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Monday, November 7, 2011

This Just In

Do you guys read the VegNews blogs? My favorite is This Just In, highlighting the newest vegan products on the market. While I rarely run out to pick the products up, it's nice to know what's out there. I'm in no way one of those lucky bloggers who get sent products to review, but I picked up two seasonal beverages and a snack lately AND got a package in the mail from one of my superawesome friends today, so I thought I'd do my own version of This Just In.
First up, two seasonal drinks which aren't new but only make it to stores around this time of the year and I hadn't tried either before. Tecnhically, it feels a little early for either but I couldn't help but grab one of each when I saw them at Whole Foods:

My favorite of the two is Westsoy's chocolate peppermint milk because the flavor is a little bit deeper. The Rice Dream nog is good too, though, and I'm glad it's not a soy milk flavor because soy nogs are a little too thick for my liking. I've been drinking the rice nog in tea and the chocolate peppermint milk, um, right out of the container. I had the best of intentions of baking with both flavors and I may still but I think I'll wait until the holidays are closer because neither of these drinks are exactly health food. I don't want them around unless they serve an actual purpose (last year my friend and I made vegan nog cupcakes with rum raisins in them!)
On a different trip to Whole Foods I found a bunch of flavors of these little Pulsin' bars:

Sarah had posted about these a while back and, like the obsessive collector I am, I had to try any new bar brand. There were four other flavors, three of which were vegan, and I picked those all up. They're good and I like that they are thick and dense. Sometimes LARAbars can seem too insubstantial. However, these are pricey (about 2.50 each - they're made in the UK) and I probably won't pick them up again. They are also high in sugar and saturated fat (if you care about that kind of thing.) Oh - also, if you are inclined to try one, you really only need to get one flavor. They all tasted pretty much the same to me.
Okay, and for the real delivery, some non-edibles from my friend Pat, who recently moved to Texas, and I miss that crazy kid like hell. I mailed him a copy of my latest zine, and lookit what I got back!

                      A tote bag...with a unicat he designed on it!! Vegans loooove unicats, right??
                              And a transparency of ...a CobraKitten! Almost as cool as a Unicat.

Since vegans love cats (fact) this is pertinent but don't judge the cat-on-cobrakitten violence too harshly:

My cat hates cobrakittens almost as much as I love gin martinis. Oh! And! Pat also sent me a recipe to put in my next zine:

Because when Pat isn't selling hybrid fantastical animals on Etsy, he's making amazing food. So, yay, thanks Pattypan. I'm working on a package for him too. I might post something about that before I mail it out.
Staff Pick: UNICAT BAG!!


  1. I've been checking our co-op every week for the chocolate peppermint milk. I adore that stuff!

    The unicat bag is adorable. :)

  2. Ohhhhhh....chocolate peppermint...that sounds soo good. I hope I'm able to find some. I'll probably be drinking it right out of the container too. I never liked egg nog in my pre veg days, so I'm not sure if I wold like the rice nog or not. I'd like to try it though.
    Cool unicat! That's the first one that I've ever seen.... Don't say a word... Ha

  3. It is never too early for chocolate peppermint soy milk. I finally found some at Super Target today. Delicious.

  4. Aww I love this post! I wish I would have seen it before because I just got back from Whole Foods and didn't bother to look for anything new because of my cleanse. I really want to try that chocolate peppermint drink, I've heard great things about it! That's great that you found the bars! The price is also a bummer for me but I'll pick one up if they have them and I feel inclined to do so. The unicat bag is pretty amazing! And I kind of really love cobracat too!

  5. Why *do* vegans love cats? I mean, I'm vegan and I love cats, I love love love cats. What's the deal? I buy my cats non-vegan cat food because I love them so much. They're total carnivores, for heaven's sake. I can't understand it.

  6. I just those beverages yesterday in the store! I appreciate the work your taste buds did, as now I know which way to go!

    Ha ha - unicat.

  7. I've been wondering about the cats thing too, and LOL at Zoa's comment!

    I've never had a seasonal drink like that before, but it might be high time I march into health food stores and demand them. In a nice way. I'm totally all over that chocolate peppermint bevvie.

  8. Man, all these tasty products we cannot get up here in Canuckistan.....Sob!!

  9. Westsoy is my favorite soy milk, period. I always use their unflavored one for all my sauces, etc. it is THE best!

    Love to unicat!


  10. That bar reminds me that you got me hooked on those Spirulina Energy Squares that are sold in bulk bins. I've been taking them for breakfast every day now.

  11. I'm really excited to try the SoDelicious coconut milk holiday flavors this year. I'm still hoping to find something that's as good as or better than the VitaSoy varieties of 'nog' and 'chocolate peppermilk' milks. So far, nothing has come close. Those canadians have all the luck :)
    Honestly, I've never liked rice milk. is this one super sweet and very thin like rice milk tends to be?

  12. Fun treats for the holidays! The choc/peppermint sounds yummy...not so sure I'd be brave enough to try anything that's supposed be like egg nog though. Just not my thing.

    Unicats and cobrakittens...brilliant!!

  13. Yes, yes, and yes! The Westsoy peppermint chocolate drink is so good, I look forward to it every year. I just spotted on the grocery store shelves the other day and immediately bought 3 cartons.

    And I'm also a big fan of those energy bomb bars. They're great for really busy days when I can't stop and refuel properly.

  14. Haha so cute, I love how your cat hates the cobrakitten!

    Jealous of the chocolate peppermint milk!


  15. I'm happy that the Whole Foods near me is opening AFTER christmas, because I would be starting an IV of the choco-peppermint stat if it was already open!

  16. I never liked egg nog, so never tried it after I was vegan. But it's been so long since I've
    tasted the stuff, that it might be time to give it another try. The chocolate peppermint sounds like a good one to start with. Maybe it will remind me of Girl Scout thin mints, which used to be my favorite GS cookie flavor.

  17. Hey guys, glad you like the unicat! I am going to flaunt that all over the place.

    Michelle, I did used to like egg nog but only in really small amounts. This rice nog is a lot thinner, which I appreciate. If you'd prefer it thicker, there are soy-based nogs and coconut milk nogs out there too!

    VAVA, it was best you weren't tempted! And hehe, cobrakitten is cute. It's up on my door now :)

    Zoa, I'm going to say it's because cats are thinking animals (waayyy more intelligent than my biased opinion ;)) and if they were able to live as herbivores, they would take the intelligent choice and do so! Plus they're cute and fluffy!!

    Ingrid, YOU'RE WELCOME (such a hard job I do)

    Allysia, it is your RIGHT to taste these beverages.

    Stacy, that is a bummer. You could probably make your own though, no?

    Dawn, I try not to drink soy milk too often but it is the best for sauces and savories, yes.

    Shen, those are awesome! I should pick them up again. I only found them at that one random store and haven't been back but they are great. Glad you liked them.

    Lacey, let us know what you think of the coconut milks. I'm curious. This rice nog is thin, but I like it. And word on the VitaSoy! I miss that stuff.

    Rose...that makes a lot of people not into egg nog. Interesting! How about wassail as a holiday beverage? ;)

    Nicola, she wouldn't stop batting at it! She's only dangerous to inanimate things though. If it were a real cobrakitten, she'd be hiding in a corner!

    S&S, get at it from Christmas to New Years and then yr resolution can be to detox from the chocolate peppermint milk :)

    Andrea, egg nog is best in tiny doses, but the rice kind is thin enough that it isn't overkill. Definitely recommend the chocolate milk though!

  18. that chocolate peppermint bev is totally needed right now. all the new cool things.. i dint even know about it.. thanks for posting! i dont like eggnog either.. though i might give the rice one a try.
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  19. They were giving away samples of the choc pepp milk at WF the other day, and the kids and I each had a couple of shots. Good stuff. Cute unicat.


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