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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Treats: Bake and No-Bake

Another busy morning here at the old homestead but when I finished everything I set out to work on, (after complaining about how bored I was to G for a while) I finally just picked up a cookbook and baked the first thing I found that we had all the ingredients for: Snappy Ginger Cookies from Lois Dieterly's Sinfully Vegan.

 Yes, it's probably a million zillion degrees out but the aroma of these cookies conjured up autumn. They were pretty tasty too. As you can see by the super dark color, they're heavy on molasses (which I like) and have fresh ginger chopped in them. I've had this cookbook for a while but have never made anything partially because the recipes really are fairly decadent treats that I never have the occasion for, and partially because when I do have a rare occasion, I reach for other cookbooks that have photographs. It's hard for me to get into cookbooks without photos, which is sort of unreasonable. Anyway, this book has recently been republished so maybe it'll get more hype. There are definitely a lot of great sounding recipes in here, but it'll be a while before I make another: this recipe makes 5 dozen cookies! I made 2 dozen and set the rest of the dough aside for later.
And a dessert I made the other day; a lot cooler and a little lighter are Cashew-Lemon raw bars.

Obviously a Larabar wannabe, these have equal parts cashews and dates, lemon (juice and zest), and more chopped ginger! These were real tasty and I'd like to start making other flavored bars in this manner. The only problem was that they were super sticky. I kept them in the freezer and cut off pieces at a time, and then had to eat them quickly!
G and I are getting dinner burritos at Taco Chulo again. I've done enough time in the kitchen today. Have a good night; stay cool!


  1. oh wow, they both look so yum!
    I'm actually really wishing it was fall right now. I might have to make some ginger cookies too :)

  2. Yummy looking cookies! I wonder if wrapping the raw bars in parchment paper or something would help with the stickiness. :-)

  3. Maybe the sticky bars could be coated with something? Like cornflour?

  4. They both look good; I love the sound of the fresh ginger chopped into both. The raw bars are intriguing...I'm wondering how they came together.

    Have a nice burrito dinner!

  5. I run into the same thing with cookbooks without photos. Sometimes I need a guide for what I'm supposed to come out with ... maybe that's just me being a novice cook.

    I enjoy fall previews in the summer - in fact, I found a lost can of pumpkin in my cabinet and I'm trying to decide what will come of it.

  6. Gotta dunk those Ginger Snaps in some Soy Nog!

  7. Ooooh the snaps look amazing! That is funny that you made something more fit for an autumn day because I've been wanting to try to make pumpkin baked oatmeal for the past week. I made another batch of Ani Phyo's Lemon Coconut bars which are amazing and the texture was amazing. I'm wondering if the use of almonds and coconut make them less sticky than yours?

  8. Thanks, Isobelle! Fall would be nice right about now.

    CV, thanks. That would definitely help when holding them, for sure.

    Alessandra, I was thinking maybe coconut.

    Rose, everything was just thrown in a food processor and blended! That's what I love about raw desserts! When it started forming a ball, I took it out, wrapped it in plastic and rolled it out.

    Jessica, you lucky girl. You could probably sell that jar of pumpkin on Ebay right now and get at least 20 bucks for it.

    Shen, good call. Way better than me dunking them in iced coffee like I have been and getting both sugar and caffeine jitters.

    VAVA, acutally I forgot - these have coconut in them too. Maybe I didn't add enough?

  9. hmmm. I don't know, that is weird! Mine had a lot of coconut in them and they look a lot more coarse than yours? I wonder if it was the almonds?


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