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Friday, August 19, 2011

Raw Treats

These, from Amber Shea.

I added the zest of about half an orange, as well as 2 TBS of the juice to brighten up all the flavors, and they were really, really good. Sunflower seeds don't appear often in bar recipes and it was very unique and healthy.
Also, these from Cupcakes and Kale.

You can see that they're a little less incorporated than most raw bars are. I actually had to double the amount of dates to get anything to stick together. Oh, I also blended the cacao nibs and goji berries in with the rest of the ingredients because as you can see I didn't form these into balls. That's mostly because I hate touching my food any more than necessary. I put the "doughs" in plastic wrap, wrap it up and pat it down to cut into slices later. They were still pretty good, despite me not actually liking goji berries much. This was the first time I used cacao nibs for anything and now I'm looking for more recipes to use 'em up in.
Oh, here's a not-raw treat that I didn't eat but baked for a co-worker's last day:

He calls himself "Black Rob" so I made the blackest cake I could: Chocolate cake with coffee and chocolate chips, chocolate-coffee icing. (And strawberries.)
That's pretty much all I've been up to; I'm sort of sick at looking at computer screens, which is why I haven't updated. Hope yr all well.


  1. It all looks aweseom & the "Black Cake" looks aweseom too!! Vegan?? Super buzz!

  2. Strawberry, chocolate, and coffee cake sounds amazing. I might have been able to carry it to work without sneaking a bite, but I wouldn't have been able to resist for long.

    Actually, I probably would have sneaked a bite and filled it in with extra icing.

    Have a great weekend - away from screens!

  3. "That's mostly because I hate touching my food any more than necessary"
    bleh me too!! it freaks me out all those cake shows where the people are using modeling chocolate so much, you know all sorts of stuff is getting stuck in it etc. also, any "gourmet" type food is handled WAY TOO MUCH. thanks ocd, for keeping me germ free AND anxiety riddled.

    michelle...although, from this comment you coulda guessed it was me...

  4. OMG that cake sounds amazing!! It looks gorgeous too! I wish I was good at making layer cakes. And the bars look great too! I love adding zest to things, it really brightens up the flavor a LOT!

  5. What if his name was 'Ground Round Rob' or 'Rack of RIbs Rob'? What would you have made? Seems unfair to target a guy with an unprocessed dutch cocoa dessert just cuz of his nickname. I can see why he quit.

  6. I saw those bars on Amber Sheas site. I want to try them myself.
    Great job with the cake! It's so pretty and Sounds delicious!

  7. Get Skinny, super buzz is right - I'm glad I didn't have any! Sugar alone gets me crazy. Paired with coffee it would be toooo much.

    Jessica, I probably could have brought in a bowl of frosting and said "Have at it" and they'd be happy - so you would have been safe sneaking a bite.

    Michelle, I KNOW! Even eating bars like that with my hands makes me feel weird but I just wash my hands a lot ha...ha...ugh.

    VAVA, I actually messed the cake up! It would NOT come out of the pan. But..nothing a little icing can't help to cover up.

    Shen, actually I only make friends with people whose names translate well to baked goodery. G's nickname at work is "Little Muffin Butt."

    Michelle, they came out well! Definitely recommended.


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