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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wild Ginger

G's band was recording almost all day on Sunday so he ate at a restaurant near the practice space and came home raving about the meal (udon noodle soup.) Wild Ginger is a place I've passed numerous times but never gone into because, well, I don't usually eat out.
But when G suggested we go for lunch, I agreed, for variety and because it's nice to hang out with him during the workday. So, yes, despite all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan, we hopped on the train to Brooklyn.
The place is very nice and open inside, not at all crowded, and the service was quick. Lunch specials come with miso soup to start:

It was warm and flavorful. And at an all-vegan restaurant, I don't have to worry about bonito in my miso!
I ordered Basil soy protein with asparagus, zucchini, and peppers, hoping for a lot of vegetables. Brown rice and a spring roll also came with the meal.

Keeping in mind that this is not exactly my type of food (I signed a contract with G that I wouldn't order steamed greens), this was tasty. The soy protein tasted a bit like Italian sausage to me, what with the basil, peppers, and a slightly sweet sauce. I ate all of the vegetables, as much of the rice that I could with chopsticks (aka not much) and left the spring roll and most of the soy protein for G to finish. It wasn't bad but, like I said, I much rather whole, real foods.
G got Mango soy protein in plum sauce:

He seemed to like his plate enough but says he would have preferred something darker (I guess my meal qualifies there.) Anyway, it was a nice meal out with a nice dude. I actually would return to Wild Ginger, maybe to order a noodle dish or a salad. The menu is varied but the lunch menu is pretty heavy on the fake meats (though it is a good deal and a lot of food.)
Don't worry, I just ate a big salad for dinner to make up for the lack of greens at lunch.


  1. I never eat out much either. I guess I get a little nervous about not knowing what someone else is putting into my food and how they are cooking it.

    But this looks so awesome! I would definitely be down with this meal.

  2. Wow! Looks great! There are definitely no vegan restaurants like Wild Ginger around here. I usually avoid Chinese and Mexican food places because it's so hard to find vegetables that haven't visited a lard hot tub or fish oil bath. I'm with you on the processed meats - I've tried a few, and still only have it once a week. I'm heading towards "not at all".

  3. I've never tried Wild Ginger either; seems a bit similar to Zen Palate & VP2. Do you go to Sacred Chow? Best raw kale salad ever!

  4. Sounds like a great afternoon! The food looks yummy! I really liked Wild Ginger when I was there a few months ago. They make great miso soup. I don't remember the name of the meal I got but it was really good, just mixed veggies and tofu in a light sauce.

  5. The food looks awesome, even though it's not your standard super healthy fare. I'm craving miso soup now, and also impressed at NY subway system that you can go to Brooklyn for a lunch break.

    Haha, I'm no good with chopsticks either. :)

  6. I love the bowls that the soup comes in. As time goes on, I'm becoming less fond of vegan meats, too. The food does look good, though!

  7. That food looks and sounds so good!
    I still haven't tried miso soup. No one has it around here, of course vegans are unheard of where I live. I need to remember to buy miso the next time I go to Whole Foods, so I can just make my own. :o)

  8. I got all excited by this post title. We ate at the Wild Ginger on Broome Street a couple years ago and it was the best vegan food I'd ever had. It haunts me to this day as I doubt I'll ever get back.

  9. Usually when I go out to eat I enjoy the company more than the food. I'm just used to customizing my meals at home to suit my tastes and restaurants just can't read my mind I suppose :). That said, your meal looks delicious in the photo. I looooove Miso soup.

    Also, that Singles apartment looks pretty much the same as it did in the movie, but I never saw people hanging out in the courtyard. Guess everyone from the 90's got old. I know I did, ha.

  10. Mmmm ... miso! And those daytime photos look great, that's really the only way I can ever get restaurant photos to turn out.

    So funny to see Shen mention her own Wild Ginger. We have one here, too, (same name - not related) and I've only been once. I had a bad experience (not the food) and won't go back.

    Still looks like a good lunch. Glad the soy got eaten, even if you wouldn't do it. :)

  11. Isobelle, me too, definitely. That's why if I do eat out, it has to be at an all-veg place.

    Ingrid, Just Say No to Lard. Ugh.

    Abby, yeah, I wasn't super thrilled with Zen Palate but I've never done VP2. I used to work across the street from Sacred Chow!! (at Peanut Butter & Co.) I actually only went once or twice but I'd love to go back - I saw yr brunch post on that one!

    VAVA, that sounds like a very VAVA meal.

    YO, I'm mad about Udon.

    Rose, haha, rest assured I was worried about getting back to work the whole time, but it's only three stops from work.

    Molly, the whole restaurant was pretty nicely decorated too.

    Michelle, miso is a must! It's not super cheap but a little goes a long way and it keeps forever.

    Shen, the two restaurants are owned by the same people. I went to the Broome St. one quite a few years ago and enjoyed it much more than this place.

    Nikki, it's definitely about the company :) Good point too about just getting used to being able to customize yr own food.

    Jessica, haha, we changed our seats twice to get a spot in the sunlight!

  12. Oh FF, you must go back. You MUST! Sacred Chow is a gem.

  13. That is the coolest thing I've ever heard! You used to work at the PBJ place across the street from Sacred Chow?!!! How was it? What was it like? I went in there after eating at Sacred Chow and really wished I'd had my meal & PB & Co. The employees all seemed more interested in mingling with themselves than the customers! Details!!!!

  14. Shen, are you really excited about PB&Co? It was a cute place, and pretty chill to work at. All the employees were pretty friendly with each other. It was sort of an Empire Records vibe - but I worked in the back where all the fun was :)
    The best part of that job was making the weirdest sandwiches ever.
    I'M more interested in the deets on your New York trip! Where else did you eat?? How long were you here and when?


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