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Friday, September 30, 2011

Chard and Lentils pre-MoFo

Hey guys! Nothing super-special here but I didn't want to say nothing for a few days and then zoom straight into MoFo. This is the simple dinner we ate tonight:

Steamed farmers market chard, lentils stewed with celery, carrots, garlic, onion and spiced with paprika and thyme. Easy, healthy, and cheap, all of which are especially important to me since I anticipate some multi-step recipes and a couple bags of expensive groceries this MoFo. I'm doing other bloggers' recipes as my theme, and although I tried to stay pretty close to foods I usually eat, I did want to change things up a bit!
Oh, and shout-out to G, who made a blogger's recipe for dessert! Today is also Vegan Baking Day, which I only found out this afternoon. When I told G, he jumped right in and made Kristen's Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookies. I only had a bite because he actually used the full amount of sugar and oil (what kind of monster does that?!) but they were very, very good. Good for him!
Happy MoFo (and Friday!). See you tomorrow.


  1. Yay welcome back!! Your meal looks fresh and clean as always. I don't know why but I've never cooked lentils before. I feel like it is definitely something I need to try. Can't wait to see your MoFo posts!

  2. Beautiful, simple, hearty plate of food! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and autumnal inside.

    Looking forward to your MoFo posts!

  3. hello hello helloooo

    I have to read back on your posts :( I'm so behind..
    How are you doing, I love your chia pudding post..I just had some :P

    xoxox (most likely reading your posts)


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