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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Celebrate Vegan winner, Randomness

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving eve. G has left for his folks' so I'm all alone flinging things around the kitchen. I assume most of you are as well.
Secondly, out of 22 entries in the cookbook giveaway, I used Random Number Generator to pull #4. Congratulations to Art You Dream About! Please send me your mailing address within the week, or I'll pull another entry.
Speaking of random:

Dinner last night: mashed potatoes, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and tofu

Everything food-related I packed to bring to work with me today. Lunch (yes, in the yogurt container), coffee in the mini jar, brownie PureBar, and instant miso soup. I didn't end up having the miso soup. This was especially a ridiculous amount of stuff to bring because I have carrot juice and tea bags at work also.

Lunch: leftovers from last night, extra tofu, spinach, and red pepper in sriracha/soy sauce.

Even more ridiculous? Despite the food haul I brought to work, I bought these Rhythm kale chips just in case I got hungry! I did NOT get hungry. But I did eat them when I got home and they were good. They were also on sale.
Anyway, sorry for the scatterbrained post. I have 5 things going on in the kitchen right now, haha.
Happy Thanksgiving, ye American vegan bloggers.


  1. haha. You never know when you'll need back up food!

    I love the look of the mashed potato-broccoli-mushroom meal up top. Even with the mushrooms I like the look of it. Crazy!

    I don't celebrate Thanksgiving so I'm finding it a little funny that people are scattering about tonight. The traffic and the amount of people I saw at the grocery stores today was just wild!
    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow though :).

  2. Whoa, lots of great food in this post! The Kale chips looks awesome and I agree with Isobelle, you never know when you'll need backup ;) Your dinner and leftovers look so fresh and vibrant too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. All that sriracha — reminds me of the nori salad roll-ups dripping with the stuff that I've been eating the last few days since we restocked our nori supply.

    I've been flinging food around the kitchen tonight, too, trying to get a pumpkin pie into the oven. I just hope I can stay awake until it bakes and cools. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. There's something compelling about that first meal (the broccoli, tofu, and potatoes). It's simple, and yet I want it!!!
    Are you cooking for yourself or having people over? I have, in the past, been known to pull out all the stops just for little old me.
    Anyhoodles, enjoy the holiday!

  5. Guess you don't have to worry about fending off coworkers trying to nab your food.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. So glad it's over for me.

  6. Isobelle, that must be a mean shock not thinking of the holiday but needing groceries and then running smack into the mass of people who go out last minute. I've been there. I hate it.

    VAVA, the kale chips were good. I think I like Brad's Raw better though. Not that either is really worth purchasing.

    Andrea, that sounds amazing! Dripping! Nori! What do you stuff them with? I should get more seaweed.

    S&S, thank you! You were at the table at my house, actually ;)

    Stacy, K.I.S.S., you know? I cooked for myself (so that I'd have something to eat, really) but I so kindly share.


  7. I really like those kale chips. We could all eat a bag by ourselves, though, which isn't a realistic thing for 5 people to do at $6/bag. I've also never seen that kind of yogurt.


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