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Friday, September 9, 2011

In Which I Mostly Avoid Delicious Temptation

Hey guys! Today was a pretty productive day and I have Sarah to thank for it all! See, the baked goods from her giveaway were delivered while I wasn't home, and since I live in an apartment building, the post office took the box back to HQ - without telling me which HQ - leaving an illegible tracking number. After seeing Michelle and Shen post about their luscious goods, I was determined to pick mine up! Sooo I took the day off from work, heh. Plus I had a lot of stuff I needed to get done, and I did! I feel very accomplished.
I started the day with a smoothie. Gotta get them in while it's still warm enough out.

Spinach, banana, mango, flax meal, lemon juice, ginger. Raw pepitas on the side. After dealing with the (very pleasant) Post Office on the phone, I hopped the bus over to pick up the winnings. You've already seen the other two post the insides, but do they have a picture of their animals eying the winnings?

I think not. Get away from there, Haxan! Chocolate is not for kitties. But honestly, Sarah put together a really nice box of stuff: Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles and Brownie-Cookie Dough Truffles with a sweet handwritten card telling me I'm way more inspirational than Shen (her words not mine.) The care and time put into individually wrapping and boxing everything was quite evident. Thanks so much, Sarah! Tryyyying to hold off on eating everything way too quickly, I had an apple. Yes, I did.

Then a truffle. I couldn't help it. And all was well.
Then I ran out to pick up some groceries, came home and ate lunch. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday.

Lentils with cabbage over spinach with chopped carrot and zucchini. Dusted with curry. cumin, and turmeric.
Then more errands...chores, cleaning, etc., who cares, and dinner! An awesome, awesome salad. G applauded the salad.

After griping about fresh figs the other day, someone left a comment about a fig and pear salad. I expanded on that idea. This is spinach, arugula, carrot, tomato, cucumber, pear, fig, walnut, and avocado salad topped with just a few small pieces of tempeh. Dressed with balsamic-flax meal-mustard. Such a great bowl of nutrients, healthy fats, crisp vegetables, juicy fruits, and creamy avocado PLUS the "elusive" vegan protein. Honestly one of my favorite salads. And I love salads!
I won't leave you hanging any longer. Here's G proffering his truffle.

Check out that glory, eh? Have a good night!


  1. Yay so glad you liked everything! LOVE the pic of the kitty eying the treats. My trainer's sister has an entire business based on doggie treats based on people sweets. It is SO cute! I love how colorful your food is every single day. I'm down to my last honeycrisp apple which is so sad because it'll be gone tomorrow. What will I do until Tuesday?!

  2. All 3 of you are so lucky to have won that giveaway! Those truffles looks amazing, and I wouldn't stick my nose up at the cookies, either. Love the picture of Haxan eyeing up the boxes. lol

    The salad sounds amazingly delicious. I want some!

  3. Oh, you were so good in the face of that temptation! Those truffles look well worth a day off work. And that salad...I'm applauding too.

  4. I agree - those truffles definitely look worth the day off! They look awesome!

  5. I can't believe you and Michelle were willing to share those Truffles!

    Hey, is that uncooked Tempeh in your Salad?

  6. Everything looks so yummy!
    I love the pic of your cat eyeing the goodies....too cute.
    I only gave Tony one truffle. Ha How many did you give G????

  7. Sarah, thanks again! Hie thee to some apples!

    Molly, do you know any good cat food treats I can make?

    Rose, thanks. Maybe I will bring a few into work so they can understand why I needed to not be there. Ha!

    Isobelle, oh yes they were.

    Shen, sharing is caring. And yes, the tempeh is uncooked. I only rarely cook it, actually.

    Michelle, hehe, G and I each had one. Trying to savor them slowly.


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