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Sunday, September 25, 2011

V-Spot Restaurant Review

I don't know what's in the air. G's baking bread and I'm eating out. I suppose part of it is still the excitement from Let Us Eat Local and seeing how well other (actually trained) chefs can make food, and partially out of being cheap.
Groupon had an offer for $54 worth of food for $19 at a local all-vegan restaurant, V-Spot, so I jumped on it. For the Groupon deal we had a limited menu but were still able to pick some tasty looking things. The meal was for two appetizers and two entrees. We went with raw nori rolls and two empanadas for the appetizer. I was especially excited for the raw nori rolls, which were filled with a ginger-almond pate, carrots and cucumber:

This is the one and only photo I took before I got self-conscious and frustrated with the lighting. They were tasty little nuggets. G also really liked the empanadas. I had half of one, but really couldn't deal with the oil. I think a lot of people must be fans, though, because I see V-Spot at veg events a lot and there is always a long line to get the empanadas. These were filled with carrots, corn, seitan, and some other things.
For the entrees, G went with Bandeja Paisa - a "Columbian variety plate" with seitan, vegan chorizo, brown rice, black beans, avocado, plantain, and an arepa with queso (I believe it's Daiya). My meal was quinoa with coconut-curried kale, chickpeas, and tofu. Although the restaurant serves mostly Latin-American inspired food, this was a lot like an Indian chickpea-paneer dish, with the super-firm tofu acting as paneer. This was really tasty. The chickpeas were cooked well and no one flavor was too overwhelming. The quinoa was crunchy and slightly sweet.
Unfortunately, neither of us could take more than a few bites of the entree, not being used to even a two-course meal, haha. I had the leftovers today for lunch:

I added the raw broccoli on the side, heh.
Since it's rare that G and I go out together (though it's becoming less so, I suppose), we allowed the restaurant experience to include dessert. There's always room for that, right? We picked a slice of pumpkin cheesecake to share, which was great. Very firm. I don't know that I'd ever be able to recreate it. Not too pumpkin-y, but nicely spiced. We tipped well (I should mention the place was poppin' and our server was very patient and kind) and walked to the train, to get some digestion going. The walk may have been punctuated with a rest stop at a bar for a beer. I got Southern Tier Pumpking and G got a Weihenstephaner Kolsch. The Pumpking was so good! It was sweet and spicy.
Anyway, I would call the night a success. We almost went to go see Moneyball but we need an excuse to go out again.


  1. It is nice that you guys treated yourself to a nice meal out. It sounds really tasty and that is a great deal you found! Your leftovers look super yummy and pumpkin cheesecake?! I'm in!

  2. I like how you "may" have gone to a bar. Anyways, your food sounds and looks delicious! I think I would have leaned toward G's dish, just because I have similarities of what you ordered a lot at home. Sounds like a great night. I think we're going to check out a new movie in the works, which is very rare for us. What was the title? It has Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Jack Black in it - should be hilarious!

  3. Oh, and it's PG, so we can take the kidlets, too, which is even rarer. Lookin' forward to hearing about your next night out. :-)

  4. Groupons are such a great way to try new restaurants — in theory. I'm glad you used and enjoyed your coupon — we keep forgetting to use ours.

  5. Wish you could've gotten more pics of the grub in its original state. The secret to photographing food in restaurants is to have your 'partner' on the lookout. When the server's back is turned and he says 'Go!' then you snap away like an idiot. When done, you ask your partner, 'Was anyone looking?' and just hope he says 'No'.

    'Cheap'? With all the farm market grub you buy and baked goods you make for others? The two 'beers' cost almost as much as dinner. Did you know you can get a case of Milwaukee's Best for less than $4?

    Compelling: Why is it rare for you & G to go out together? Too much hipster cool for the public to take at once? Gotta parse it out in little doses?

  6. The food sounds great and the leftovers look great! :o) I love groupons. The sad thing is that they are rare in my area. Shen....

  7. That's a great deal! The cheesecake sounds like something Mike would be drooling over.

  8. That sounds like a really interesting restaurant! And I am with you on the taking half (or more) home and still ordering dessert.

    I'm not self-conscious about taking photos in restaurants, but I am self-conscious about using Groupons.

  9. VAVA, if you ever make it out there, they have a lot of gluten free stuff and it's marked as such!

    Blessed Mama, I've learned that being adventurous when ordering out doesn't really pay off, haha. Sometimes I feel dumb ordering what I could have made at home but I usually make what I like, so why not eat what I know I like. I'd rather that than pay for something that turns out bad, you know?

    Andrea, I don't forget to use mine per se - more like chicken out of going...So stupid. I'll buy one for a yoga class and then remember I hate group exercise, or something like this and then realize I'm uncomfortable eating out. Oh well.

    Shen, haha, I'll try that next time - or maybe one of those Victorian tents they draped over their cameras? No one will know what I'm doing until a gigantic sheet.
    As for not going out, I think it's the other way around: we can't deal with the hip public and would rather be our dorky, hermitic selves at home and peeing in clean environs.

    Michelle, thanks! It's not really too bad about the rarity of Groupons. They can be pushy, haha.

    Molly, it was definitely G's first choice.

    Jessica, dessert is where it's at when eating out.


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