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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The petting of a baby whale did not come to fruition yesterday. But I did give my cat a good shnushzle.

Soaked oats with chia, banana, coconut, raisins, and raw pumpkin seeds.

Kale salad topped with about half of what I rescued from that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad tart. Thanks for the idea, Rose. I couldn't bear the thought of tossing the entire thing, but I did, with relish, when I scooped out what I could.
I had a snack of a green Vega Vibrancy bar, which I really enjoyed and may make more of a regular - it has less sugar than most bars I like, equal or more protein and fiber, and just the right amount of calories for a snack. Plus its filled with spirulina, chia, kelp, spinach, and broccoli while tasting delicious.
It held me until dinner:

Kale salad and more chilled golden beet soup. The spoon slipped in my sriracha swirl but now I think it looks like a face. Mmm, rorscach soup! Also, I am trying to use this soup up (GREG) because I've been wanting a smoothie for breakfast really badly lately but the soup is still chilling in the blender!
That's my day. Nothing special; no whales, no bagels, no dessert as of yet...but I DID buy some delicious looking pluots on sale.
Have a good night.


  1. Colorful and beautiful as usual! I'm gearing up for a raw cleanse in the very near future! You're blog will definitely be an inspiration!

  2. rorscach soup,hahahah. everything looks so good, i love how you prepare your food. you can tell you are an artist


  3. You're an artist?! I didn't know that!

    That Siracha Smiley Face might actually be worth something some day! I hope you didn't eat it!

  4. I'm glad to know pluots are coming back around. The pluots/plums i've seen around here this year have been sub-par, but I thought it was a bit early.
    LOL @ Soup in the blender. I have to be able to use my blender every day.

  5. No whales? Kitty snuggles sounds just as good though.

    Your tart looks good reincarnated into a salad! And rorscach soup! lol. You made that face by accident? It's a cute little face...kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown.

  6. Yum! But that soup needs more sriracha! :-) Yes, I'm an addict.

  7. I see a puppy in the sriracha swirl. Analyze that.

  8. Ok...never had sriracha....hmmm I do love the cute smiley face!
    I need to try those vega bars!

  9. VAVA, thank you! Can I get in on the raw cleanse too? I need motivation. Let me know when you're going to do it and we can simultaneously rid ourselves of impurities!

    Michelle, haha whatever you say. Art recognizes art.

    Shen, I just found out myself. You think the soup art will still be worth something when I regurgitate it back up?

    Lacey, honestly, the pluot was totally a bummer.

    Rose, I think there is more than one face in the soup. Creepy now to think I ate it.


    Jessica, a mostly happy childhood with one or two spilled ice cream cones that always stuck with you, am I right? Think back.

    Michelle, you've got to try it! It's really something all its own. And the vega bars are really great!


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