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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Late Lunch

G and I were talking about bagels before we went to sleep last night (again!) While what he really wanted was to get up this morning and go to brunch, I find the meal fairly stressful. I like to take my Sundays at a leisurely pace and not feel rushed into and out of restaurants by hungover crowds with the same idea. I promised G homemade bagels as an alternative.
Maybe I moved a little too slowly this morning, though, as "brunch" was ready around the time of a "late lunch." We can call it llunch if you want to give it a catchy title. I forgot that bagels need to rise. And that I can't start measuring flour and such until after coffee. And a chapter or so in a book.
When all was finally finished, however, we agreed they were worth the wait.

Sesame, poppy-seed, and everything, technically, but they all got mixed together in the water, kind of. I used the recipe in Vegan Brunch. It's funny, actually, because Isa's blurb above the recipe says these bagels are great and authentic for when you can't get a genuine New York bagel. I could have, if I wanted to, but where's the fun in that?
I ate half of an everything bagel with a big ole salad for lunch:

The salad was great, too: mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, steamed broccoli, red pepper, grated beets, mushrooms, olives, and red onion. Yeap. Six-star Llunch, Billion-star bbagel.


  1. Those bagels (bbagels?) look awesome! I think there's an error in that Vegan Brunch recipe, tho: if you put the seeds on *before* boiling, they always fall off the water--at least mine do. I think they should be applied after boiling, but before baking. Your thoughts?

  2. Those bagels look AMAZING! I've always wanted to try making bagels but never had the time or patience. maybe sometime I'll take on the challenge. This post is definitely inspiring me to take it on maybe a bit sooner than I would have otherwise anticipated. And your salad looks beautiful and colorful!

  3. They really do look amazing! I could go for a bagel for breakfast, or brunch, or lunch....

    I also like to have a leisurely morning on the weekends. It just not a weekend when you're rushed right away!

  4. I love leisurely mornings! I sip my coffee slowly, only filling it half full, thereby refilling it often but always having a hot cup. *sigh*

    That is some serious ttalent! I should spend an entire day during my winter break devoted to attempting the multi-step bagel prep.

  5. I'm with you, moving too quickly on Sunday mornings is just not prudent! Although, I do enjoy partaking in activities that involve other hungover people in general, I don't think people in Seattle ever get them as they all seem to all be in bed by 9:30.

    But, let's get the important part: the bagels look fab! It's been soo long since I've had a bagel...and waay too long since I made any myself...I think the last time was in my early 20's. Your lunch is perfect; bread and salad are made for each other, especially when there are olives involved.

  6. Stacy, thanks. I accidentally divided them into 8 instead of 12 so they're a little poofy but whatevs. I'm with you on the procedural steps, definitely. I put more on after boiling because they all boiled off. I was also confused about the other 2 TBS of sugar from the yeast mixture, was that weird for you? She says "divided" but only mentions ever using 1 TBS. Still tasted good.

    Thanks, VAVA, are you going to de-glutenize them?? I'd like to see those! (Not in a yeah right kinda way - I really would be interested in seeing how they come out)

    Thanks, Molly. I definitely have had days where a bagel was both brunch and lunch...and regretted that choice, haha.

    Ingrid, I'm kinda weird in that I almost always like my coffee cold, but a hot cup seems more relaxing. Bagels definitely are a multi-task thing, but not a huge deal. Rising takes the most time, but you can do other stuff during. It's funny you ask about the book because I was going to say something about it. I'm reading Room, by Emma Donoghue and it's pretty gripping. What are YOU reading?

    Rose, in bed by 9:30 in Seattle seems like a waste of the city I've probably over-romanticized in my mind for so long! You've got to teach them a thing or two. And I have really been enjoying olives in my salad lately...why haven't I done that before??

  7. Yum!! I will definitely be trying to make these in the near future. I live a long way from NY and really outstanding bagels, so I'm delighted to give these a try. Thanks!

  8. Best bagels I ever had and I'm from Long Island.

  9. Your bagels look incredibly tasty - I've never thought to make them myself. After eyeing yours.... why not? :)

  10. That's sweet that you talk about bagels before bed. But maybe you guys need to spark up the romance? :) That salad just looks amazing, and everytime I look at your blog, I think I need to go to the grocery store and buy more vegetables. Your bagels look super.

  11. Good on you for making bagels in the morning, it is nice to see blogs where people cook, bake and take the effort... it not only pleases your palate (yes, worth the wait) but also the soul reading it!
    I am all for encouraging people to make their own food, I make everything I can and cook twice a day (breakfast is only assembling/blending and toasting, + coffee, so I don't count it as cooking).


  12. What a great job you did on those bagels! I'm very impressed. I have yet to make homemade ones myself.

  13. Llunch, ha! Kind of like llama. I'm 100% on board with you when it comes to leisurely Sundays...only way to do it. Otherwise I start the next week not feeling quite right.

  14. Only half a bagel? You're so disciplined! I've made that recipe before, and I usually eat two at a time!

  15. I didn't even notice the sugar snafu until you mentioned it! So oblivious.

  16. Katie, cool, I hope you enjoy them! Frozen supermarket bagels never really cut it.

    Yo, Lino!, could you please not patronize me?

    Jesse, for sure! They are a couple of steps but they aren't difficult. I actually have a lot of fun watching yeast rise and kneading it all out.

    Jenny, hahahah! Maybe you're right. Basil bagels? Basil is an aphrodisiac, right?

    Alessandra, thanks! I feel the same way.

    BM, it's not like they're a healthy food or anything but they are fun to have around, and make occasionally.

    Allysia, yeah, in my head I went back and forth between pronouncing it like "llama" or "llamo" with a y sound like in Spanish, but I think "llama" won out.

    Bianca, well, I did eat the other half after lunch :) Get them while they're fresh, right?

  17. Those look like killer bagels, but I can't believe you tried to make them for brunch — on the same day you wanted to eat them — and on a Sunday, yet! The salad looks great, too. Nice meal.

  18. Those bagels look increds; why do I always forget about Vegan Brunch? Must organize cookbooks!

  19. Glad you finally came through with the Bagel promises. They say it's the water that makes NY Bagels the best, so I assume your's were doubly good.

  20. Your bagels look killer! By the looks of them, I'd say you put all the other NY bagels to shame! I keep seeing recipes from that cookbook, and they all look so good. Looks like thre's another one that I need to add to my wish list.

  21. I agree....Sundays are for RELAXING!!!

  22. Your bagels look absolutely amazing! I've never made bagels before but would like to try. Maybe I need to put Vegan Brunch on my wish list.

  23. Andrea, sleepy bagels, mos def.

    Abby, mine are organized and I STILL forget about Vegan Brunch. It needs to be magneted to my face or something.

    Shen, flouridated bagels? I'll take it! Any extra nutrition in yeast and white flour is welcome.

    Michelle, thanks, Vegan Brunch is definitely worth a buy.

    Aimee, right on :)

    VeggieBurgher, I recommend the book, really. Some great savory meals for anytime!


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