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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hope you all had a delicious day with friends, family, loved ones and/or your own happy self. G went out to his family's house on Long Island (and he has promised to return with his own very vegan Thanksgiving rundown!) while I cooked a couple dishes here and went to my parents' house. The table (for 10) was decorated thusly with the last hydrangeas and black eyed susans of the garden:

Utilizing one of my newest cookbooks, Nava Atlas' Vegan Holiday Kitchen, I baked Wild Rice-Cranberry Stuffing, which didn't get stuffed into anything:

My mom promptly stuck her finger right into the middle of it to see if it was warm.
It wasn't, so she excitedly cleared out the "warming oven" ("This is why we bought the damned thing!") along with these Butternut Squash Hot Pockets that I saw on Scissors & Spice.

I had a lot of trouble making the pockets, to be honest. The dough was hard to roll out, the pockets burst open during cooking, I was rushed to make the separate components, and the cashew alfredo sauce from VegWeb was hell to congeal. Sarah kindly directed me to Vegan Yum Yum's alfredo sauce, and I used a couple tips from there but I still had to blend and blend and cool and heat up and cool the sauce down again for it to work. That said, the pockets were very tasty and the sauce finally did set up.
Shpeaking of sawce, I brought along some spiked cranberry sauce! This uses 3 c. fresh cranberries and 3/4 c. dry vermouth :)

This was a recipe from The Tipsy Vegan, which I don't TECHNICALLY own but did take some detailed notes from it at work one day. Although a lot of recipes looked really good and I may...peruse it further. Stay tuned on that front. There was a piece in the New York Times on it the other day, with a couple printed recipes! (Check it.) My mummy also served a really tasty spicy tamarind-date chutney as an alternate sauce.
I also made a spinach salad with dried cranberries, red onions, and almond slivers.

Also a bonus blurry outake of me showing off the salad. My mom was only supposed to photograph the bowl!
Once I got to the house and my mom and I finished our glamor shots, I made some braised fennel with Earth Balance ("Maud used vegan butter and you can't even tell the difference!") and vegetable broth:

There were also some roasted root veggies (potatoes, parsnip, carrot):

Aaannnnd a green bean and sauteed mushroom dish that I missed a photo of. Phew! Got all that? I think that was it. There were a couple non-vegan dishes too that we don't need to discuss. Everything was very tasty except that the "warming oven" overcooked the wild rice dish and it got kind of crunchy in a weird way. There was also an absurd amount of olive oil on absolutely everything which I am trying not to think about too much. I guess it's okay because the dessert I brought was pretty guilt free: Susan Voisin's Skinny Figgy Bars.

These are in Vegan Holiday Kitchen as well but there is a typo! The online recipe calls for both oats and oat flour; the cookbook omits the oat flour. They aren't gorgeous but they're tasty. I was serving the desserts (there also were 5 pies, no joke) and very happy to not be eating lemon meringue pie. Fluffy nasty, sorry.
There was also plenty of wine and champagne and coffee, no worries ;) It was a good time but I'm glad to be home. Hope your day was stress-free. See you tomorrow with way, way less olive oil in my system.


  1. Everything looks great! It's too bad that the pockets gave you problems, but they look like they turned out quite well regardless. Love the blurry shot of you. You should post some pictures of yourself! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! And I say it isn't Thanksgiving without some sort of food mishap. :) As a kid, I used to be totally in love with lemon pie, and we made a raw one at culinary school that was incredible - no meringue, of course, but that would have been a blasphemy to add to that masterpiece anyway. If I ever get a high-speed blender, it will be to make an irish moss paste so I can make that damn pie.

    Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the vegan foodstuffs! :)

  3. Awesome looking food! Those hot pockets look so good. And I'm craving some fig bars like crazy now, even though I just made a giant chocolate chip cookie for myself. Holidays are just bad excuses to eat to crap (or to me at least) and I always fall for it. Always!

    I did feel a little left out today though, with seeing everyone's Thanksgiving food posts and all, so I made a mini-Thanksgiving for myself with Shepard's pie and an apple crumble. I even sat at my table to eat! I usually sit on the floor :)

    Oh, and I'm with Molly. I love the blurred picture of you. I think it says a lot, haha. Cool bowl too! Hope you had a nice day.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I use my warming drawer about twice a year, but I'm always happy I have it those two times. Hot pockets sound fun. I've never heard of spiked cranberry sauce. There's a whole book about spiking vegan foods? You teach me lots of new things. I'm glad you had plenty of eat while sharing a meal with others. And thanks for the blurry pic, although it was a bit of a tease.

  5. Maud, everything looks so lovely! (And you are lovely, as well!) I'm most intrigued by the wild rice cranberry stuffing and fennel. Most likely because I haven't had success in either area. How was the cranberry-vermouth "sawce"? :) No vegan pumpkin pie for you?

    I'm so happy to be home, too! Nothing like it after a crazy day like today.

  6. What a great recap! Yes, let's not discuss the nastiness of the non-vegan dishes ;-)

  7. Oh no! Next time I come to NYC, I'll bring you some hot pockets to make up for your hot pocket disaster!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! What a beautiful table, and I love the braised fennel :-)


  9. Those hot pockets still look pretty good, disaster notwithstanding, although they make me think of comedian Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pocket skit:

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! That's quite a spread you got there! The butternut squash hot pockets look good even if they did give you trouble. :-)

  11. If I had a nice Thanksgiving like that, I wouldn't mind it so much. The Table and Squash Hot Pockets are particularly lovely.

  12. Aww the table looked so pretty! The stuffing sounds particularly yummy, along with the fig bars and the pockets!! I had no idea that's what the sauce was for! Sounds like it was a lot of effort but it looks like they were worth it. All of the food looks lovely and I liked the outtake as well! I agree with Ingrid, you and your food look lovely! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  13. Hilarious! Your mom is so classic with the finger in the center of the stuffing, and announcing proudly the good taste of the fennel despite the vegan touch. Both made me laugh. I cannot believe how many dishes there were! Holy smokes! Did you cook all of those? I should bring more than the usual two dishes when we go to family potlucks. I could overwhelm them with vegan splendor. Love the blurry shot of you - looks like you got a haircut since you teased us last time with a photo.

  14. Molly, thanks, people did like them.

    Allysia, raw lemon pie sounds amazing. I love tart-sweet flavorings.

    Isobelle, sitting at a table is quite a step up :) I think the blurred photo is fitting, as well, actually. It's funny, though, because my mom used to be a photojournalist - so I wonder what that says!

    Jenny, I had no idea the warming drawer has such allure! The pic is the best I can do! I am way too awkward to pose, plus I actually am a blur...

    Ingrid, thank you! The fennel was tasty but a little over cooked. I like it a bit crisper. The cranberry sauce is really good! It has lemon zest and orange zest and juice in it, which also play really well with the tartness of the berries. And the color is always gorgeous. Heh, no pumpkin pie...yet!

    Abby, yes. I am thankful I was with some very open minded eaters :)

    S&S, I won't say no...but they sufficed! It was such a cute idea on your half! I think I let the dough sit too long. But I'm willing to try again! Thanks for the recipe.

    Alessandra, I love that you love fennel so much, haha!

    Stacy, yes! That skit is so funny! Actually people kept making fun when I said I was making hot pockets for Thanksgiving, haha. Keeping it classy.

    CV, there was quite an array and it was a lot of fun.

    Shen, yeah, my mom did a nice job of the table but some guests arrived with some HUGE, beautiful orchids that took center stage.

    VAVA, oy the sauce! I eventually ended up adding tahini, white beans, and cornstarch into the original VegWeb recipe and heating it up for a bit on the stovetop. Thanks for your help in my moment of distress!

    Blessed Mama, she is definitely a MOM and I'm glad you can appreciate that! She's a fun lady. I guess I made most of the dishes, minus one or two but it didn't seem like a huge deal but I think you all do just fine! And you're right - good memory, ha. It grew out a bit over the summer and I cut it short again a couple weeks ago.

  15. Wow... What a feast! I think the hot pockets look wonderful. Maybe I'll post about my Thanksgiving meal over the weekend.

  16. the table looks so prettyy and lots of yumm dishes.. the hot pockets look super good and so does the stuffing and the bars and everything:)
    hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!

  17. I find that room temp dough rolls the best. When it is cold it snaps back/ is too elastic to roll. And you really have to pinch them closed... I also baked mine seam side down. :) Next time!

  18. Michelle, from what I've heard your Thanksgiving was a little weird. I'd like to see what the spread was like, though.

    Richa, thanks. Back at you!

    S&S, thanks for the tips. I will try again! My mom loved them :)

  19. I'm so far behind in the blogs! Glad you had a good holiday Maud! The table is simply charming, and all the food looks great! I like the sound of those squash pockets, glad they came together in the end.

    Cute pic of you...out of focus and all.


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