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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls and Salad

After getting back from the bar last night, G and I, successfully having managed to not buy snacks while we were out, were feeling like eating something so I did what every hungry, three beers in vegan baker does and made Happy Herbivore's cinnamon rolls. In all honesty, I'd been telling G I would make them almost every day for the past week, so they were on my mind anyway. I didn't have one last night but I did have one for breakfast.

Not the healthiest way to start out the day, but I made them with mostly whole wheat flour, they contain no oil, and I only made a light sugar glaze rather than a thicker icing. I had a banana too, if that helps? Oh well, no regrets.
I snacked on an apple at 12 and had a salad for lunch at 2:

Salad with added avocado and baked tofu chunks. Lemon juice and hot sauce on top.
On my lunch break I stopped at a smaller farmers' market and picked up 5 plum tomatoes, a zucchini, a nectarine, and three apples ($9.15). I may have bought a little more than I needed to but I'd much rather support a farmer's market than a super market - plus, there, there isn't any temptation to buy other stuff! Just the produce!
I ate the nectarine at 5 or so, and got caught in a crazy downpour coming home! All I wanted was soup, but I was hungry so I just quickly put together another salad:

Romaine, spinach, parsley, tomato, carrot, cucumber, and broccoli in a mustard-balsamic dressing. MINI(!!) Triscuits on the side, with zucchini sticks and homemade hummus. eat another cinnamon roll or not...


  1. Whoa, lots of gorgeous fresh produce! I love the farmer's market! I spent less than $10 there too! The cinnamon rolls look good too, just enough decadence with not as much guilt :)

  2. You can never have just one cinnamon roll! :)

    They look really good. Your lunch looks super yummy too. I need to make better lunches for work.

  3. I say, eat the cinnamon roll. You can always eat another banana for balance. :)

    I used to love triscuits — maybe I even ate too many of them — but I've never seen mini triscuits. Very cute. Now I want a cinnamon roll. Were they good?

  4. I just ordered the Happy Herbivore cookbook and can't wait to get it. That's one of the recipes I really want to try!

  5. One nectarine? That is my favorite fruit - I could never have bought just one. My poor nectarine tree has been ravaged by the pups, so sad. I love buying things at farmer's markets, too, for pretty much the same reasons you stated. Looks like a healthy day to me!

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look killer! I also find it hard not to snack when i'm drinking good brews. But the whole wheat and non-oil base definitely should cancel any guilty feelings!

  7. I've been wanting to make those cinnamon rolls, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Are they yummy? I would have said yes to eating one after dinner. :o)
    That tofu salad looks awesome!

  8. I hope you went for the extra cinnamon roll. You don't want them to go bad, do you?

    I'm ready for that time of year when I have leftover soup on hand most of the time. But I'd do what you do, too, make a quick salad after work.

  9. Wow. What a rip off at the Farmer's Market. Do Nectarines or Apples even grow in Brooklyn? Where is the produce from?

  10. VAVA, sometimes I do spend too much at the FM, because everything (mostly) is priced by the pound and they have massive fruits and vegetables that I'm used to buying a lot of - not thinking how much they weigh. But it's always worth it.

    Isobelle, I was happy with the lunch! A good balance of filling and fresh.

    GS, don't do it!

    Andrea, I buy anything mini just on principle. These tiny ones are new. And YES! The cinnamon roll was surprisingly good.

    Molly, I haven't used the book to its potential. Can't wait to see what you make.

    BM, I love nectarines too! But I only bought one as a snack. What did the pups do to your tree?? Pee on it??

    Jesse, I didn't feel TOO bad ;)

    Michelle, thanks, I'm pleased with the tofu - I had the exact same thing today, haha.

    Jessica, you caught me. I definitely ate the second one - only for the sake of keeping them fresh! We can't all have magic refrigerators like Shen where everything stays perfect for months.

  11. Shen, most of it is from upstate. The land of no volcanoes.


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