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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Goodies

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, whether or not you were celebrating Christmas. Our celebration was small: just my brother (who had flown in from LA), my parents and myself. Tomorrow we will drive down to Pennsylvania to see our very large extended family, which promises to be a bit overwhelming but nice so I'm glad today was quiet.
This is yesterday's breakfast but it looked so festive I thought I'd post it here:

my ridiculous flannel nightshirt that I love so much and a delicious, healthy, filling smoothie: Spinach, spirulina, 1 1/2 bananas, flax seed, ginger, molasses. On ice.
After work yesterday, I got home to some serious business prepping for today's meal. I made Nikki's tahini-maple roasted sprouts again, which my mom loved, and a raw kale salad:

Kale, grated carrot (added after the photo), red onion, tomatoes, raw sunflower seeds, olive oil, nooch, red pepper flakes, and salt. my mom said to bring my favorite vegan dish, and so.
We also ate a wild rice and mushroom dish, blanched asparagus, and roasted chestnuts (I didn't think I liked them but these were perfect). I also brought along a chunk of raw tempeh for myself...ha. I wasn't trying to win anyone over there. All very well prepared and thankfully not as heavy on the oil as Thanksgiving.
Then we opened some gifts and returned for dessert. I made Oh She Glows' vegan eggnog biscotti as well as gingered chocolate pear loaves from Vegan Holiday Kitchen.

The biscotti were easy to make and came out pretty well. The nog flavor wasn't too pronounced, but they were good. I found the loaves a bit light, honestly. maybe pears are too bland for me, but I didn't think they were great. The chocolate and ginger flavors could both have been a bit sharper. Ah well. I'm bringing the rest to PA tomorrow so we'll see what they all think.
Also with the desserts, my cousin in Seattle sends amazing homemade truffles every year. This year she made two batches for us; one vegan, made with coconut milk! I only ate half of one, as they're very rich (obvs) but totally smooth and deep. The funny thing is, to pack them in the mail, she sent them in an egg carton with "VEGAN" scrawled on top.
So, that's all for now. Cheers, everyone. Health, happiness, and peace to you this season.


  1. Yum, your holiday treats look so delicious! I love plaid and flannel so I can see why you love your nightshirt so much ;) The smoothie looks so festive and healthy! Such a gorgeous deep color. And the kale salad looks festive and vibrant too! I wish I could get into raw kale, I just can't really seem to get into it.

  2. Ooo, lots of fun bread to freeze and savor. Yum. Looks like you did another great job!

  3. Yum. You always make me want to eat and drink more greens. I love pictures of smoothies and salads! And I'm glad you're enjoying the sprouts. They're a fave around here for sure, so cheesy! I didn't picture it on my blog, but I also make dark chocolate peppermint bark. I'll keep pretzels in mind for next time. Sounds amazing. Happy holiday to you :)

  4. Maybe it's because I have been living in Seattle for the past four years, or maybe it's because I listen to Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins too much, but I love flannel and wear it probably 3 or 4 days out of the week.
    And that's funny about your cousin sending the vegan truffles in an egg carton.

    I need to try making some biscotti some time. I think the only kind I ever tried was some weird chocolate biscotti from Starbucks years ago.
    Happy holidays to you!

  5. That's it???? You've been prepping for this day for over a month and this is the recap post???? Rip off! Lame! At least have the sister in Spain swoop in to steal the spotlight or something! Ugh! Talk about anti-climatic. I envision a pile of self-bound poetry books just disentegrating on the curb in the pouring rain.

  6. I always mean to try that sprout recipe (or on broccoli as you've suggested), but the s/p/evoo is just so easy and delicious on its own! One day... Happy Holidays :-)

  7. Comfy flannels are the best! Your treats sound great and I can't imagine that everyone didn't love them. Very cool of your cousin to send you homemade vegan truffles! Funny how she packaged them. :)


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