'd like to try them in a tofu scramble though- just at the end so they wilt a tiny bit like spinach.
    This bean mash looks yum! (Please take this the way it's intended) I love the homey comforting look of this bowl. I find meals like this so inviting because I can see myself curling up with it on my couch and it being a no stress, guaranteed yummy dinner. I can tell it's going to be a post Christmas life-saver- Thanks! xxx

  2. This does look really good. Of course, roasted garlic on anything = yum.
    Like Claire, I've only eaten the smaller leaves raw. Can't speak to the bigger ones. I will say that, even a little wilted, they still taste fine once cooked. The rabbits ate almost all of our tops, though :(.

  3. Of course you can eat beet greens raw! My dad is a beet fiend and plants beets in intervals all summer long, so he can harvest just the greens when they're young and tender. If you have a garden, beet greens are great to grow because they don't attract pests (I should amend that, *insect* pests). The big ones can be used for wrapping, shredded in salad, any way you would use spinach. Watch, though, when you add them to your dishes, as like their roots, the red ones tend to dye everything pink. I've got to blog my shirataki noodle beet salad one of these is a psychedelic sight to behold.

  4. I think it would be interesting if you posted G's food! I would post Logan's food, but if he had a list of things he despised doing, cooking would probably be in the bottom three.

    Roasted parsnips and beets are so freakin' tasty - it's my favorite way to eat those veggies. Though I like grated raw beet on salads, too - so purdy.

  5. Wow, sounds like a great combo of things you put in that dish! Mike can throw things together like that, but other than pup stuff, I'm not that good at it.

  6. Yum...that sounds good. Beet greens are something that I haven't tried yet. I think I remember seeing some one juice them...don't remember who it was though.

  7. Claire, I don't know that I've ever seen baby beet greens! I will be on the look out!

    Stacy, that is always the problem with growing yr own. Dastardly wabbits.

    Zoa, as much as I love vibrant food, I hate for my entire salad to be pink! Thanks for the tips, a wrap would be delicious. I'd love to hear more about the shirataki dish, it sounds great.

    Allysia, roasted parsnips are so great but I so rarely make them.

    Molly, I'm sure the pups appreciate it.

    michelle, I was wondering about smoothies with beet greens - juice sounds delicious though too.

  8. Why would G's meals be different than your's? I thought he just sat and ordered you to make whatever Beet dish crossed his mind at that moment and then you run around like his little puppet Roasting and Tossing. Is that not correct?

  9. Shen, sometimes the boy wants pasta. I don't know how to make pasta. Otherwise, yeah, totally, I wear an apron and cater to his every desire.


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