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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MoFo, day 11: Cinnamon Walnut Fig Waffles

Today's "blogger" needs no introduction as the recipe comes from the one and only Isa Moskowitz, to whom we owe MoFo! Actually, I will introduce her saying: Isa is my absolute favorite punk-sum-waffle maker extraordinaire. These Cinnamon Walnut Fig waffles are only one of her many innovations. Check out Vegan Brunch for way, way more!

I bought G a waffle iron for Christmas last year, after he declared waffles his favorite breakfast/brunch treat and brunch his favorite meal. We used the waffle iron once and since then it has been languishing on our kitchen shelves. Thank goodness for MoFo changing all that.
As you can see, I have not yet perfected the art of finagling "non stick" waffles out of the damned contraption but these tasted just fine.
There is maple syurp in the batter, so the waffles themselves are slightly sweet but bananas and extra dried figs on top of anything never hurt.
Yes, I did really eat these on a Tuesday morning, though reheated. The waffles were made on a slow Sunday morning but taste just as fresh after a 5-10 minute toast in the oven. Jealous? Don't be! Make them!

Do you have any forgotten kitchen appliances?
Oh, and can we get a bad-ass theme song up in here? THX!


  1. My sister gave me her old waffle iron. Almost a year later she asked for it back. I'm still bitter.

  2. We used our waffle iron a lot in the past but haven't in a while. I've got to change that!

  3. Wow, fig waffles...impressive!

  4. Like Molly, my waffle has been out of use for some time. Many thanks for reminding me of its existence! And now, another cookbook to add to the collection!

  5. looks great! i haven't made waffles since last summmer. that's going to need to change immediately...

  6. Yum those sound so good! I made a huge deal about getting an air popper to make popcorn and I still haven't used it...oops!

  7. Love Vegan Brunch. Love waffles.

  8. ahhh! insane looking waffles! I want some of that good stuff! Probably sounds crazy, but I haven't ever had waffles before.

    The only kitchen appliances (besides the oven) that I have ever owned are a food processor, a toaster and an electric kettle. And I usually don't forget about those because they just hang out on the counter all of the time. Except I never use the toaster. My kitchen is just a plain jane.

  9. I miss my waffle iron. So what if you only use it twice a year — on those two days it's totally worth it. I may have to scrounge one at Good Will.

  10. I've made a lot of the waffles in vegan brunch, and the only ones that impressed me were the chocolate beer waffles, but i admit to not having tried this variety. Were they dense?
    The trick for nonstick waffles: get the waffle iron really hot before you use it, then right before pouring a puddle of batter in the center of the iron, spray it down with cooking spray, pour the batter the middle and close it. I don't use our waffle maker as much as I'd like, but I use it enough. Mine makes GIGANTIC waffles, I need a smaller one.

  11. I love waffles - but I also don't use my waffle maker that often. These are some great looking waffles - love the toppings!

    Great mofo theme. I am just catching up.

  12. Lauren, thanks..I wonder if there's a raw option.

    Shen, that's rough! Way worse than me stealing my sister's shirts.

    Molly, do you have a favorite waffle recipe?

    Carissa, thank you! It wasn't hard..but they also weren't cooked too well.

    Ingrid, I'm sorry! Fueling the cookbook obsession wasn't my intention...but it is a good book.

    Kimberly, tis the season.

    VAVA, haha, get to it! Yeah, we have one too but it's huge and really only makes sense for parties. Which we DON'T do.

    Jenny, me too!

    Isobelle, that's wild! You could combine your two new finds and make pumpkin waffles :)

    Andrea, you're right. And Goodwill usually supplies!

    Lacey, yeah, I've seen a lot of your waffles, they look awesome (though huge, definitely!) These weren't dense but they were chunky with the walnuts and figs in them, which made the iron kind of hard to close. You're probably right about the heat - the last ones we made were definitely better. I'll try the tips, thanks!

    Jessica, thank you and welcome back!

  13. I'm a brunch lover too. Why don't I own Vegan Brunch? I need to fix that. And make some of these delicious looking waffles.

  14. Yes, PLEASE! You know how to do up a waffle!

    My spiralizer stayed in the box for months until I tried it the other day (thanks also to MoFo's inspiration) & it's great!


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