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Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey guys. Today was a bit of a whirlwind day at work, with everyone trying to figure out if the store would be open or closed tomorrow. I'm still not sure on details but as it stands, I'm going into work at 8:45, staying 3 hours, and going home before the MTA subways and buses completely shut down, which seems like a weird waste but whatever. This is wild news, and I hope everyone who might be affected by Hurricane Irene stays safe.
So, breakfast:

Rice cakes with almond butter and banana. I also had some applesauce to complete the most intestinally boring breakfast ever. Might as well retire with my prune juice cocktail now.
Lunch, and a morning snack:

Oh yes, the oranges are coming back! Salad with sunflower seeds and mustard-balsamic-nooch-tahini dressing.
Another snack, kind of.

As I said, these ProBars are sort of meal replacements and this may not have been the most nutritive meal, but I had to eat on the run tonight. My parents are out of town this weekend, and I promised to stop in to feed their cat and fish for the next few days. I'm worried about the cat, being scared in the storm and all, but I'm also worried that I may not be able to get out to my parents' house if the MTA is shut down! So I fed the poor little kitty two days' worth, and I'm hoping for the best. I will stop over as soon as I can. If the storm is more talk than rain/wind I might try to bike over on Sunday. This storm makes me so sad for all the pets (and homeless animals!) that are too often not thought of or prepared for when natural disasters cause evacuations.
Anyway, when I got home I had a rice cake with hummus, tomato slices, and raw onion, and then I breathed all over G. Ha!
In other news, the lunch party is off, but I hope to make it up some other time. G and I did pick up some groceries for ourselves for the next few days (although he insists we didn't get enough). Reason # 775 that Farmers' Markets are awesome: I stocked up on organic fruits and veg for pretty cheap, with no hurricane lines or crowds. We got string beans, beets, chard, lettuce, salad greens, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, peaches, and apples. Mostly things that are hearty and will last - as well as things that can be eaten raw or cooked. We're planning lots of soup, salad, and sandwiches. Hopefully we don't loose power or gas or anything.
Again, stay safe, guys. I'll hopefully be posting tomorrow!


  1. Your salad dressing sounds great!

  2. I had the same salad today, minus the nooch in the dressing :)

    I think that cats are usually pretty good at taking care of themselves. They'll probably be a bit baffled though.
    I hope everything works out and you stay safe too!

  3. I'm worried and sad about all the animals too; I hope people don't evacuate and leave them behind! I'm sending you good thoughts for the storm and hoping it doesn't come to's hoping it will be just a big excuse to get off work early and hole up at home and eat all those veggies.

  4. I get worried & sad about the animals, too. I really hope that this storm doesn't amount to much.

    Keep us posted if you can and if you can't, stay safe!

  5. Are you still preparing???? So far we're just getting some rain. You still have time to go get your parent's cat and bring it to your place.

  6. Your farmers' market loot sounds way, way better than the people who are putting photos on facebook of empty shelves where the water bottles and hungry-mans used to be. Hope you are holding out just fine today!


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