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Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Dip Dinner

It's amazing how easily I'll fall into and out of kicks. I think my OCD has a lot to do with this. Anyway, the all-raw thing is over (for now), and for some reason I feel like that gives me license to eat pretty much everything in mass quantities. G and I were talking coming home from his folks' last night and he said, "Eating raw really makes you think about what you're eating." And it's true. You can't just mindlessly or compulsively snack. You can't just pop everything in the house into your mouth. Which, of course, is what I did all day.
To backtrack to yesterday, his mother was kind enough to grocery shop with us in mind and picked up some local stuff from the farmer's market out on Long Island. That was appreciated and we didn't want to make anything harder than it needed to be for her, plus all vegetables are delicious cooked and not, so after we helped at G's dad's store, we walked around the neighborhood for a little while and ate dinner: pan cooked chickpeas and rainbow chard with lemon and tomatoes and corn on the cob. She even sent us home with the rest of the chard! Thanks, Gerri. My intestines could totally handle it and it was a delicious way to ease back into cooked foods.
This morning I made a smoothie to share with G:

Spinach, banana, strawberries, kiwi, flax meal, lemon juice, powdered ginger, and agave syrup.
I also ate a piece of this peach oat cake I baked probably a week and a half ago.

It's been so long I hardly remember the recipe. The black speckles are poppy seeds, I know that much. It was tasty enough, as in, tasty enough that I ate way too much of it. I snacked pretty much all day long on both raw and cooked foods, leading me to a fairly light dinner: raw vegetables with three different dips:

Orange bell pepper with pea dip, cucumber avocado boats, and cherry tomatoes with hummus (also from G's mom).
Do you have a favorite dish that your parent(s) have made for you?


  1. Dinner at G's sounds super yum! A real summertime combo.

    I love your 3-dip dinner too...such a great idea to put the dips in the peppers and zucchini.

  2. I love making a meal out of dips. Especially when it's hot out. And really especially if it involves avocados and/or hummus. Those are my faves :)

  3. I love a variety of dips, it's like a party!

    I would probably snack on all kinds of things if I decided not to stick to raw food, too.

  4. Love the boats. My favorite things my mom makes for me are Italian based - and also she makes the best pots of beans.

  5. The dinner is such a great idea! Avocado, pea dip and hummus?! Can't beat that! The cake actually held up really well, it looks delicious!

    I cook all of my own meals now that I'm vegan, but before I was vegan my mom made THE BEST french toast! And she makes amazing side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner...especially this broccoli and corn casserole. I look forward to it every year!

  6. Did you bring Gerri a Prada or a Gucci Handbag when you came to visit?


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