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Friday, July 22, 2011

Raw for Two

Man, it's hard making sure two people get fed. I could never have a kid. At least not one that like, needed to eat.
Breakfast for G and I:

Soaked oat groats and chia seeds (I had mine with a bit of molasses (not raw but I need to up my calcium. Plus I needed something and we were out of fruit!) and walnuts.) as well as a small serving of green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, coconut, and Vega Vanilla powder. Like I said, we were out of fruit. I fixed that today.
I snacked on a peach from the farmer's market and then G, the poor dear, couldn't for the life of him figure out where to go for lunch. "Are beans raw??" "I need protein!" "Are roasted peppers okay?" "So I can't eat artichokes." After browsing for raw restaurants online, he found Quintessence, a 100% raw, organic, vegan restaurant not far from work. I had heard rave reviews and rarely get the idea to eat out myself so took advantage and ditched my boring lunch plans and joined him! I'm really glad I did, beyond the kind of cute midday date. It was a nice change of pace and the food was awesome! G got the Chef's Club Sandwich (11 bucks) and I got the Portabella Sandwich (10), which had marinated mushrooms and onions that were super flavorful and I was really happy that it had sauerkraut on it too!

It was a little pricey for lunch, but it filled me up and it was so, so good! I might even go back unprompted! Everything was amazingly fresh and the raw bread was something I'd never had before.
The lunch special also came with some amazing apple cider that was spiced incredibly. For the record, G liked everything too.
Back to reality! I snacked on a nectarine around 5:30, G had a Raw Revolution bar because he was feeling a bit listless and light-headed. He is used to more protein in his diet but he also didn't get much sleep last night so either of those could have affected him. OR the walk to Quintessence in 103* weather. Oyyyy. That'll put you out of commission for a bit.
And dinner:

One of our usual, big salads and two sides: spiralized zucchini with sundried tomato pesto and shredded sweet potato and carrot. I added cumin and cayenne into the shred, along with raw sunflower seeds, onion, lemon juice, a little olive oil and salt.

So, how is Greg feeling? "I feel good. How are you?" I think we both could go for a cold beer on this boiling eve but for now it's just fruit salad. Honestly, G eats pretty well in general. He's mostly vegan and always aware of what goes into his body, and what goes on in his body - which is why I wanted to see how he'd feel all raw for a few days and he's being a really good sport about it. It's not just anyone would jump right on in to eating a bowl of soaked oat groats. So, thanks, G.

When you guys prepare food, do you usually make it for other people as well? Or do your others (partners, kids, parents, whoever) make their own stuff?


  1. Good work feeding two on all raw! I can imagine it's a challenge when you're short on fruit and veg, like you were this am...I'm sure the farmers' market remedied that!

    Your lunch looks and sounds often...I think you should go back unprompted!

    Yeah, 103...I'd be all over a cold brew. Your dinner looks just as refreshing though, well almost :P, and so nutritious too!

    I got your zine today! Thanks so much Maud! I can't wait to read it over the weekend! Have a good one at that.

    Rose :)

  2. Um, correction:

    I mean you're lunch sounds awesome...I had often on my mind, because I was thinking you should eat there often...or at least unprompted once in a while; what a nice treat!

  3. My hubby loves the raw food too, most of it anyway!! But I do tend to make sure there is snacky food or cooked food for him to grab. I will drink green smoothies and eat kilos of apples and he still isn't sold on green drinks. But he is an amazing sport. It's great to have guys that are open to different are eating so virtuously!!

  4. Nice job with the raw food for two! I'm impressed that he is trying all raw as well, I can't even get people to try vegan! All of your meals look gorgeous. Quintessence looks great too, I'll have to try and get in there when it isn't a sauna outside! I'm curious about the raw sweet potato, never had it raw but the salad looks delicious and refreshing!

  5. Rose, Quintessense is definitely in my future: they have a brunch menu!! Sit back with a drink and enjoy the zine!

    Get Skinny, I agree; it's sort of bizarre how the vegan world is seemingly female-dominated when there is so much delicious food to share with the dudes as well!

    VAVA, you would probably really like Quintessence. It's got a great vibe. The desserts are wicked expensive but think how close you are to Lula's!

  6. Everytime I hear about Quintessense, I think of this guy:

    But that's just me.

  7. Shen! I never heard of that! Does he still co own it? Eeeww tainted food.

  8. Have you ever read the Bonzai Aphrodite blog? Sayward makes it seem so easy to feed a small child mostly raw and totally vegan. I have no idea how people have the time/energy but I surely applaud them!

  9. Lacey, thanks! I had never heard of the blog but I just checked it out and it is totally great. Ditto on the time and energy...maybe her eating so raw and healthily give her the energy!


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