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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit lazy about posting lately. Food has been a lot of leftovers and reheats and repeats (Pete and Repete were in a boat...), otherwise I've been kind of busy.  I'm mostly obsessing about the horror that will be Thanksgiving, and then last night, G and I went to go see Robyn Hitchcock play at Bell House, which was a lot of fun. He played his 1989 album, Eye, in its entirety and now I have Cynthia Mask stuck in my head.

Now you will too, ha!
Anyway, just because I'm obsessive, I'm going to clean out my photo backlog from the past few days.

          I don't even remember what was in this. Cranberry, spinach, coconut, agave, other stuff

   OSG Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie. I'm loving oats in smoothies lately. It gets so creamy.

I read the ingredients on this a million times, even though it says VEGAN on it. Having never had dairy Greek yogurt, I liked this a lot.

                          Andrea's sunburst-celeriac soup with balsamic sauteed mushrooms.

                         Overnight soaked oats and chia, banana, fig jam, golden mulberries

                Steamed broccoli, curry-cayenne roasted kabocha squash, white beans peeking out

I eat a lot of oatmeal: Soaked overnight oats and chia with banana, pomegranate arils, cacao nibs

 Roasted root veggies, grated red cabbage and beets, spinach salad with nooch, mustard, and balsamic.
Phew, now I feel clean. Here's a picture G took of Haxan being a weird alien ghost cat:

Just out of curiosity, what kind of music do you guys listen to? I've shared a couple concerts G and I have been going to lately (we are on a month and a half concert binge - this is really out of the ordinary) but there is SO much more stuff I love from folks who don't/can't tour anymore. I'm always interested in learning people's music tastes. That sort of stuff doesn't often make it to people's food blogs.
Aaaand finally, don't forget to enter the giveaway for Dynise Balcavage's new Celebrate Vegan. Share the news for good karma.
Okay! I think we're done here. Have a good Sunday.


  1. Whee, music! It's such a huge part of my life but it's not the easiest thing to integrate into a food blog - though I should really find a way. I have a soft spot for alternative rock of the nineties, and if I were to pick some favorite bands ever, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, Tegan and Sarah and Silverchair would all top the list.

  2. Ha- your cat does look as though s/he? has two sets of eyes.
    Your salad and oatmeal (as a fellow oatmeal lover) looks especially nomulent.
    My favorite bands for the past two years or so are Grizzly Bear (Veckatimest is maybe my favorite album ever) , Atlas Sound, and Deerhunter, but I'd probably still be rocking out to Bjork if my hubby didn't do a great job of digging up new music for us.

  3. I eat a lot of oats too. Every day, actually!
    That greek yogurt seems interesting. I haven't seen those around before. I would probably be reading the ingredients the whole time I was eating it. I feel really weird eating vegan substitutes. Like I'm being lied to.

    That song is pretty neat. This is my first time hearing it.
    I think you already know what music I like :)
    But like Allysia up here, I really like Radiohead and Modest Mouse as well. I've been listening to a lot of Feist and the Microphones lately though. Oh and Portishead. And The Smiths.

    Hope you have a good Sunday too!

  4. Your kitty looks like she's shifting between dimensions!

    The Pete's and RePetes all look good...I like the mushrooms with the soup, bet that was tasty. I've been waiting for the Greek style So Delicious, but it hasn't made it to the stores I go to anyway...can't wait to try it.

    As for music, my husband is a jazz musician, but I've always been especially fond of medieval music, Todd Rundgren, and Thin Lizzy.

  5. Lovely food, as always! You inspire me to eat even healthier. :)

    I love how Haxan had that four-eyed alien look. lol

    My taste in music is pretty eclectic- Mike and I like most of the same stuff and you'll find us playing a large variety of stuff- metal, blues, classic rock, 80's stuff. I've been to a pretty large range of concert, from Marilyn Manson to The Grateful Dead (when Jerry was still alive, of course).

  6. Another awesome post! I really appreciate not seeing the plastic orange ice cream scoop or the fugly plate. They're both so jarring to the senses and detract from your beautiful food.

    I enjoy all music (except I usually mute the sound if it's Elton John or Billy Joel), but dragging my *ss out of the house to go hear anyone live, well, let's just say those days are over.

  7. Was that a pear with your hummus? I am planning on having the Pumpkin Gingerbread Smoothie this week! I enjoy how you changed up your leftovers, that is something which I've proven not capable of doing very well.

    Not too much to add to the conversation, as I have listened to much of the music already mentioned. I will say that I have a station on Pandora based on my appreciation for Melody Gardot, and they play some fabulous old records as well newbies. It's a good station for rainy or snowy weather.

  8. The green smoothie looks like it's filled with glitter! Very festive for the holidays. :) Love the zines — no apologies needed.

  9. Oooh the greek yogurt! I haven't seen it pop up in stores yet, but I'm glad to hear a positive review! The smoothie does look creamy, I love adding oats to my smoothies too! That's awesome that you've been going to a lot of shows lately! I haven't been to one in ages.

  10. Hey, I love the photo rundown of your food in the past several days. Oats in smoothies sound great! My husband is all hard rock, that's it. Me, I'm a blend of classic rock, contemporary Christian, some modern jazz, and classic disco. Does that fit me? :-) (btw, answered your q back at my pad.)

  11. Ha, I've been lazy too. I'm going to try to get a post in today myself.
    All the food looks so yummy! I love oats in smoothies too. :o)

  12. I spy Liquiteria! Ah, and The Killer, too- My all time favorite! I crave that nonstop, especially the heated version in the winter. Gotta try making my own, asap.

  13. Allysia, that's right, you're in a band! What kind of music do you play? Tegan and Sara are awesome! As is Silverchair.

    Stacy, she's a she! I don't know any of the bands you mentioned except Bjork, who I llooooove, so maybe I should check out the others.

    Isobelle, yes the Smiths and Portishead are way up there on my list too. And I totally hear you on feeling like yr being lied to about vegan food! I'm so paranoid and wonder if people are just tricking me.

    Rose, that's so cool about your husband! Does he perform a lot? What does he play? I'm a big fan of medieval music too, actually but it's hard to know what's good. I really enjoy Guillaume de Machaut.

    Molly, how fun! Concerts are great memories. I'd love to see Manson, haha. I bet that was awesome.

    Shen, thanks for the honest opinion. I will try to keep fugly off the blog.

    Ingrid, haha, the pear was kept separate though I have eaten apples with hummus so it might not be so bad! Thanks for the tip on Melody Gardot, sounds worth checking out.

    Andrea, I'm glad you like them!

    VAVA, yeah it sounds like your schedule is way too packed for gallivanting about to concerts!

    Blessed Mama, eclectic sounds about right for you!

    Michelle, yeah oats really bulk the smoothies up!

    Hannah, I would love to hear about it if you make your own Killer! That would probably be awesome. I love it with the extra spice.

  14. I've been wanting to try that yogurt! Our WF hasn't gotten it yet.

  15. Like that bowl of chia and pomegranate! ;)))


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