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Friday, November 25, 2011


Leftovers all day everyday wooo! (Who else is dancing in her/his seat to Girl Talk right now?)

Raw overnight oats and chia with pumpkin puree, fresh cranberries, chopped dates, cinnamon and vanilla extract. This was an interesting bowl of textures and tart/sweetness. Not bad.

Fresh spinach, extra squash pocket insides (beans, squash, kale), tomatoes, carrot, red pepper. I'm "over" salads at this point. I just throw any and all vegetables into a bowl and call it done.

Baked polenta rounds (from a tube) and roasted broccoli with the cashew alfredo sauce. Spiked cranberry sauce on the side. All good.
Do you eat your leftovers as is (as were?) usually, or do you try to do something different with them? My meals weren't particularly creative but I've heard of some really fun ideas for using up leftovers.


  1. Heavens, you eat well. That salad is to die for! I hate to eat the same thing twice in a row and usually do find a way to recycle leftovers--often in lunches like this. And your oatmeal creations are beginning to exercise a terrible fascination over me. I've just got addicted to adding peanut butter and banana to mine, but can see there's a whole universe of oatmeals out there for me to discover...

  2. I listen to Girl Talk every time I go for a long run!! I listened to this specific album yesterday for the Trot - what a small world that you would reference it today!

    I need to get creative with my leftovers. Today, I didn't mind the repeat - three days from now might be a different story. I'm considering chopping up my remaining Tofurkey roast and freezing it.

  3. First from a photography standpoint the lighting of your dinner is beautiful! Your meals always look delicious but today's look especially yummy. I'm with you, salads can get so boring but there is nothing boring about your veg bowl! Nice oat combo! Dinner sounds tasty too!

  4. I eat leftovers as is, and they never look as good as yours. Heck my regular meals don't look as good as your leftovers. :0)

  5. I don't have leftovers from yesterday..I kind of wish that I did, though. I never have leftovers, actually. I guess that's the sad thing about cooking for one person!
    I've also seen that polenta from a tube at Fred Meyers but I never know whether I should try it or not. It looks pretty good.

  6. You've planted the seed that I must eat broccoli now!

  7. my mom always made us finish all food unless it was a really big gathering and there was no way to finish all the leftovers.. my dad does not eat leftovers whatsoever, though mom sneaks some into patties or stuffed breads/pockets..:) we dint have much leftover except some soup..
    that alfredo on the polenta looks good!
    and i am late tot he music party.. but i am an AR Rahman fan. not sure if u heard of him. heres his official site and a sample playlist here .. though most are in hindi.

  8. Most leftovers I try to creatively combine in new ways, but specialty leftovers like tofu turkey, may be eaten as is. :) Cranberry sauce (unspiked) went into a smoothie today, and also gets used as a topping for oatmeal. The leftover veggies got combined with new broccoli rabe. The pumpkin pie was a little weird and may end up as compost. I wish I had some leftover cashew alfredo sauce!

  9. Zoa, the salad was suprisingly good considering I gave no thought to it whatsoever, haha. And no oats are bad oats, I say! Classic banana is very good.

    Ingrid, nice choice! Girl Talk always makes me want to move. Little coincidences like that are great :)

    VAVA, thanks! Funny you should mention the light, actually but I should have known you'd notice... The light in our 12 ft. ceiling blew out right as I was finishing cooking on the night before Thanksgiving so until I get a ladder, all we have is a tiny lamp with a 100 watt bulb! So the salad is right next to that.

    Michelle, you rule the smoothies for sure.

    Isobelle, even when I'm cooking for just me I usually like to make enough for two meals, just cuz it makes life easier when I'm mad hungry, ha. The tubed polenta isn't bad but nothing special.

    Stacy, have you eaten it yet?

    Richa, I can't imagine not wanting to eat leftovers! Funny that your mom has to trick him into it, haha. Thanks for the music tip! I will check it out.

    Andrea, I definitely want to put the cranberry sauce on some oats soon. Oh She Glows has a recipe for pumpkin pie breakfast casserole, if that interests you...

  10. I love Girl Talk and often cook (while dancing around) listening to him...he lives here in Pittsburgh, so we're especially proud :-)


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