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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Double Up to Bulk It Up

Yesterday and today were both pretty boring foodwise and everything elsewise. Breakfast was pretty, though:

Soaked oat groats with chia, goji berries, and banana. Not sure why I grabbed the goji berries, since I don't love them, unless I really just felt like spending money.
Lunch was salad, big surprise:

Furry with nooch.
Dinner was alot of different things; I only managed to snap a picture of this random bowl of tofu and zucchini with salsa.

Breakfast was the same again this morning, with added coconut and powdered ginger. I liked it better than yesterday.

This was the last of my oats so I don't know what I'm going to do for breakfast tomorrow! Horrors!
I didn't make lunch for some reason, but I grabbed a macro sushi and ate in the park before stopping at the thrift store for some new bowls. Expect wild and crazy food photos in the future.
And dinner, more delicious than I remember: collard wraps!

I was too lazy to even chop more vegetables, so I just emptied the last of our salad onto two leaves. Baby Wrap was stuffed with salad and hummus; Mama Wrap with salad and pea dip.
It's hard to use these leafy greens up raw before they go bad - and I have both chard and collards to deal with. I might just suck it up and cook some of them. Anyone have any favorite ways to use either?
Dessert was some mango and a handful (or two) of a cashew/raisin/goji berry mix.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Dip Dinner

It's amazing how easily I'll fall into and out of kicks. I think my OCD has a lot to do with this. Anyway, the all-raw thing is over (for now), and for some reason I feel like that gives me license to eat pretty much everything in mass quantities. G and I were talking coming home from his folks' last night and he said, "Eating raw really makes you think about what you're eating." And it's true. You can't just mindlessly or compulsively snack. You can't just pop everything in the house into your mouth. Which, of course, is what I did all day.
To backtrack to yesterday, his mother was kind enough to grocery shop with us in mind and picked up some local stuff from the farmer's market out on Long Island. That was appreciated and we didn't want to make anything harder than it needed to be for her, plus all vegetables are delicious cooked and not, so after we helped at G's dad's store, we walked around the neighborhood for a little while and ate dinner: pan cooked chickpeas and rainbow chard with lemon and tomatoes and corn on the cob. She even sent us home with the rest of the chard! Thanks, Gerri. My intestines could totally handle it and it was a delicious way to ease back into cooked foods.
This morning I made a smoothie to share with G:

Spinach, banana, strawberries, kiwi, flax meal, lemon juice, powdered ginger, and agave syrup.
I also ate a piece of this peach oat cake I baked probably a week and a half ago.

It's been so long I hardly remember the recipe. The black speckles are poppy seeds, I know that much. It was tasty enough, as in, tasty enough that I ate way too much of it. I snacked pretty much all day long on both raw and cooked foods, leading me to a fairly light dinner: raw vegetables with three different dips:

Orange bell pepper with pea dip, cucumber avocado boats, and cherry tomatoes with hummus (also from G's mom).
Do you have a favorite dish that your parent(s) have made for you?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raw for Two, day 2

I FORGOT TO BUY SPINACH YESTERDAY! Sorry, G. Hence, no smoothie, two bowls for breakfast:

Round one, soaked oat groats with chia topped with banana, walnut, and coconut flakes. Round two, fruit salad (apple, nectarine, mango, banana, kiwi) with mint, lemon juice, and walnuts.
Lunch was a weird salad that I actually made yesterday and passed up in favor of Quintessence. Thank goodness. No greens, so: chopped radish, carrot, beet, a little leftover spinach, cabbage topped with kimchi.

I snacked on an Amazing Grass bar and some grapes later in the day. Also a raw barberry-nut cluster that G bought as part of his lunch. The poor guy was on his own today.
As we walked home from work, he says, "Would you be mad at me if I put tofu in my salad?" I can totally forgive that. He was a trooper. And he's playing a show tonight, so he needs his energy, I guess. I had salad for dinner too, with sweet potato shred on top.
Dessert was a treat I bought at Whole Foods, Lemon-Ginger raw macaroons from emmy's organic.

Luckily I'm leaving for G's show soon so I won't be home to eat the rest of them. It was delicious. Maybe a little melty from the heat but the taste didn't suffer at all - and lemon-ginger is one of my favorite flavor combinations. And since G isn't doing raw anymore he can eat whatever and I'll keep these for myself, right? So, we'll see how tomorrow goes; G and I are helping his parents move his father's store and I'm not sure what sustenance we'll need but I think I'm mostly going to depend on gallons and gallons of water.
How are you staying cool tonight? And don't say beer because I'm still on the wagon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Raw for Two

Man, it's hard making sure two people get fed. I could never have a kid. At least not one that like, needed to eat.
Breakfast for G and I:

Soaked oat groats and chia seeds (I had mine with a bit of molasses (not raw but I need to up my calcium. Plus I needed something and we were out of fruit!) and walnuts.) as well as a small serving of green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, coconut, and Vega Vanilla powder. Like I said, we were out of fruit. I fixed that today.
I snacked on a peach from the farmer's market and then G, the poor dear, couldn't for the life of him figure out where to go for lunch. "Are beans raw??" "I need protein!" "Are roasted peppers okay?" "So I can't eat artichokes." After browsing for raw restaurants online, he found Quintessence, a 100% raw, organic, vegan restaurant not far from work. I had heard rave reviews and rarely get the idea to eat out myself so took advantage and ditched my boring lunch plans and joined him! I'm really glad I did, beyond the kind of cute midday date. It was a nice change of pace and the food was awesome! G got the Chef's Club Sandwich (11 bucks) and I got the Portabella Sandwich (10), which had marinated mushrooms and onions that were super flavorful and I was really happy that it had sauerkraut on it too!

It was a little pricey for lunch, but it filled me up and it was so, so good! I might even go back unprompted! Everything was amazingly fresh and the raw bread was something I'd never had before.
The lunch special also came with some amazing apple cider that was spiced incredibly. For the record, G liked everything too.
Back to reality! I snacked on a nectarine around 5:30, G had a Raw Revolution bar because he was feeling a bit listless and light-headed. He is used to more protein in his diet but he also didn't get much sleep last night so either of those could have affected him. OR the walk to Quintessence in 103* weather. Oyyyy. That'll put you out of commission for a bit.
And dinner:

One of our usual, big salads and two sides: spiralized zucchini with sundried tomato pesto and shredded sweet potato and carrot. I added cumin and cayenne into the shred, along with raw sunflower seeds, onion, lemon juice, a little olive oil and salt.

So, how is Greg feeling? "I feel good. How are you?" I think we both could go for a cold beer on this boiling eve but for now it's just fruit salad. Honestly, G eats pretty well in general. He's mostly vegan and always aware of what goes into his body, and what goes on in his body - which is why I wanted to see how he'd feel all raw for a few days and he's being a really good sport about it. It's not just anyone would jump right on in to eating a bowl of soaked oat groats. So, thanks, G.

When you guys prepare food, do you usually make it for other people as well? Or do your others (partners, kids, parents, whoever) make their own stuff?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching Converts

Hey guys. Today was pretty hectic but I managed some good eats.

Overnight soaked oat groats and chia seeds with banana and strawberries.
I went to the food pantry and passed out summer squash, japanese salad turnips, and some vegetable I actually didn't know! The carton said "Bok" and it looked sort of like bok choy, but there was no huge bulb at the bottom and the stems were much thinner. Does anyone know what that is? Some sort of varietal?
I snacked on an Amazing Grass berry bar around 12:30 and ate lunch, while working, at around 2:30.

I don't know if you can tell, but that tupperware container is huge. I think it holds 3 cups worth of stuff and I packed that sucker to the brim with chopped spinach, broccoli, carrot, radish, bell pepper, and raw sunflower seeds. I could only eat about half of the container. I did snack on a nectarine around 5:30.
After work, there was a union meeting (UAW Local 2179!) so when I got home I was pretty hungry. I just ate the lunch salad leftovers, with added avocado, a farmer's market tomato (really the only edible kind of tomato), and some chopped jalapeno and scallions.
Then I died from heatstroke and here I write from heaven. There are raw carrot falafel and chopped kale salads floating about for the taking, as well as raw brownie bites. It's great.
Another thing that's great? I convinced G to go raw with me for two days to see how he feels! Tomorrow I'll make him breakfast and dinner and he'll take care of his lunch. Hopefully I can come up with a dinner hearty enough for his tastes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Energy Kicks In

This morning was pretty rushed, so no photos of breakfast (a smoothie I actually drank out of the blender to save on dish washing time: spinach, 1/3 mango, strawberries, frozen banana, Vega Vanilla powder, lemon juice, and ginger powder) or lunch (salad: mixed greens, carrot, bell pepper, tomato, avocado, scallion).
I did want to tell you about the juicy nectarine from the Farmer's Market I ate, though, as well as the wildly invigorating "Red Juice" I drank today from Blueprint Juice: beet, apple, carrot, lemon, and ginger. This stuff made me feel insane. In a good way, I guess. Kind of like I drank two cups of coffee and then took laughing gas.
Dinner, though, I do have some pictures of for you:

Spiralized zucchini with sundried tomato pesto and parsley salad with bell pepper, avocado, tomato topped with lemon juice and black pepper. Oh I also! ate some of the kimchi from the other day. It...certainly tastes fermented. Not terrible, but I do want to try it again. Hopefully nothing weird will happen to my stomach in all these attempts.
What did you have for dinner?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw Fun

I didn't mean to give you guys the wrong impression yesterday: I'm not bored with the raw eats; I'm actually loving it. Raw food is hardly boring but I'm a pretty predictable and quotidian eater, so I feel like it gets boring to read the same post over and over and, honestly, it can get annoying to try and figure out an exciting angle to photograph a salad I've already eaten three days in a row.
After cooking for my mom yesterday, I was on a roll so I actually busted out one new and one old raw un-cookbook to make a few new recipes.
From Mimi Kirk's book I made parsley salad, which is...a bunch of parsley. It has a really simple olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper dressing, and I threw some thinly sliced red pepper on top.

It was okay - I blame the tough, grocery store parsley more than anything else and I'd like to see how it is with curly parsley. But I enjoyed eating it if only because of its crazy intense kidney detox abilities. More than just a garnish!
I added some cucumber slices to the salad as well that I swiped off my massive crudite plate. The rest of the vegetables I ate with Jennifer Cornbleet's raw zucchini hummus!

This is super simple peeled, chopped zucchini blended up with tahini and spices. It was a little sloppy yesterday, due to more water content than chickpea hummus, but I had it again today and it firmed up. And it's damn good!
Today's breakfast was soaked overnight oats (including steel cut oats since I'm out of rolled now) and chia seeds, topped with strawberries and banana.

Iced genmaicha tea and...stamps as well.
I snacked on an apple, had a pretty basic salad for lunch, and got an All Greens with Lemon and Ginger fresh juice from Liquiteria for a pick-me-up.
When I got home, I exercised for a bit, showered, and made another huge veg plate to eat with the zucchini hummus and a guacamole-esque salad: mixed greens topped with half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, chopped scallion, cucumber, lemon juice, sea salt, and cayenne pepper. It was good, obviously.

I'm pretty full but I'm sort of trying to come up with a good raw dessert. I ate all the dates.
Lacey mentioned one great raw website yesterday, but I also love and refer to constantly Gena's Choosing Raw and Kristen's Raw. Anyone know of any other good ones?
The other fun thing about raw food is the good mood it puts me in. I'm even okay with my skin breaking out and the cough I have because it's probably either from food detox or from exercising more and sweating it out. EVERYTHING IS GREAT. Hope you all are well as well.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interesting Things I Didn't Eat (with recipes!)

Well, I'm still eating raw so instead of showing you salad after salad and way too many bananas, I thought I'd show you some of the stuff I made for my mom, who is having a dinner party tonight for some people she works with (including a priest!). I went over early to my parents' house to clean and prep while she was at work. I made white bean burgers (recipe below):

(before and after baking)
and a sweet potato salad:

Dressed with Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and tossed with chopped parsley, toasted walnuts, and dried cranberries.
I also finished up a carrot salad my mom had made, adding chickpeas and cilantro. The best part of that was using their mini hatchet!

She had already made a cornbread (not vegan - I think there was cheese in it, but it looks pretty. There were also chopped peppers in it.)

We put out some peanuts, cuz we classy like that.

Also on the menu was a green salad, grilled chicken, fruit salad, cannolis, fish pies, and probably even some more stuff I can't remember.
More stuff I didn't eat (yet) is this kimchi! This is a photo from yesterday and another one from today. In the second picture, you can see the bubbles of fermentation!

I am excited for this stuff. I salted chopped napa cabbage and let it wilt overnight. The next morning (cuz there's nothing like the smell of cabbage in the morning), I rinsed the cabbage off and added grated carrot, sliced radish, chopped garlic, grated ginger, red pepper flakes, and a little cane sugar. I hope it comes out well! I will keep you posted.
Now, how about that white bean burger recipe?

White Bean Burgers (makes 12 smallish patties)

2 15 oz. cans (BPA free) white beans
1 TBS olive oil
1 c. scallions, chopped
2 large garlic cloves, minced
3/4 c. finely grated carrot
3 TBS lemon juice
1/4 c. chopped parsley
1/2 c. bread crumbs
1 tsp mustard
black pepper and salt to taste
cayenne pepper or sriracha for heat if desired

-Heat olive oil in a skillet and saute scallions, garlic, and grated carrot about 2 minutes until fragrant and carrots are slightly soft. Remove from heat.
-In a large bowl, mash beans with lemon juice. Add in carrot mixture, parsley, bread crumbs, mustard, and season to taste. Refrigerate mixture 1 to 2 hours. Form into patties at least 1/2 in. thick.
-Brush patties with olive oil and bake in a 350* oven for about 35-40 minutes, flipping after 1/2 hour or cook in a skillet with olive oil about 4 minutes.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmer's Market Fresh

Breakfast was overnight oats, chia, banana, walnut, raisins, and coconut flakes:

I snacked on an apple at work.
Lunch was leftover quinoa with peas over greens but with chopped yellow bell pepper instead of carrots and tomatoes. I can do that because I have vegetables now!
I went to the farmer's market on break and picked up radishes and carrots to make kim chee with! The radishes are huge.

I also got a bag of bruised peaches for only 2 bucks! I'm planning on making a peach pie or crumble of some sort, but we'll have to see how much of the peaches I can actually use. They were in pretty rough shape. I also picked up an absolutely delicious nectarine to eat.
Dinner was a big salad and a side of the sweet potato shred. I mixed in some tahini, lemon juice, curry powder, cumin, and cayenne powder and topped it with raw sunflower seeds. I think savory is definitely the way to go with that stuff.

Haha, it looks like I shot both of those meals out of a food gun, what with all the splatter and mess.
Dessert was a chocolate muffin and two dates with almond butter.
I'm looking forward to baking and un-cooking a lot this weekend. I bought Mimi Kirk's Live Raw the other day and there is a bunch of great sounding stuff in there. Any lazy Sunday cooking plans?

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Lunch that Almost Wasn't

First off, the Sabra coupon winners are Bianca and Lacey - Bianca swooped in at the last minute and pulled out a guerrilla win! Congratulations, ladies. Email me with your addresses.

Breakfast was 3 dates with raw almond butter that I couldn't help but eat while preparing real breakfast for G and I; a smoothie! I liked this one:

Spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries and a packet of Vega vanilla powder.
I'm sure you're all dying to know how I made a meal out of carrots and tomatoes. I actually was apparently holding out on you - I forgot I had some peas in the freezer. I also had exactly 1/2 cup red quinoa left in the pantry and an open box of vegetable broth in the fridge. So I sauteed a little bit of onion in a pot, added the quinoa and broth and cooked it. When it was done I tossed it with the peas, chopped carrot and tomato. I'm not happy unless I get my greens, so this morning I sneaked a little bit of the spinach reserved for the smoothie and mixed everything together. Topped with cumin and cayenne pepper, it was a darned fine lunch.

Though I do have to say I'm stoked to have a fridge filled with vegetables again. For at least three more days, until we ravage through it all.
Dinner with the produce was a riff on one of Sarah Kramer's calendar recipes:

Grated sweet potato, carrot, and apple. I threw the shred on top of some arugula mix and added the last of the creamy herb dressing and some more raw sunflower seeds. Really tasty.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Days' Worth

I eat a lot of salad. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) And a lot of different types of salad.
Yesterday I had fruit salad for breakfast, but the computer ate the photo. It must have been THAT delicious. It was kiwi, banana, and strawberry topped with coconut.
I snacked on an Apple Pie Larabar and a nectarine, and ate this salad for lunch:

Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, raw sunflower seeds, salsa.
I'm really liking the crunch and taste as well as the nutrition of raw sunflower seeds on salads lately. I also think salsa is a great low-fat, high-flavor topping.
Dinner was an odd mix of a lot of things I picked at, one of which being this orzo salad I made primarily for G the other day.

Orzo pasta, garlic scape pesto, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes. It ain't the prettiest but it was really good. The garlic scape pesto is amazing, so it only makes sense. After all the raw food of the past few days, though, it was a little heavy and made me feel blech. It didn't help that I ate two chocolate muffins after that.
Today's breakfast was overnight oats with chia, banana, and Four Berry preserves. I also ate a kiwi on the side.

I went to the food pantry, where I gave out cabbage, carrots, and pink radishes. People were pretty well behaved today and one guy and I got in a conversation about pickling. Tomorrow at the farmer's market, I'm going to pick up all three of those things and pickle my puckered little heart out. Plus pick up some pretty produce.
I ate an apple when I got to work and had this salad for lunch later:

Spinach, cucumber, carrot, tomato, cubed tempeh in the creamy herb dressing with a little bit of mustard.
And since we're back to no groceries here at the homestead, a repeat salad with salsa instead:

Uh, any ideas on what I can eat for lunch tomorrow? I have carrots and tomatoes to work with. Hmmm.
Oh! Also, tomorrow's the last day for the Sabra coupon giveaway. So far only two people seem to care, so that works out for them! But if you want to be entered, tell me your favorite dip in a comment on that post.