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Sunday, October 2, 2011

MoFo, day 2: Raw Apple-Cinnamon Rolls

Hello MoFo'ers. Are you already 102% overwhelmed at the number of blogs to read? Cuz I am, but let's forge ahead; it's only Day Two! Today's recipe is from Isobelle blogging at VGANJAR, and you might want to add her to your "to-check-out" list.
Isobelle is a new blog friend but her talents are already quite evident, in photography, paper art, and recipe-ing. She posted these Raw Apple-Cinnamon Rolls not too long ago, but they've been on my mind ever since.

          Hm, go check out her page, since my pictures can't really compete with a photographer's!

Cinnamon and apples are two more perfect fall flavors, but I love that these are raw, acting as a great late-summer heat to cool morning transition food. I do try to eat high-raw as much as possible since it makes me feel so good. I find that "un-baking" is a lot harder to screw up than baking, too, haha. I'm also a fan of spiral designs for some reason. You look into the Eye and are somehow compelled to make these...

And do! They're less sweet than the baked counterpart and not much work, though you do need to pre-soak your dates and cashews. These ended up being a pre-lunch snack, due to that and my forgetfulness. The only problem I had was that I had a bit of leftover "cream" filling, which I'll probably put on top of some oatmeal later in the week.
Also of note with this recipe is that it calls for optional (but recommended) coconut oil, which I've read a lot about and was curious to try, since it's supposed to be healthier than other oils and impart a really nice flavor. I don't typically like to add oil to anything I make but I figured that MoFo called for something special, so I picked a jar up.

This stuff smells so amazing! There are a couple more recipes throughout the month that call for coconut oil, so I'm looking forward to using it more. Thanks, Isobelle, for the prompt!
Have you guys cooked with coconut oil?


  1. Love coconut oil! Its great in desserts, the fact that its solid at room temp (unless it's summer!) is really great for setting things but it also tastes great in stir frys or in anything spicy or just for roast veggies! I stop short of eating it straight (although I know people who do) but its great to smell isn't it? The other thing I've found is that you can greatly reduce the amount of coconut oil you use when the recipe calls for oil. I hope you enjoy using it! xxx

  2. Great recipe: kudos to Isobelle! And thanks for bringing it to's going to be on my mind too...I may just get off my lazy behind and try it. I've only made raw desserts a few times, but they're so inventive and usually rock!

    I use coconut oil in cooking sometimes, usually curries, Thai dishes and the like...and I know it's used a lot in raw desserts, which makes so much sense. When I use it in cooking, I always think it's defeats the point of buying raw coconut oil. Actually, I use it as face cream mostly, just straight out of the jar. Rub it in your hands until it melts into oil and massage into the skin. Makes your skin soft and dewy.

  3. I'm so glad you tried these! and I think that you did an awesome job with them! They're very tricky to roll up.

    Coconut oil is really great. I wish it wasn't so expensive so that was more widely available to people. I usually get a good deal of Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on Amazon. I prefer not to buy things online, but I end up getting two jars for about 17 bucks, which is really good and they last a long time.

    I always end up making too much cream for these recipes. I'm terrible with measurements!

  4. Those look really good, but we've been trying to avoid using oils lately. We have used coconut oil quite a bit in the past. It's great for so many things and adds such an amazing flavor.

  5. So what you're saying is I have no talents in Photography, Paper Art or Recipeing. I get it.

  6. Those look great- thanks for the link.

  7. Haven't tried coconut oil. . .when I do cook with oil, it tends to be grapeseed or olive. Although, I think I'm going to try to eliminate those as much as possible!

    In regards to the raw apple cinnamon rolls. . .I'm trying not to drool on the keyboard. Yummy!

  8. Yum! I've been wanting to try raw cinnamon rolls for about three years, but they seem so intimidating! Yours look awesome. So maybe I'll get brave during MoFo and give it a go. Also, coconut oil rocks. I use it as much as I can in place of other oils.

  9. Raw desserts are right up my alley, no baking involved. I must try these cinnamon rolls, they look great! :-)

  10. Good choice to try; I'm definitely tempted now myself. I used coconut oil pretty regularly. I'm often using it as a way to try to "fatten up" my oldest son. I used it for making biscuits and gravy this morning. I use it for any oil replacement if I'm out of olive oil, etc.

  11. mmmm...those look/sound so good!
    I love coconut oil. I think that's one of the first things that I started using when I became a vegan about a year and a half that stuff! :o)

  12. Leftover cream filling is NEVER a problem for me. ;P

    I love love LOVE coconut oil, it's by far my favorite. Try using it like lotion, you'll smell like a tropical snack! In a good way, hehe.

  13. Claire, thanks for the tip about reducing the amount!

    Rose, yeah, raw desserts are usually totally original (and totally decadent). These were original but not super decadent, or sweet.

    Isobelle, awesome recipe. Rolling them up was the fun part! Slicing them, they got a little smooshed though. Still delicious.

    Molly, you could probably just use more cashews to thicken the filling but if yr cooking low-fat, that doesn't really help you; heh.

    Shen, I'm glad you got my hints without too much awkwardness or unpleasantness. Also, you said peeing.

    Leslie, I've totally bookmarked a ton of raw desserts from that I Heart Wellness site you link to!

    Ingrid, grapeseed oil is something I've never given much thought to. Hmm.

    Nikki, yeah I'm looking forward to using coco oil in some of yr recipes.

    ChowV, oven sweets are for chumps!

    Jenny, are you calling me fat?? At least you didn't ask when I was due!

    Michelle, I am late to the game on coco oil it seems!

    Amber, I anticipate smearing myself with it quite soon.

  14. Don't be fooled by the coconut oil; despite the delicious aroma, it tastes vile out of the jar. Consider yourself warned! But I've found it to be excellent in baking! Just a little more labor intensive in the winter when you have to scrape it out and guestimate the measurement as opposed to pouring.

  15. OK. I went immediately to vganjar for the recipe and it looks great. Thank you for the link to both the blog and the rolls. They look so yummy.

  16. Thanks from me too for posting this recipe. I definitely want to try these.

  17. I made a raw pumpkin spice cinnamon roll recipe for VeganMoFo, but can't get the darn things to roll up properly. HOW DID YOU DO IT?!


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