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Monday, October 3, 2011

MoFo, Day 3: Raw Kimchee Noodle Rolls

Hello MoFoers (Pardon my language.)
I have a feeling that those of you with themes for the month spent a fair amount of time planning ahead. I did too, writing up a booklet of recipes, ingredients I needed to have on hand, the blog the recipe came from (for full instructions), and then organized the recipes according to how much time I would have to prep, spreading different meals around, using up similar ingredients...
I'm big on planning.
However, sometimes you have to be a little flexible with your meal plans, like when you wake up with a stomachache, and a headache...and maybe a sensitivity to light. ANYWAY, I switched up one of the meals for today but that's okay.
Today's rearranged lunch comes to you from Amber Shea at Almost Vegan. That is her page, this is the recipe for Raw Kimchee Noodle Rolls.

These were great, and really refreshing, which was just what I needed. I love the crunch of lettuce leaves instead of bread as well as the fact that it acts as a wrap but highlights the filling. The filling includes kim chee, (big fan - the spicier the better. This kind had ginger and leeks in it!) and spiralized zucchini. If you don't have a spiralizer, you can use a vegetable peeler or julienne the zucchini. The hardest part of making this was shelling the pistachios and actually setting them aside, rather than just eating them right away. Oh, and one other tip - partially de-stemming the lettuce leaf makes these easier to wrap up and eat neatly. I just take a sharp knife and shave off the thickest part of the stem on the back.

                                                         It's coming right for us!!!

While I was out getting the groceries, I picked up a new brand of kombucha.

This, combined with the kimchee (and both ginger flavors) proved a powerhouse of probiotics and helped my stomach calm down. This BAO (Bad Ass Organics) brand was pretty good. It kind of tasted like light apple cider. I bought it mostly because it's a local company - bottled in Queens! (Gotta represent.)


  1. Yay, they look great! So glad you liked them. I've never tried putting leeks in kimchi - great idea. I TOTALLY relate to you on the pistachios, too!

  2. Wow those look delicious! The kombucha sounds good too! Tastes like Apple cider? I can totally get behind that.

  3. That stinks that you don't feel well, but the wraps look delicious! I hope you'll continue to feel better. :)

  4. I love kimchee :-) And Kombucha! Yummy!

  5. The rolls look delicious and totally refreshing. Ooh, with the ginger kombucha...yum. I hope you're feeling well soon!

  6. I love kimchi - and I know not everyone is a fan. Even better is the idea to add pistachios. I'll definitely try this recipe! :)

  7. Oh man, your apology made me laugh. The kimchee rolls on the other hand, made me sit up and take notice. They look like a perfect reason to get out the spiralizer. Glad they knocked out your stomach ache.

  8. I love that the hardest part was setting the pistacios aside without eating them :D They just sort of gravitate to your mouth don't they? These look fresh and stunning and it sounds like a really interesting and yummy combo. Along with the kombucha, they must have had you feeling right as rain in no time, or at least I hope they did.

    I really do have to get my hands on some kimchi.

  9. This is like an SAT Question:

    FF is to Ginger as:
    a) a dead satellite is to Earth
    b) Haxan is to catnip
    c) Shenandoah Vegan is to a blog's 'Post A Comment'
    d) All Of The Above

  10. haha, Shen is a funny 'un!

    Those kimchee noodle rolls look really awesome. I would love to have a go at those some time soon. I'm all about hot food right now though, it seems. But mainly just soup and steamed vegetables.

    I really want aspiralizar to make nice little noodles like these too. I'm pretty jealous! A peeler just makes plain old ribbons..and I don't want ribbons, I want noodles!

    Hope you feel a lot better.

  11. Are you feeling better? I love kimchee and AmberShea so I have no doubt these are yummy.

  12. Love the noodle rolls! So fresh, spicy, and vibrant... Makes me wish it was just a bit warmer here to enjoy them.

    Hope you're feeling much better now.

  13. These look beautiful and delicious. Excited to read everyone's MoFo posts!

  14. I'm so behind on reading all my favorite people's blogs! This looks wonderful. I finally created a special feed in my google reader for my regular faves <3 <3

  15. Thanks, all, the illness was passing.

    Amber, I'm beginning to think pretty much anything is delicious in kim chee. Thanks for the recipe!

    VAVA, yeah, actually if you're wary of kombucha I'd recommend this. No visible strands of culture, not super fizzy, and spicy with a light sweetness!

    Jesse, I hope you do - maybe it's warmer in AZ than it is here.

    Andrea, you seem to be doing just fine with your spiralizer!

    Rose, kim chee sounds like something you'd probably have made before; no?

    Shen, since I answered B to the previous 10 questions, statistically I should answer B to this one as well. That's how that works, right? UGH SATs.

    Isobelle, haha, I totally felt the same way before I got the spiralizer. Maybe if you peel them and squint real hard?

    Jenny, thanks, yes. I guess I shouldn't complain because at least it wasn't morning sickness!

    Hannah, thanks. They were really good but I am glad it was a daytime meal because it cooled down a bit afterwards.

    VB, thanks! Me too.

    Lacey, how did you manage that? I just sort of jab around willy-nilly and hope technology does right by me.

  16. Mmmm, kimchee & kombucha, two things I love to put in my belly. I tried to plan for MoFo, and I got as far as a theme and a little list of brainstorming, but it's been spontaneous posting every day so far. I'm impressed with the amount of preparation & planning you did!


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