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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Panic Post!!

Well, I'm not super panicking. I just figured I'd focus on that, since I didn't really eat anything interesting today.
Breakfast was a couple of dried apricots, a banana with almond butter, and a couple of blackberries. Then to the food pantry, where I bagged up 18 boxes of collard greens. Have you guys ever seen 18 boxes of collard greens?? Geez.
Since I don't take lunch breaks on food pantry days, I treated myself to one of these PRObars I bought the other day.

They are usually kind of expensive, but Lacey pointed out they're really meal replacement bars - and whole food ones at that - plus, these are on sale at Whole Foods right now, two for 5 dollars. Even cheaper when you consider that I ate half as a morning snack and half in the afternoon.
In the middle of those nibbles was leftover raw fajita veggies on some romaine as a salad. Salsa on top.

Dinner was a very boring two rice cakes and some crudites with hummus.
But what my post title is referring to is the apparently big-deal hurricane bound to hit the East Coast soon. How soon? I don't know! I had not been paying attention at all until G mentioned we might want to fill up our water bottles to stock up. I usually pooh-pooh hysterical warnings as exaggerations, neurotic as I am. Unless I'm the one panicking, the stress is unnecessary, apparently.
However, G and I were planning on having a casual lunch party on Sunday and now I'm wondering if the guests will show - or if there will be any food in the supermarkets by then. I'm trying to figure out if there's enough food in the pantry to serve eight people without supplemental groceries! I thrive on fresh vegetables - not bomb shelter canned food. But I guess it's a blessing, then, that I hoard pantry food and don't use it up. Do you guys have any interesting pantry-based recipes? I have lentils, dried chickpeas (yes, 2 lbs!), rice, bulgur, pasta... hmm and some frozen peas and edamame. What happened to that massive grocery trip G and I both just took?
Anyway, on a sort of related note, the storage shelf in our kitchen collapsed for the second time (looking back on that post, I didn't pay attention to weather warnings then, either.) And for the second time, we were pretty lucky to only crack one container and bruise a banana. However, the shelf is totally busted and unsalvagable. We brought it out to the garbage last night. Luckily, we live right up the block from a Home Depot and went and picked ourselves up some sturdy metal restaurant style minimalist shelving.

And after:

It looks a little bare for now, but I'm calling it "streamlined." Anyway, G is expecting some artwork in the mail to hang up, plus we have a little more room to get into the fridge. And! I was inspired to donate some cookbooks and a few little-used appliances. So, that's the update on the kitch sitch, not as though you all were wondering.
Do you have a favorite aspect of your kitchen? And who else is prepping for storm damage??


  1. We've been hearing about the hurricane warnings for the East Coast all day here...I keep imagining what I would be doing if I were there: stocking up on water, food, and planning last minute escape scenes with all animals (even goldfish) safely in tow. But, I'm a preparation maniac.

    Sometimes I lie awake in bed and imagine play-by-play how I would get all our stuff together and everyone safely in the car for an emergency evacuation. No, I lied: I'm an emergency preparation Geek! Anyway, I'm sure you'll be fine, but it wouldn't hurt to have some extra H20 and the like.

    Maybe your dinner party will turn into a strom night shut in: everyone will have to stay the night and you'll stay up telling stories and drinking hot choc and berry that's what I really like to stock up on. :D

    Collapsing shelves in the kitchen would be a source of super cool as the old shelves were, glad you got some sturdy new ones. I have those same shelves in our kitchen, but doubled up in height. I like them because they remind me of restaurant pantry shelves.

  2. I have the same shelves in my kitchen, too, but high ones like Rose. They really hold a lot but aren't heavy and cumbersome-looking. Ours are in front of a window but they don't block the light.

    I hope the hurricane won't be as bad as some of the predictions — you just never know. I find powerful storms pretty scary.

  3. Batten down the hatches!!!!! I don't know how either, just do it anyway!!!

  4. Your food bars are killing have me wanting to make the 1 hour drive back to WF's to buy some. :o)
    Like the new shelves! I ended up and turned our hall closet (the washer and dryer used to be there)into a pantry, because I have ZERO room in my kitchen. I have the smallest kitchen ever!
    About the hurricane....I also hope it doesn't get as bad as they are predicting! Sounds like you have some pretty good pantry staples, so I think you'll be just fine. I'd probably be freaking out myself though, because I hate any kind of storm. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Oh, I hope the hurricane doesn't put a damper on your weekend. Sometimes it seems like we over prepare and nothing happens... it's always the surprise disasters that do the most damage. I'm in pantry mode myself, though, for the sake of eating stuff before I move.

    Your kitchen looks so spacious! I like the little compact storage unit.

  6. Like others, I hope that the hurricane isn't nearly as bad as they're saying. Stay as safe as possible & I'll be thinking of you!

  7. Board yourself up and have a hurricane shut in party-wherever you end up spending the weekend!! Hopefully the animals will be included at many of the emergency shelters......

  8. It's funny, I'm not really panicked per se, but everyone around me is making me feel like I'm totally unprepared! I have to take care of 2 houses and 3 animals next week but to be honest, my only concern is the animals right now. oh and I'm working a wedding until 11:30 saturday night. that is making me a little nervous!

    The storm is supposed to be at it's worst early sunday morning so as long as you still have power I bet your dinner party can still go on! you should make hurricanes (lots of booze) for your guests as an ode to Irene.

    Stay safe! Long Island is screwed I think so hopefully Brooklyn will fare a little better! Just make sure to take care of yourselves!

  9. Rose, my friend is having a hurricane party...making Dark and Stormies and Hurricanes! I hope you have some room for thermoses of those in your evacuation plan bag!

    Andrea, yeah, it's nice to have something open - we opted for long and low to optimize the light from the one window we have in the kitchen and even that only looks out on a chute!

    Shen, I'm battening as fast as I can!

    Michelle, send me your address and I'll send you some bars! I buy them compulsively and I'm way closer than an hour away. Plus, mail is fun.

    Jessica, "damper," heh. I have to say, I'm a little excited to clean out the pantry.

    Molly, thank you!

    Get Skinny, I am totally thinking of all the poor animals in the shelters!

    VAVA, I'm the same way! But now people are convincing me to worry! By next week, I hope things have died down but stay safe working this weekend! Maybe they'll let it end early? Do you drive?


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