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Sunday, October 23, 2011

MoFo, day 23: Sweet Potato Stuffed Peppers, Liebster mentions

I was hoping to have something out of the ordinary and fun for you guys today, but it was kind of a bust. While Portland is probably the vegan capital of the world, Brooklyn has been called "Portland East" (true fact) and I've got to learn to appreciate that. We have Moo Shoes, Candle 79, Sweet and Sara, a vegan bodega in the works, Lula's Sweet Apothecary, and other all-vegan storefronts and restaurants that I'm probably too out of it to know about. There's even a vegan drinks meet up every month at Angels and Kings that I'm verrrry intrigued by and now, an all-vegan bar: Pine Box Rock Shop. And today, at PBRS, a vegan pop-up shop!

It's like an all-vegan flea market hosted in a bar! What could be better, right? Well, anyway, it was great in theory. I mean I KNOW I'm not the biggest social butterfly, I KNOW I'm not really a fan of crowds, or eye contact or things like that... but having tables flush against a wall in a crowded bar, where people are drinking (vegan bloody marys!) right behind the bar stools with weird little nooks, overpriced novelty food, and no room to move is not exactly my idea of a good time. Are you with me? It's a great little space with all vegan drinks, vegan empanadas always on the menu in a... quirky part of town. I don't want to hate. But, hey, even Isa left Brooklyn for Omaha. So anyway. I don't have pictures from the pop-up shop, which is what this is all about. I left the bar in 3 minutes or less, after maybe gazing at some Mombucha for a bit, and got some groceries. (Sigh,) Yes, I know. Another meal. But first! To stop sounding like such a grouch and to show some love - I'd like to thank Blessed Mama, Allysia, Abby, and Claire for their Liebster Award mentions. A few other favorite blogs I'd like to nominate are:

-Olives for Dinner, because she's making WHISKEY BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING! And other things.
-Nikki at Fresh Young Coconut because raw, fall food is a possibility that a lot of people don't think about. She makes it look easy and delicious.
-Jake from Play With My Food for being a he-vegan and a total comics nerd. A big plus in my (comic) book.
-The Spooky Vegan for an awesome MoFo theme - and post-MoFo theme of...still being spooky.
-Rachel from I Eat Grains, sort of spooky in her own zombied way. Also pretty funny.

So, yeah, show love.
Another blog I love but am kind of intimidated by is Kathy Patalsky's Healthy Happy Life. Her photos are amazing, her exuberance is inspiring, and her food sounds so delicious. She tends towards the more decadent, in my opinion, which is why I'm usually intimidated by the recipes. She is also big on presentation, which not. However, even her more basic recipes are impressive and imaginative.
I made an early dinner of her Sweet Potato Stuffed Peppers, which are delicious while being amazingly simple.

More fun roasting the pepper over an open flame, a quick boil, and even more fun mashing things together.
The chopped carrots and red onion are kept raw, giving a nice crunch and change in texture to the mash. Parsley lends just enough freshness to the nightshade and tuber combination, while a bit of orange juice brightens it up. And garlic hummus, well, makes anything five times better.

This was creamy enough that I left out the oil completely and I don't think it suffered at all for it. The pepper is pre-roasted and softens up when baked. Honestly, I can't imagine this being any tastier. If you don't want to cook up a pepper, or if you don't like them, the filling is great on its own.
I know some of you have kids and grandkids - it's also worth noting that Kathy is a talented artist, with some work geared towards children. For this same reason a lot of her food is kid-friendly, especially for kids' parties, I'd imagine. Jenny, I feel like you'd especially appreciate some of her themes!


  1. These look beautiful! I love stuffed peppers.

  2. I'm not big on crowds or socializing, either. The few vegan meetups we've gone to have been a bit overwhelming for me.

    Those stuffed peppers sound (and look) like a perfect meal! I'm going to have to check out the recipe.

  3. Those stuffed peppers look amazing! I've never stuffed 'em with sweet potatoes before--genius!

  4. Flea market + vegan drinks and eats sounds like heaven, but I'm with you...not into crowds...not even vegan ones. Cool idea though.

    Those peppers are really beautiful...lovely, bright color combination. Sounds like a tasty combo too!

    I'm definitely going to check out those blogs!!

  5. sweet potato stuffed peppers?!?! huzzah! never woulda thunk it. and as for crowds and eye contact and blagh.....yeah, i wouldn't have even attempted to go. you're brave enough to make it a few minutes. :)

    my brother lives out in long island now, but he used to live in queens. when i'd visit each year we'd hit up the city and eat like crazy people. lula's is my absolute fav, and every visit we attempt to visit Candle 79 but it never happened. however....i have made many, many, MANY visits to Caravan of Dreams and all i have to say about it is "squeeeeee!" in every sense of the word. ha! totally hitting up Candle 79 next time i'm there. i just have to make it happen! well, that and those sweet potato stuffed peppers!

  6. I'm not a big fan of being super social either. I am definitely not into crowded bars so it sounds like I'd probably feel the same way. Your meal looks delicious though!

  7. THose peppers look noms. I am also ridiculously antisocial.

  8. Hmm, I'm thinking you're going to be a wonderful, crotchety old lady someday. Just need that cane to shake at nosy people and all. Thanks for the nod and the heads up on those other blogs - I'm going to check them out. Your foods been lookin' pretty good lately, girl.

  9. Those bell peppers look so good! They almost look cheesy inside!

  10. Ah, this is why I love the blog world. You all understand the harrowing "actual interaction/ go outsidey" hang-ups ;)

    Thanks, Isobelle, I do too - but usually fill them with rice. This is a nice change of pace.

    Molly, yeah! I love that they're basically a whole meal by themselves.

    Jes, isn't it brilliant? Now I'm trying to think what else to put in there.

    Rose, I just feel like all flea markets should be outside. Boozing outside is also preferable, weather permitting!

    Hehe, aw, thanks Jessy. I wish I could have had some shots for you guys - there was a really interesting looking sample of cardamom walnut mylk! I have yet to make it to Candle, though, so you're one ahead of me there!

    VAVA, you must have picked up some good maneuvering skills, though, at all the events you do in crowded halls!

    Stacy, they were nommy PLUS.

    Blessed Mama, thank you! I think being old is my true calling. Thanks about the eats, too - though I can only take credit for picking good blogs to eat from!

    Carissa, you're right. It's probably from the hummus mixed in. They got very creamy.

  11. Hey, thanks for the idea! I will check out the fun ideas on her blog. Your peppers are so pretty! My husband asks me to make stuffed peppers all of the time, and I've only done it a few times. These look better to me than rice ones. I didn't know what a bodega was so I had to look it up. But so fun! I hope it does well!

  12. I would have never thought to stuff a pepper with a sweet potato, but it looks delicious!

  13. Thanks for the mention, dude! I love stuffed peppers, and they seem so elegant and classy for how easy they are. Plus, sweet potatoes and red bell peppers are among the most yumtastic veggies that exist.

  14. I like the way you kept the Pepper 'Lid' on the side. Good job on the 'cross-section' photo as well, to prove the Pepper was indeed completely stuffed.


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