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Friday, July 8, 2011

Stepping it Up

I tried to rotate the usuals today because, as you've probably heard on all the radio stations and twitter feeds, I'm totally famous and I wanted to give a good impression for my first day of fame. Kala from Vegan Craftastic was nice enough to give in to my harassing her to review my zine! She's got a really cute site with pins, knitting projects, and vegan food. She also apparently has really good photography skills, somehow making my black and white xeroxed zine look nicer than it does in person. I'm really selling myself here, aren't I? Anyway, go check out Kala's blog and if you're interested in a copy of my zine, let me know! Thanks again, Kala.
So, fame needs to be fed, right?

Breakfast smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, mango, lemon juice, ginger. Simple and really good. I forgot the coconut, though! I also had a small handful of raw cashews.
Lunch and snack:

Leftover salad from last night (romaine, cuke, white beans, red cabbage, tomato with Green Goddess dressing) and blueberries. I also had a Cherry Pie Larabar at around 5.
And we all know I gotsta look good for future photos, (also I was kind of stressed out) so I went for a run in the rain when I got home. Then dinner.

Collard wraps with roasted red pepper hummus, carrot, cucumber, and tomato. Super good. And since Jessica requested I post the grossest picture I could come up with, here's dessert:

That'd be more frozen banana with cocoa powder, coconut, and walnuts. Last night it actually looked worse (if you can imagine) because I mashed it up a little. But tasty as ever.
That's that, my drearies. Stay hydrated.


  1. Your food is always so colorful! Try putting the banana and cocoa powder in a blender (I actually have a small smoothie blender that is perfect for this) and top with the nuts and coconut. It comes out just like soft serve it is ridiculous!

  2. Oh and PS the zine looks great!!! And from her description it sounds like you put in a lot of work and it paid off! congrats!

  3. Feed your fame! Congrats! Where can a gal like me get her hands on that zine? looks really creative. (Forgive me if that's a stupid question; I'm out of the loop.)

  4. hhaahh gross. i hate bananas..unless they are hidden in peanut three times as much pb as banana. i love your magazine!!!!!

    dirty duck

  5. I don't appreciate the 6-toe foot shot of the innards of the collard this a food blog or what?

  6. Thanks for your share experience with us, I like this post, not only it has taught me a lot, but also let me continuous learning everyday. I will visit your new blog post every day, my dear friend.

  7. Hm, the banana dessert doesn't look like I imagined it. Thanks for humoring me.

    I counted five toes.

  8. I have all of the ingredients for those collard wraps. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

    Oh, and sorry about how long it's taking me to write my post on your zine. I've had a super brain fog week and want to give it the attention it deserves, so soon. :)

  9. Oooh. I like your frozen treats!

  10. VAVA, thanks for the kind words about the zine! I am definitely going to blend up the banana next time. I can't wait!

    Rose, email me your address and I will send one out as soon as I can!

    Michelle, thanks, that means a lot even coming from an obviously crazy person who DOESN'T LIKE BANANAS?!?!

    Joe, ha! I was going to leave out the foot photo but I didn't think anyone would notice. Keep your eyes on the collards.

    Jessica, I assure you I have five digits on my left foot.

    VF, take your time. I appreciate it either way. I wouldn't want to get too famous too fast, you know? ;)

    Aimee, thanks! I want to add other frozen fruits in with the banana if I blend it up.

  11. Hey, watch out! don't get a paper cut on your toes! and don't be callin' me 'Drearie'. I'm just a little bedraggled, that's all.


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