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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Days' Worth

I eat a lot of salad. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) And a lot of different types of salad.
Yesterday I had fruit salad for breakfast, but the computer ate the photo. It must have been THAT delicious. It was kiwi, banana, and strawberry topped with coconut.
I snacked on an Apple Pie Larabar and a nectarine, and ate this salad for lunch:

Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, raw sunflower seeds, salsa.
I'm really liking the crunch and taste as well as the nutrition of raw sunflower seeds on salads lately. I also think salsa is a great low-fat, high-flavor topping.
Dinner was an odd mix of a lot of things I picked at, one of which being this orzo salad I made primarily for G the other day.

Orzo pasta, garlic scape pesto, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes. It ain't the prettiest but it was really good. The garlic scape pesto is amazing, so it only makes sense. After all the raw food of the past few days, though, it was a little heavy and made me feel blech. It didn't help that I ate two chocolate muffins after that.
Today's breakfast was overnight oats with chia, banana, and Four Berry preserves. I also ate a kiwi on the side.

I went to the food pantry, where I gave out cabbage, carrots, and pink radishes. People were pretty well behaved today and one guy and I got in a conversation about pickling. Tomorrow at the farmer's market, I'm going to pick up all three of those things and pickle my puckered little heart out. Plus pick up some pretty produce.
I ate an apple when I got to work and had this salad for lunch later:

Spinach, cucumber, carrot, tomato, cubed tempeh in the creamy herb dressing with a little bit of mustard.
And since we're back to no groceries here at the homestead, a repeat salad with salsa instead:

Uh, any ideas on what I can eat for lunch tomorrow? I have carrots and tomatoes to work with. Hmmm.
Oh! Also, tomorrow's the last day for the Sabra coupon giveaway. So far only two people seem to care, so that works out for them! But if you want to be entered, tell me your favorite dip in a comment on that post.


  1. I love sunflower seeds on salads as well as chopped pistachios. Salsa for a dressing is a great idea!

  2. You do eat a lot of salads and they all look delicious!! That orzo looks great too!

    Do you only have carrots and tomato or are there any other side options? You can chop up the carrot and tomato with some cucumber and onion (if you like onion) and top with some hummus for an Israeli style salad?

  3. All those salads, you have a special knack for them; they always get my craving salads..and the orzo does sound tasty.

    Carrots and tomatoes...hmmm, soup comes to mind, but you're probably not in the mood for a hot soup, I suppose you could do a cold one. Do you have anything else at all? Maybe do a gazpacho.

  4. I don't appreciate the double alliteration whammy in the middle, Maud. A little much?

  5. looks very delicious snackes, thank you for your sharing post

  6. I probably eat salad everyday too! It's the best side dish...

    BTW, I think these "gucci" comments are hilarious. I get them on my blog too. Probably spam. But I always leave them because they're funny.

  7. Are you sure your blech was due to the orzo, and not the chocolate muffins? :) I'd blame the orzo, too.

    Your multitude of salads makes me hungry for fresh food. I made a really good tomato carrot salad from the Horizons cookbook a while back, I wonder if that is what you had for lunch today...

  8. Molly, that is a great idea! I love pistachios.

    VAVA, I wish I'd had cucumber. That would have been good with the quinoa.

    Rose, that sounds really refreshing. I should make a gazpacho soon!

    Wak, it was a little much, you're right. But you know me: once I start...

    Bianca, I know! The comments are so cute!

    Jessica, it was more of a psychological blech. The orzo definitely kicked it off. And WHAT is this Horizons cookbook I know nothing about? Must go check...

  9. The top salad pic looks almost exactly like the bottom salad pic, just that the top pic is not stirred up. I'm suspicious that these are not really two different salads...


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