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Friday, September 16, 2011

Food, who cares!

Halloo! I've heard great rumblings about this upcoming MoFo, so sign up or be sure to tune in, at least! I don't have enough time tonight to make another blogger's recipe, I'm going to a Raincoats show with my friend in a few minutes and I am really excited! To make sure I don't pass out from excitement, I made sure to eat a lot of super nutritious foods today.


Soaked oat groats and chia, goji berries, and banana. Since it was a cool morning and a cold breakfast, I had some Irish breakfast tea too.
I snacked on some carrot-parsley juice all morning, which looked kind of sludgy and definitely had a chew but was really refreshing.

Leftovers from last night: steamed kale, bell pepper, and zucchini with added chickpea.
Dinner was the quickest I could cobble together:

Raw kale salad marinated overnight with tomatoes and zucchini. Plate of crudites with red pepper hummus and pretzel chips.
Woo Raincoats, okay, good night!


  1. I love The Raincoats! I'm so jealous! I hope you have fun :)

  2. Aaahhh have a great time! You certainly did a great job of eating nutritious foods to keep you energized :) What a great start to the weekend!

  3. Hope you had fun at the show!
    You mentioning your juice makes me realize that I've got to start juicing again!

  4. What's with soaking your breakfast and seeing 'The Raincoats'?

    I'm feeling damp now.

  5. Thanks, everyone! It was an amazing show!!

    Shen, dance yourself dry!

  6. Hope you had fun at the show. Healthy food day!


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