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Saturday, August 27, 2011

From the Trenches

Hurricane Irene hasn't hit full-force here yet but life is certainly upside-downy. We started at work at 8:45, gearing up with a dark (and stormy) smoothie:

Spinach, blackberry, banana, lemon, ginger, agave.
Since all New York public transportation was scheduled to start shutting down at noon, we left work at around 11, just as it started to rain.
When we got back, I ate 2 rice cakes with hummus, took a short nap, brought the plants in from the fire escape (we now have a sweet potato vine twisting around the living room floor) and went for a walk around the neighborhood to see how everyone else was dealing. It wasn't actually raining most of the time I was out and about. I took a few photos on the walk, which I may post later, if anyone's interested. I ate a salad after the walk and started cooking for the next few days.
I made a tabbouleh:

And a hearty lentil soup.

This has carrot, zucchini, and beet greens along with lentils and wild rice.

With EB-slathered bread. I hope to do some bread-baking tomorrow. I did bake some chocolate mocha cupcakes tonight because sometimes you need a chocolate fix, even in the middle of a hurricane.

I used the chocolate cupcake recipe from VCTOTW, including 2 TBs of instant coffee powder. I also added chocolate chips, as per G's request.
Anyway, I hope you East-Coasties stay safe, electricited, and with potable water. My parents' cat is still at their place but my friend stopped by to feed and check on it. My dopey cat is sleeping right in front of the slightly open window with rain drizzling her. I did hear that evacuation shelters in the city do take in animals too, which is good. I also heard that the Trader Joe's Wine Shop line was 250 people long the other day. I'm gonna cook up some chickpeas and then tuck in with a book and some beer and hope for the best.


  1. Thanks for the update from NYC. I too, like to go walking around in expectation of wild weather; I'd love to see the pics if you feel so inclined.

    Settling in with a good book and some beer sounds like a perfect way to wait for the storm to hit. And, glad your parents' kitty is doing fine. LOL about the Q at the wine shop! No doubt they have their priorities straight. That would definitely figure into any emergency prep for me too.

    Lentil soup, tabbouleh, and chocolate muffins has to be the Holy Trinity of delicious, nourishing, comforting food for a storm. I can almost taste that slice of bread dipped in the lentils; it looks so good.

    I hope you all stay safe and well.

  2. What a delicious way to weather out the hurricane! Love the chocolate mocha cupcakes especially. Stay safe!

  3. I was thinking about you so decided to check your blog for an update. I'd love to see the pics if you decide you would like to post them. Looks like you've got some good food made. I'd have to be sure to have chocolate too. You've put me in the baking mood now. :0)
    Hope everything is still going good for you. Stay safe!

  4. Have you ever made the mocha chip muffins in Vegan With A Vengeance? They sound very similar to what you made. So good!

    I'd love to see the pictures that you took, too.

    It sounds like things aren't as bad as they predicted, which I was happy to hear. I hope all is going well!

  5. Your post reminded me that I didn't have my green juice yet today! Thanks for the reminder! Is your sweet potato plant have any potatoes on it yet?

  6. So, is it just about over? How'd you make out?

    The lentil soup looks amazing. I've almost (but not yet) had enough summer - looking forward to hearty stews in the next few months.

  7. Rose, the bread in the soup was the best part of the day I think! Fall cannot come soon enough.

    VB, the cupcakes were delicious! I can't remember the last time I made them, or why it has been so long.

    Michelle, the cooler weather is coming - we can bake all we want!

    Molly, I have sorely neglected VWAV, despite it being the first vegan cookbook I bought. Thanks for the tip - and the reminder I really need to turn back to it!

    Carissa, I'm not actually sure how the sweet potato vine works... Would they grow underneath the soil? We got it already sprouted and now it's just getting huge and twiney but no potato.

    Jessica, I'm really pleased with how the soup came out. I may post a recipe some other time.

  8. Looks like you were well prepared! everything looks delicious! Glad you made it out ok :)

  9. That's not the first story I've ever about liquor lines being long in preparation of the storm. Interesting. Glad you're doing well.


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