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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunflower Seed Eats

Today started off pretty well and took a downturn around 4. I am not made for late afternoon cocktails. They always sound glamorous and fun but they mostly make me sleepy and snacky. I basically didn't eat real food after 5.
But here's the stuff I did get:
Breakfast was the crumbled sunflower-oat bars with rice milk, goji berries, and a little extra sunflower seed butter mixed in.


Salad topped with sunflower seeds, sauerkraut AND salsa. Quadruple S Threat! Maybe quintuple, considering the amount of salt I probably consumed.
To offset the salt intake, I had some banana soft serve, which will probably never cease to amaze me.

Blended with a splash of coffee, cocoa powder, and cacao nibs. Triple C threat, maybe quadruple, considering the caffeine. I swear I don't plan my meals out around letters of the alphabet...anymore.
And a snack, later, of an apple with more sunflower seed butter.

So yeah. I made some hummus and marinated and baked some tofu, which was productive of me but I mostly shoveled cashews and sauerkraut out of the jar into my mouth for the rest of the afternoon. And watched Monk, because I bet he would appreciate my alphabet themed eats. On the upside, I didn't spend any money today but that's mostly because I didn't leave the apartment. Ugh. I'm gonna cuddle with my ball of fluff to make myself feel better. Maybe tomorrow I'll do something a little more "labor" intensive.


  1. Wow you were serious about sunflower seeds today! Everything looks great, especially that breakfast! I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing to eat snacks throughout the day...especially since lots of fitness pros tell us we should be eating 6 small meals (or 6 large snacks?) per day. Think of it that way, you are just keeping your metabolism revved up!

  2. That is the wackiest salad I've ever seen!

  3. I need to try sauerkraut again...I haven't had it since I was a kid.

  4. Afternoon cocktails make me the same way, tired and just a little cranky. Funny, because in college they suited me just fine. I still have yet to make a banana soft serve - I hear they are uh-mazing. I also would love to throw in some goji berries in my cereal, but they are so dang expensive. Where do you buy yours?

  5. Ha. Didn't spend any money because you didn't leave :) LOVE!
    You are eating SOOOOOO healthy!! Love sunflower seeds cause they are CHEAP! Pepitas went up SO much in price last year, have been using more sunflower.

  6. I love using sunflower seeds because, like GSGV said, they're cheap! And you can do so much with them.

    I'm the same way with afternoon cocktails. Always seems like a good idea until I'm rendered worthless and hungry afterwards.

    Your food looks great!

  7. I love banana soft serve, too. It's so good!

  8. Alphabet themed meals! Cool. I love sauerkraut; I must remember to put it in a salad sometime. In the realm of things, cashews and sauerkraut are pretty healthy post cocktail snack attack fare. I really like the idea of coffee in the soft serve too.

  9. You're not showing the cocktail that ended your day? Hope it was a good one.

    I'm especially drawn to your soft serve add-ins. I used to make soft serve but stopped for some reason, probably having to do with laziness in cleaning up after myself. You did get me back into overnight oats, maybe I'll fall for your influence on that, too.

  10. Oh yum.... Banana soft serve rocks!!! I have days like this too. Of course I'm one of those whose eating something every 2 to 3 hours. I think that goes back to when I was into weight training several years ago.

  11. VAVA, you sure know how to make a pathetic girl feel better!

    Abby Bean, stick with me, kid; you'll see wackier!

    Lacey, I believe it is in everyone's best interest to try sauerkraut at least once a month.

    Jesse, I don't actually like goji berries that much so I keep buying small, tester bags from WF that really add up. But I have looked around and I think is the cheapest/best option - especially since they have so much else to choose from and you can buy it all at once to save on shipping.

    GetSkinny, sunflower seeds are great but they are no pepitas.

    Nikki, that's true, sunflower seeds are so versatile!

    Molly, I'm officially addicted - this coming at the end of ice cream season.

    Rose, Lauren from Ginger is the New Pink influenced the sauerkraut on salad deal but she pulls it off a lot better.

    Jessica, ahah, I dare not post my downfall lest I pay it too much attention! It was just gin, cucumber, lemon, and ice, anyway, so it'd just look totally clear. Completely unassuming of the danger that lies beneath.

    Michelle, Weight training is a good excuse for eating so much! I mostly sat on the couch and watched Monk. Oy.

  12. I'm a Tony Shalhoub from 'Wings' fan. Never saw 'Monk'.

    I'm actually kinda surprised you even watch tv. Ran out of Samuel Beckett conversions did yah?


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