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Sunday, October 30, 2011

MoFo, day 30: Stuffed Zucchini

Another chilly day spent inside, with the oven on. It's odd saying "chilly" because I could swear that two weeks ago, I was eating lunch outside happily, after which I walked through the Farmers Market and saw some cute little eight-ball zucchini that reminded me of  how much I wanted to make Hannah Kaminsky's Stuffed Eight-Ball Zucchini.
Hannah is better known for her sweet desserts, having written (and done the photography for!) My Sweet Vegan and Vegan Desserts. However, on her blog, Bittersweet, she posts savory dishes every once in a while that usually catch my interest.
I love zucchini, and after realizing I had leftovers from previous MoFo dishes that I didn't otherwise know how to use up (white beans and artichokes both from Jennifer's pasta and olives from something for tomorrow!), this was the perfect dish to make. So, though zucchinis are out of season, I bought regular zucchini (sigh, how boring!) at the grocery store and made them anyway.

The zucchini I shaped into boats and, as you can see, I was so caught up with the idea of cute, round little balls that I stuffed some tomatoes as well. They kind of fell apart but tasted really good, especially since Hannah suggests serving these zucchini with a tomato sauce. The tomatoes didn't need sauce, and I served the zucchini dusted with the crumb-almond-spice topping also from Jennifer's dish.

I went back for another half of a tomato after this. So now, what's for dessert? Maybe I should browse one of Hannah's books...hmm...


  1. They look a little like a vegetable army, marching forward resolutely to invade your mouth. Or something like that. Tasty!

  2. Chilly days and ovens were made for each other. I don't blame you for grabbing and stuffing some zucchini, out of season or not!

  3. This looks like a perfect fall meal! It is so pretty and colorful. I love seeing stuffed zucchini recipes, maybe I should make some during this cleanse I have coming up. Hmmm.

  4. Oh yeah, that looks like perfect food for a chilly day...or even for a not chilly day. White beans, artichoke, and olives just sound like they were made for stuffing zucchini and tomatoes.

    Anyone else concerned that Shen hasn't posted in two days?

  5. What a great meal! I love stuffed zucchini but I hardly ever make them so thanks for the reminder ;)

  6. Woohoo stuffed zukes! I couldn't believe how hearty & delish they are. Yours look beautiful!

  7. Mmmm I love stuffed zucchini. Yours look great! And this may sound odd, but I'm jealous that you're chilly. It's still warm here and I'm aching for some fall weather.

  8. I love zucchini and love the name of these. They look great!

  9. Hannah posted this recipe for some tahini noodles with ginger a good while back and it's one of our favorite dishes. totally gonna have to try her stuffed zucchini, too. i love that you stuffed tomatoes as well - i really like the sound of those and am glad to hear they were tasty even though they kinda fell apart.

  10. Glad you tried it with regular zucchini- They look just as good! The idea of stuffed tomatoes is kinda brilliant as well, I just wish I still had some left. The growing season ended somewhat abruptly, what with the snow and all.. But I'm fine now, thanks for asking. Just a tiny little car accident. The car took it much worse than I did, unfortunately.

  11. These look fantastic! I know what you mean about "boring" from the grocery store. I went to the last farmer's market of the season yesterday, and they had hardly any produce. Some states or places must do them year round, but obviously not here!

  12. Mmm, I haven't made zucchini boats in ages! And I pretty much fall in love with every post of Hannah's, and have a ton of her recipes bookmarked. Not only does she take great photos, but the food (both sweet and savory) is usually very nifty and creative.

  13. I like that you got caught up in the idea of cute little round balls. I would have been the same way. Looks great!!!

  14. Stacy, man the trenches! They're going in!

    Andrea, I love my oven on but I should probably invest in more sweaters....

    VAVA, or zucchini noodles!

    Rose, the olives were great! And yes! Shen probably got hit with a power outage. I hear VA was very wet.

    Mandee, better than a post it note that gets lost in the mess!

    Jes, it's true! Just half of one is filling on its own and when stuffed, even more so.

    Jesse, I understand - I actually love the chilly weather :) Does Arizona ever get it?

    Molly, thanks!

    Jessy, I totally just went looking for that recipe. You're right, it looks awesome. I'm definitely on that soon. This MoFo theme may not stop!

    Hannah, glad to hear yr okay! Sucks about the car though, that looked nasty.

    Ingrid, the big FarMar here is year round but one can only eat so many turnips and carrots.

    Allysia, she is super creative! Did you see the celeriac cupcakes??

    Jenny, they're so..globular. I couldn't help it.

  15. You're really into stuffing things lately. I guess there are worse things to be into.

  16. Shen, yeah. Like umm...I don't know. Maybe there isn't anything worse.


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