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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmer's Market Fresh

Breakfast was overnight oats, chia, banana, walnut, raisins, and coconut flakes:

I snacked on an apple at work.
Lunch was leftover quinoa with peas over greens but with chopped yellow bell pepper instead of carrots and tomatoes. I can do that because I have vegetables now!
I went to the farmer's market on break and picked up radishes and carrots to make kim chee with! The radishes are huge.

I also got a bag of bruised peaches for only 2 bucks! I'm planning on making a peach pie or crumble of some sort, but we'll have to see how much of the peaches I can actually use. They were in pretty rough shape. I also picked up an absolutely delicious nectarine to eat.
Dinner was a big salad and a side of the sweet potato shred. I mixed in some tahini, lemon juice, curry powder, cumin, and cayenne powder and topped it with raw sunflower seeds. I think savory is definitely the way to go with that stuff.

Haha, it looks like I shot both of those meals out of a food gun, what with all the splatter and mess.
Dessert was a chocolate muffin and two dates with almond butter.
I'm looking forward to baking and un-cooking a lot this weekend. I bought Mimi Kirk's Live Raw the other day and there is a bunch of great sounding stuff in there. Any lazy Sunday cooking plans?


  1. The food gun is nothing...those radishes look like Abbot & Costello in space.

  2. oddly large food is always un. no big food plans for sunday. i might be getting together with my friend so...i dunno ..maybe some really unhealthy baking? lol

    dirty duck

  3. Everything looks great, as always!

    My lazy Sunday cooking plans are to let Mike do the cooking. ha!

  4. I was surprised to see your food gun link to the Simpsons - I thought you got a Salad Shooter! (real thing - my mom loves gadgets and we had one when I was a kid. apparently they still sell them!)

    You've finally gotten me back into overnight oats. I've been eating them several times over the past week. I'll have to toss in some coconut, sounds good!

  5. Those are huge radishes! Yum!

    Food gun! LOL

    My lazy Sunday cooking plan involves a monster zucchini...we'll see what happens...

  6. OOoh everything looks amazing! That is my favorite oats combination. The veggies all look yummy and I'm intrigued by your date/almond butter combo! I want to try that!

  7. i am so hungry when i read your post after........- -

  8. Speaking of sex (I'm assuming that's what Prada Handbags was referring to), how about that radish on the right. You shredded up it's little ding-dong into Kimchi?


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