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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MoFo, day 4: Swiss Chard Leaves Stuffed with Middle Eastern "Rice"

Today's recipe is actually pretty similar to yesterday's in that it is a raw wrap but being a dinner meal this is a bit heavier. This recipe comes from Gena at Choosing Raw, one of my absolute favorite bloggers. She is an eloquent, smart lady and a little geeky, which is quite endearing. She is also a fellow New Yorker! I love to read her reviews of NY restaurants I'll probably never go to and live vicariously through her. I know people say New Yorkers eat out all the time, but Gena also creates some amazingly delicious recipes at home that are more often than not reflect my own preferred eating habits.
So, though this meal may sound a little "out there" to people who don't eat raw too often, I had a feeling I'd like it.

And, go figure, I did.
Chard is one of my favorite greens; it has a great, almost smoky flavor and it's more tender than collard greens. The filling was also great. The cumin seasoning and raisins really complement the chard as well as "fleshing out" (ew) the fairly neutral cauliflower and pine nut mix.
The only thing I didn't like too much was the raw marinara sauce. It made the wraps a little messy to eat. Next time I'd probably put it inside. Also, my blender isn't great so the sauce didn't get too smooth but something in the flavor was a little off as well. It could have benefited from some garlic and heat (can't everything?) Although, the problem may also have been with the tomatoes which are heading out of season now.
Speaking of which, with the temperatures getting cooler, it might seem bizarre to post so many raw recipes, but it's warm enough in my apartment for now. Although, it certainly gets dark early. Sorry about the photos.

Served with zucchini, raw tomato-basil flax seed crackers, and some hummus.


  1. oh wow that looks amazing! you know, i've never tried a raw meal before. this looks like something i would like! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow that sounds delicious! It is super colorful as usual and I'm not gonna lie, the tomato basil flax crackers sound amazing too! Any chance of getting that recipe?

  3. The wrap sounds really tasty but I'm with you on the sauce.

  4. i think i might like Gena's swiss chard wraps and "rice", too. it sounds really good and i do love me some swiss chard. it's quickly becoming one of my favorite greens!

  5. Never had swiss chard! I can't find it where I! Seeing your yummy raw foods for the past few days make me realize how I've slipped in my eating habits the last couple of weeks. I'll blame that on Tony

  6. Cool recipe! I've read about cauliflower rice before, always mean to try it...haven't yet though. Looks like a really satisfying nosh! I think I would definitely need to add garlic to the sauce.

  7. So healthy! I wish you could make me dinner.

  8. Hmmm...I'm not sure what blog post everyone else is looking at but the one I'm seeing is not to my taste. Plus the plate is major fug. Toss that one out, please!

  9. Rachel, there may be easier raw meals to start with, but this was damn tasty.

    VAVA, oops, I should have said - they are Two Moms in the Raw brand crackers; I didn't make them but I'd love to try a version.

    Andrea, thanks. It was better the next day with added garlic :)

    Jessy, yay Swiss Chard! I just steamed some beet greens which are also great (and hilariously make the water red.)

    Michelle, no swiss chard and no miso?? What are you eating out there??

    Rose, it's something I've meant to make before too but this is the first time, so yay! Super easy.

    Aimee, thanks, if you do the dishes.

    Shen, I think they're trying to be nice. And actually, I'm no fan of the plates either but we had to get a bunch of matching plates and that was the only set (at the thrift store..cuz we're cheap.)

  10. What a beautiful plate! So colorful and fresh!

  11. Nice dinner! I love Gena too. She's one of my favorite bloggers.


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