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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Got any cheeeeese?"

Today started with what may be one of the last smoothies of the year. You know what they say; Don't wear white and spill your smoothie on yourself after Labor Day.

This was spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen banana, lemon juice, and a vanilla Vega packet. Definitely would have been a bad one to spill. I also had a spoonful of sunflower butter and raisins.
Lunch was a salad that G and I made the other day - but I added two chopped dried figs into it! I like the sweetness in there with the carrot and beet and the tanginess of balsamic vinegar with pepper.

I stopped at the Farmer's Market and got some apples ($9.60), one of which I snacked on later along with a Vega Green Vibrancy bar. (Geez, I'm really pushing Vega today.)
Dinner was a (vegan FYH) cheese sandwich topped with lots of vegetables. I think that's the biggest reason I can tolerate vegan cheese. This stuff isn't amazing; it lends a cheesy flavor and an analogous texture but I prefer to load on the vegetables and focus on the whole sandwich.

Including mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, sliced zucchini, sauerkraut, and onion. On the 365 Multi Seed bread.
I'm trying to save some money this month (well, hopefully, in the future too) so I'm not sure how much exciting food there will be around here, but we'll see what I can do. If I even just cut out all the ridiculous bars I eat, I'd probably save a lot. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep as strict a tally on it as I can. Do you give yourselves a monthly budget? Or keep track of your spending just for reference?
Anyway, here are some cute gratuitous cat shots, just cuz:

You can see her little snaggletooth emerging as she snores in the first photo! Aiiieee!


  1. Cute kitten! Love the snaggletooth

    I don't give myself a food budget, but if I spend too much on the fancy pre-made stuff I don't get to shop for anything else. I'm a sucker for bars and cheezes and stuff like that, so sometimes I totally blow my spending money on food. And I enjoy it very much. :)

    Your salad and sandwich look super yummy.

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  3. I meant to say:

    Ah Haxan is so cute! One of my kitties has a snaggletooth too. I love the pic of her peeking from behind the curtain.

    The sandwich sounds good; and so do the figs in the salad. You just reminded me of a date and romaine salad recipe that I like, but haven't had in ages.

    Good luck with the budgeting, I have a feeling you'll be good with it.

  4. OMG your kitty is adorable! The sandwich looks amazing!! FYH is not my fav vegan cheese but that sandwich looks like it could be a deal changer? Do you like tofutti cream cheese? That would probably be good on a veggie sandwich.

    Good luck with your budget! I'll be right there with you very soon! I agree about the bars, unfortunately we pay for convenience.

  5. Such cute kitty pics! I don't worry too much about how much I spend on food, but I do keep in mind if I get a lot of pre-packaged food, I'll be staring at a much larger bill. :-)

  6. I always give myself a food budget. But I never keep within it. Ever. Once I get to the store I just seem to find new things that I want. It's so hard!

    I don't buy very many pre-packaged foods so I don't spend much money on that. But I do have a weakness for buying different chocolates and bars to try.

    I haven't ever had dried figs in a salad but I certainly should sometime soon. It sounds pretty good.

  7. I love her snaggletooth! She's got the uber cuteness going on. <3

    We're trying to save money on food, too, but haven't been doing very well lately. We don't have a budget at all and I don't keep track of our spending, but we do spend way too much. Then again, most of it's organic, so I guess there's a trade off for that.

  8. Oh, I love black cats - and if we had a fluffy black cat it would be perfect! What a cutie.

    The FYH sandwich looks pretty good - but I agree, the cheezes are best as a little extra added to something otherwise awesome.

    Good luck budgeting - I allow my food budget to be pretty decent and I skimp on things like theater, concerts, clothes, gas ... but when I need to cut back usually I just eat at home more often.

  9. Excellent pics. I like the retro glass. Saving money to get your own snaggletooth pulled? I hope so.

  10. Ok I was coming here to tell you to keep your paws of my Cecil, but after seeing this little kitty face, I'm considering a baby swap holiday? Adorable. She looks so fluffy and snuggly, I'm talking in a baby voice just thinking about her!

    I'm the same with vegan cheese, it really doesn't do anything for me. I used to be big on cheese too. I get so excited trying new vegan cheese but they have always disappointed me thus far.


  11. Nikki, I enjoy spending the $ on good food too. It's one of my few treats..but it is getting out of hand.

    Rose, date and romaine sounds very interesting! I'll have to look out for something like that.

    VAVA, I do like Tofutti - too much, really, so I don't buy it often. The FYH I can at least slice and portion out; Tofutti I just slather way too much of on everything!

    ChowV, the pre packed will definitely do ya in.

    Isobelle, I know! The things with different flavors always get me - bars especially. I have to find a favorite bar and then a favorite flavor within it...

    Molly, agreed on the organic thing. It is worth it, for the most part.

    Jessica, I'm priming the cat to get her ready for Halloween!

    Shen, thanks! My old roommate actually gave me a set of 4 of those glasses; they're designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! Unfortunately, I'm a klutz and only 2 are left.

    ADAL, Cecil is certainly one cute puff. I could part with my cat for maybe an hour or two.

  12. Whoops, I was supposed to write that part about cecil on someone else's blog - got confused...but the offer of stealing the kitty still stands haha x


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